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If You Do These Things, Stress Is Taking Over Your Wedding Planning

Everybody knows wedding planning is one of the most stressful things most people go through in their lifetime. And yet, that doesn’t mean stress is allowed to take over your life – nor does it mean you are absolutely bound to end up miserable throughout your entire engagement.

How do you know stress is taking over your wedding planning? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

The Mackey House Wedding Georgia

  • – You keep on postponing things. This is a natural reaction to a process that’s generated a lot of stress in your life. If you find yourself procrastinating on wedding tasks, be sure to take a break and come back to them when you feel genuinely energized.
  • – Your entire life is all about wedding planning. When was the last time you just hung out with your loved one and watched a movie? Or with your besties? If your entire life has started to revolve around wedding planning alone, it’s time you make a change. Sooner or later, you’ll end up exhausted – and that’s really not how you want to enter your wedding day.
  • – You fight. A lot. It doesn’t matter if you fight with your in-laws, your bridesmaids, or your actual fiancé. If you have started to be too cranky and get annoyed too easily, it’s likely because everything has grown to be too stressful. Same as with any other similar situation, take a step back, take a break, and start enjoying yourself more. It’s really not worth ruining relationships over such small things.


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Things that HAVE TO Be Discussed before the Big Day

Getting married is a very big, life-changing step you will make. Aside from the actual Big Day and the party that will ensue, you also want to make sure you and your fiancé are heading off into a marriage built on a foundation you both agree with. Like it or not, this also means you have to have some serious chats before signing the marriage documents – and following, we have gathered the things that HAVE TO be discussed before the Big Day. Read on and find out more.

  • – Children. Do both of you want children? How many of them? How will you handle caring for them when the time comes? Will one of you take a part-time job to be able to stay at home with the children, at least for a little while? And, probably the most uncomfortable questions: how will you handle signs of infertility if they appear?
  • – Name. Discuss who will take whose name – will you do it, following tradition? Would you much rather prefer to keep your own name? Or opt for a more modern compromise, such as hyphenating the name? It’s not the most pleasant discussion of all, but it surely is something that needs to be done.
  • – Financial aspects. Will you create a shared financial account? What kind of debt do you both have to pay off? Talking about money is never comfortable, much less when you’re already dreaming up your wedding day – but if you haven’t talked about this until now, do it and make sure you are both on the same page.



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Wedding Veil Tips for All Brides-to-Be

Your bridal look is important to you – and we can definitely understand why. This is a special moment in your life – and even more than that, a unique, unrepeatable one – so it’s really normal that you want to emphasize all of your beautiful features and wear things that truly make you feel like a Queen.

What are some of the latest wedding veil tips and trends you should know? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you are searching for a bit of inspiration.

  • Trends in 2018 are quite generous, not just in the wedding dress section, but also in the wedding veil one as well. From pretty fly-away wedding veils that remind of the 60s to birdcage wedding veils that add a touch of Roaring Twenties mystery to your look, there’s something for everyone.
  • In terms of fabric and pattern, you can also choose from a wide variety of options. You could wear the simplest wedding veil ever and you would still be highly on trend, or you could wear an intricate one with complex beading and lace intertwining with each other – and you would still be highly fashionable!
  • Regardless of the type of wedding veil you choose, be sure it suits you and your location. For example, a cathedral-length wedding veil may not be suitable for a rustic wedding. Choose something that goes well with your dress and style, no matter what trends may say! You will be happier this way!


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2018 Wedding Flower Trends You Will Absolutely LOVE!

Wedding flower trends come and go – what stays are your wedding memories and the magical way you felt during your Savannah wedding. However, that doesn’t mean you should automatically ditch the latest trends in wedding florals – in fact, they can be a pretty amazing source of inspiration, especially in 2018.

What are the 2018 wedding flower trends you will definitely love? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Butter yellow blooms. If you are looking for a color that strikes the perfect balance between energy and pastel romanticism, butter yellow is what you need. Plenty of flowers fall into this category – such as carnations, Juliet roses, peonies and chrysanthemums. Moreover, this color goes very well with apricot orange – which you can also find in a lot of natural blooms. Stunning colors!
  • Moody colors. Don’t want a pastel wedding? No need to have one – this year’s trends allow for a lot of creativity. Moody colors, such as deep purples and dark shades of green and Ultra Violet – they all have plenty of room in the 2018 wedding flower trends. And they look amazing, especially for cool weather weddings!
  • Looking for a unique way to integrate an even more unique type of greenery into your wedding? Moss has entered the wedding scene – and it looks really great! Use it combined with flowers or on its own, and use it creatively – it will pay back!


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Your Engagement Party Should Follow Certain Rules of Etiquette

You may not like etiquette rules and you may even want to go as far away from conventional weddings too. Yet, some of these rules are there for a reason: they prevent you from offending anyone. And that’s something you surely don’t want, do you?

Your engagement party should follow certain rules of etiquette too. Following, we have gathered some of the most important ones – so read on and find out more.

  • – Create a balanced guest list. On the one hand, you should make sure your side is not more numerous than his side (otherwise they may feel a bit intimidated). On the other hand, you should also make sure you invite all of the engagement party guests to the wedding too (otherwise they may think they’ve done something wrong).
  • – Remember that this is not the wedding. So, if you know you want a low-key wedding, your engagement party should not go too much over the top. After all, you really want the wedding to be the “big moment” – the engagement party is just a preview of that.
  • – Registering for some gifts may be helpful. No, it doesn’t mean you are asking for engagement party gifts. But even if this is not mandatory, some guests might still want to bring something to the party – and having a registry at their disposal will help them make an educated, quick and easy decision. It can really make things so much easier for them!


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