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How to Incorporate Wreaths Into Your Wedding

As the bride and groom, you want your wedding décor to fully mirror your style, your personality, and your love story. If you are the kind of couple who loves being out in nature, you will also love the idea of incorporating pretty wreaths into your Big Day.

How to do it? How to incorporate wreaths into your wedding? We have some tips for you, so read on and find out more.


  • – As table décor and accessories. Bring a bit of naturalness to your guests’ tables, especially if you are planning a wedding inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature! A simple wreath made from greenery can be a spectacularly elegant and unique centerpiece, so you will definitely love the idea. Moreover, mini-wreaths can also be used as plate placement décor as well – and that’s something you and your guests will love as well.
  • – As a motif on your stationery. Use wreath designs on your wedding invitations and on your day-of stationery as well. It will tie everything together in a beautiful, harmonious way and it will allow you to create a wedding that truly stands out in the crowd.
  • – As the entire theme of the wedding. Want a very unique, fresh wedding theme? Wreaths can do it for you! Not only can you use them in any of the aforementioned ideas, but you can use them in your wedding ceremony, in your flower girls’ hairstyle, and many other ways. They will connect the entire wedding under a splendid aura of gorgeous, natural beauty!


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Major Wedding Beauty Trends of 2017

Although wedding trends are never to be blindly followed, the truth is they can be a huge inspiration for a bride-to-be. For example, are you familiar with the major wedding beauty trends of 2017? If not, read on and learn more about them!


  • – Red lips are always a classic. This year though, the red lipstick is closer to orange and the classic cat eyeliner has grown thinner and more subtle. Moreover, properly highlighting your face is very important if you want to achieve an elegant, gorgeous effect.
  • – Flower crowns have not grown out of fashion – but they have shifted towards a more elegant approach. For example, some flower crowns incorporate pearls and gemstones to resemble mermaid crowns, while others have been completely transformed into precious pieces.
  • – Very natural looks are also highly fashionable these days. Minimalist eye makeup, a fresh and radiant face and a lipstick that’s just a bit redder than the natural will always complement a shining bride.
  • – At the other end of the pole, highlighter-based makeup is also trending right now. If you want a glamorous, modern look, add plenty of quality highlighter to your cheekbones. It will make you feel stunning as you walk down the aisle!
  • – Searching for a more feminine look? Pink eye shadow is back in full force – and not on one, but on multiple runways. Coordinate it with an otherwise simple makeup and you will definitely love it. An extra tip: do make sure your eye whites are bright and shiny by keeping the eye drops in handy. The redder your eyes are, the more tired you will look with pink eye shadow on.


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Why Say Hi to All Your Guest at Your Wedding

Of course, your wedding is a hugely important moment in your life and you will definitely want to make the most of it. Considering how kind and generous your guests have been with you though, you will also want to make sure you provide them with everything they need to have a really great time at your Big Day.

Why say Hi to all your guests at your wedding? Even more, how to make this happen? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • – Each and every single one of your guests has put amazing effort into attending your wedding and celebrating with you. Therefore, it is only natural that you want to greet each of them and thank them for their presence at your wedding.
  • – Leave the receiving line behind. It is completely dated and it can be actually bad for your wedding from a number of points of view. First of all, it will create too much traffic around the entrance/exit of the reception venue. But even more importantly, it can really kill the party vibes very easily too.
  • – Instead of having a receiving line, take your time to visit each of the tables. Spend a little bit at each of them, move to the next one, take a break for the wedding reception highlights and then return to the next table as well.
  • – Also, be sure to talk to your caterer about your meal. Since you will most likely not have enough time to eat it during the reception, you might want to serve it during the cocktail hour or, even better, you might want to have it packed so that you enjoy it when you are finally relaxed.


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Make Sure to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

Few other life events are as big, as grand, as important and as memorable as your wedding day is. You don’t get married every day – and you really want this event to be fantastic from all points of view. Naturally, you want all of the gorgeousness to be beautifully captured in pictures too – but how do you make sure to choose the right photographer for your wedding?

We have some useful tips for you – continue reading and learn more about this.


  • – Set a budget. Same as with every other wedding vendor, photographers’ services come in a wide range of budgets. Know exactly how much you are willing to pay for a good photographer’s work and do not exceed your limits. Sure, it may seem that a couple of hundreds of dollars will not push your budget too much – but add this to other compromises you make and you can end up in a financial disaster after the wedding.
  • – Look at their work. Analyze it carefully: is it truly suitable for your wedding style and for you as a couple? No matter how famous a photographer may be, if their style is not fully compatible with yours, they are simply not suitable for you and who you are.
  • – Talk to them. See how well they communicate, see if you are compatible with each other and if you feel good in each other’s presence. Working with a photographer you cannot get along with can be quite difficult and it can yield unexpectedly bad results in terms – precisely because your “awkwardness” will transpire in the pictures themselves.



The Mackey House is an elegant, historical wedding venue in Savannah – and we would be more than happy if you allowed us to be part of your Big Day. Come visit us, allow yourself to be charmed by what we offer and book us for a magical, unforgettable wedding!


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Bridal Footwear 101: Why Wear Flats on Your Big Day

As a bride, you want every single element of your wedding day and bridal look to be absolutely flawless. Does that mean you have to wear high heels, though? What type of footwear is more appropriate for your wedding? Why wear flats on your Big Day?

We have gathered some reasons to convince you – so read on and find out more.


  • – You want to dance for more than one-two songs. After all, this is your wedding day and you deserve to have fun, not sit down with your feet in terrible pain. Flats are the perfect compromise between elegance and comfort!
  • – You want to avoid tripping. The last thing you want is to trip and tear your dress apart – so, if you feel that you would be safer in a pair of flats, go ahead and opt for this type of footwear instead of the “traditional” heels.
  • – You can’t walk in heels. If you have never worn high heels before, it will be extremely difficult to learn how to do it before the wedding. No worries, though – flats can be just as gorgeous as a pair of heels!
  • – You want to wear the shoes again. You are paying a lot of money for an outfit you will never wear again – and your shoes make no exception from this if you don’t usually wear high heels. To avoid wearing your bridal shoes only for the Big Day, you can buy a pair of flats you will be more than likely to wear on other occasions too.


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