February Monday, 2017 at 9:05 pm

Challenges for Spring Brides

Being a spring bride is not as easy as it may feel at first. Of course, you have a million reasons to love this season for your big day – from the fact that it’s full of positivity, to the fact that prices tend to be lower than during the summertime.

Yet, what are some of the challenges for spring brides you should be aware of? We have gathered some of them below – so read on and be prepared.


  • – Annoying insects will come to life. Unfortunately, spring is not all about blooming trees, but about bringing insects back to life too. If you want to avoid mosquito bites, prepare some insect repellents for you and your guests to use.
  • – The temperatures will be quite pleasant during daytime, but they will most likely decrease in the evening – so if you plan on having an outdoor wedding, it would be best if you rented some heat lanterns too, so that everyone is fully comfortable.
  • – Although you do stand a very good chance of having a sunny wedding day, it is also very important to be prepared for an April shower too. If you want an outdoor wedding, please make sure to have a tent or an indoor option planned ahead, so that rain doesn’t ruin the most important day of your life.
  • – Last, but not least, do not let (previous) rainy days ruin your wedding dress either. Even if it’s sunny on your big day, you should be careful not to step in mud or in a puddle. Ask your Maid of Honor to help you carry the train of the dress whenever you go outside, so that you don’t stain it.



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