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5 Things Guests Wish You’d Do at Your Wedding

Your wedding is a special event for you – but it’s just as special for your guests too. What are the things guests wish you’d do at your wedding? Here are some tips to keep your wedding guests happy at your Big Day:

  • – Comfort food treats. This grew to be a huge trend for weddings, so why not embrace it? Everyone will love a burger or a slice of pizza late at night, especially when it fuels the dance floor. Your guests will definitely appreciate this!
  • – Not playing the matchmaker in any way. For some of you, this may sound like a good idea, but the truth is that it can turn into a huge, awkward disaster – both for the “targeted couples” and for the ones surrounding them as well.
  • – Not being too stiff. People don’t actually like very stiff receptions, so make it feel more like a party. The beginning of your marriage is a great reason to celebrate, so why not add a bit of fun into the mix?
  • – Explaining the dress code. Some guests might not fully understand your dress code, so it is highly advisable that you provide them with more information on your wedding website. This way, they will not be underdressed or overdressed.
  • – Provide them clear directions. The last thing your guests (and you!) want is to get lost in a new city and not get in time to the wedding. Provide them with clear directions, including maps and GPS coordinates, so that they can actually be part of your entire wedding day.


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Make Your Wedding Exit Really Unique With These Ideas

Every single second of the Big Day matters. And you want to make each and every one feel unique and unforgettable. Of course, you will also want to make your wedding exit really unique as well – but how do you add a dash of originality in the all-too-traditional rice toss? We have some seasonal ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – Spring weddings work best with flowers or their petals – especially if they pertain to the season outside. Imagine yourself bathed in the candor and beauty of spring blooms – isn’t that a pretty picture?
  • – Summer is all about a laid-back, cozy ambiance. Bring the same vibes into your wedding send-off by providing guests with lavender flowers to toss at you for good luck. It will not only look really nice, but it will smell fantastic too!
  • – Fall is a mysteriously romantic season – and brides who choose it as their wedding season know this very well. Infuse your wedding exit with the same sad, but beautiful romantic touches by having guests toss fallen leaves at you. Oh, how gorgeous this will look in the photos!
  • – Last, but not least, winter is a truly magical and glamorous season filled with festivity and beauty. Add the same vibes to your send-off too! Offer guests glitter or even sparklers to toss or light up as you make your grand ceremony exit. They will love the idea – and it will look like real magic in the pictures too.



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5 Seasonally Inspired Cakes for Your Winter Wedding

Your wedding cake is such a huge part of the Big Day that it is only natural to want everything about it to be flawless. Of course, your cake should taste great – but its design should also be well-aligned with your wedding theme as well.

What are the best cakes for your winter wedding? We have some wonderful seasonally inspired ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – A blue cake. If you want to add a dash of color to your wedding cake, but still want to keep it within the “chilly” winter wedding theme, cover your cake in blue fondant. Want to coordinate the “contents” with the design too? Create a blueberry and chocolate cake to cover in the aforementioned fondant. So delicious!
  • – Simple and elegant. Buttercream cakes are incredibly versatile and they work fantastically well with winter weddings. Adorn your buttercream cake with pinecones and dashes of winter greenery and it will look simple, but timelessly elegant too!
  • – Fresh flower wreaths. Floral and greenery wreaths are another huge trend this year – and you can definitely incorporate it in your winter wedding cake. A simple buttercream frosted cake will look so pretty when decorated with a seasonal wreath!
  • – New Year’s Eve. Planning to get married on NYE? If so, make sure your cake is aligned with your wedding date! Cover it in white fondant and play around with NYE glitzy décor – such as “glitter” polka dots, golden touches, or simply a wedding cake stand that makes it truly… stand out.
  • – Woodland-themed. If you are getting married up in the mountains, create a wedding cake to reflect that. Place a buttercream-covered cake on a wooden stand, decorate it pinecones, evergreen, branches, and seasonal berries and it will look absolutely stunning!


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Is it Smart to Get Married on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is a splendid celebration for all of us. The hope, the beauty, the glamor of this event are enjoyed by everyone, young and not-so-young alike. In many ways, New Year’s Eve parties are completely compatible with weddings, especially since they double the festive spirits and make people feel even more joyful.

Is it smart to get married on New Year’s Eve, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Wedding etiquette does not dictate anything particular about this day of the year – so, from this point of view, you are free to have the utmost romantic NYE wedding. At the end of the day, this is your special event and you have the right to do whatever you want with it – so, if you have your heart set on a New Year’s Eve wedding, you are more than free to do this.
  • At the same time, it is also crucial to remember that there are certain “technicalities” of a New Year’s Eve wedding which should be kept in mind. One of them is connected to the fact that many venues and vendors are likely to charge more during this time of the year.
  • Furthermore, do consider the fact that your wedding guests may be busy this time of the year as well. To avoid receiving too many negative RSVPs, it is more than advisable that you send the Save the Date cards and invitations long before the actual wedding date. This will give people enough time to make preparations, cancel plans if they have any, and eventually attend your Big Day.

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8 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Keep

As the hosts of your wedding, you want to make your guests feel very special – after all, these are your closest friends and relatives and they deserve all of your attention. What are some of the best wedding favors your guests will keep at your winter wedding? We have 8 wonderful suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.


  • – Champagne goodies. Offer your guests champagne bubbles – exquisite little treats that look like little snow balls. It will be more than delicious, it will go perfectly with your wedding theme, and your guests will be genuinely excited to pamper their taste buds with these sweets.
  • – Sugar cookies. Simple, yet extremely cute, sugar cookies can be an amazing sweet treat and wedding favor. Pack them in a personalized box and offer them to your guests as a token of gratitude for having attended your Big Day.
  • – Scented mini-candles. Who doesn’t love scented candles? Offer your guests some festive mini-candles and they will definitely appreciate the gesture. And if you want them to always associate that fragrance with your Big Day, remember to light some of them up at the reception too.
  • – Throw blankets. Planning an outdoor wedding? Offer your guests cute throw blankets to keep them warm – and invite them to take them home as well. They will love these thoughtful gifts!
  • – Gloves. Wintertime calls for cozy gloves – so why not offer them to your guests, as wedding favors? Find a unique design and your guests will definitely like these favors!
  • – Maple Syrup. There’s something about maple syrup that goes just perfectly with a cold winter day. Offer your guests mini-bottles of the best maple syrup – they will be more than appreciative of this!
  • – Mugs. A classic gift that can be really useful, truly pretty and highly customizable. Plus, it’s the ideal wedding favor for a winter event – it simply invites people to get cozy with a cup of warm coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.
  • – Hot chocolate on a stick. We all love to indulge in hot chocolate – so why not “upgrade” the classic mix with hot chocolate sticks? These sweet wooden spoons are covered in a variety of hot chocolate mixes – so there’s something for everyone.



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