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The Pros and Cons of Having A Thanksgiving Wedding

Setting the right wedding date is crucial if you want your Big Day to be a huge success. But is Thanksgiving a good idea for a wedding? What are the pros and cons of having a Thanksgiving wedding? We have some of the essential things you should know about this – so read on and find out more.


The Pros:

  • – First of all, planning a Thanksgiving wedding can be really fun. There are a lot of Thanksgiving ideas you can successfully incorporate into your wedding day to create a unique, special and truly amazing event.
  • – Furthermore, it will be cozy and intimate. Gather your friends and family around the table just like you would for Thanksgiving and celebrate love, give thanks and enjoy each other’s presence!
  • – Last, but not least, it can help with minimizing your guest list. Most people want to spend their Thanksgiving with their families, so your list will be quite short. This is perfect if you want a small wedding!


The Cons:

  • – It may be difficult to get ahold of some vendors. And those who will be available will most likely charge extra (because Thanksgiving is not generally considered as “off-season”).
  • – Airfares will also be more expensive. This might make it pricier both for you as the bride and groom and for your guests as well.
  • – A lot of people will not be able to attend – even among those you genuinely want with you on your wedding day.



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5 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Bar

Everything about your wedding should be fun and unique – after all, this is a really big day in your lives and you deserve to have a wedding that fully represents who you are as a couple, from A to Z. What are the best creative ideas for your wedding bar, though? We have gathered some of them right here – so read on for more inspiration!


  1. – Serve drinks from dispensers. Want to add a fun, home-like touch to the entire Big Day? Serve fruity, colorful drinks right out of glass dispensers. This vintage-tinted idea will be a huge success with all of your guests!
  2. – Put up a sangria station. Perfect for warm summer evenings, sangria is a delicious drink that combines traditional elements and elegant touches. Make your white sangria station really stand out by serving different types of this drink from large, sleek, glass dispensers. The fruit in this drink will make everything look so great!
  3. – A boat filled with kegs. If you are planning an outdoor summer wedding, why not make it really special? Fill a wooden boat with beer kegs and invite guests to help themselves this way. They will love it!
  4. – Bar cart. For those of you who want a more intimate wedding inspired by the Mad Men Era, serving drinks from a wooden bar cart is a truly fun and creative idea. Guests will love “travelling back in time” this way!
  5. – Champagne bar. Looking for a really fancy bar idea? Why not create a champagne bar with a glamorous sign that invites people to have a glass of bubbly with you? Pair everything with gold-rimmed champagne flutes for a dash of luxuriousness and style!


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How a Venue Can Impact the Food and Drinks

Choosing the venue is one of the first and foremost important parts of planning the perfect wedding – and it can have a huge influence on virtually everything wedding-related. Of course, the food and drinks make no exception from this rule – but do you know how a venue can impact the food and drinks? Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • – Having your wedding at a restaurant is a great idea if you want to make sure the food served is truly delicious. Furthermore, it can also be extremely beneficial because the space, the service and the rentals are included in the price. However, do pay attention to the staff there and stay away from places that are understaffed for an event as large as your wedding.
  • – Having your wedding at a hotel can also be a good idea. We do advise you to choose a hotel that provides stellar food – and we also advise you to talk to the chef there. If you cannot create your own personalized menu, see what you can do to tweak the existent one so that you make it more about you and your taste.
  • – Having your wedding at a special event venue will most likely mean that you will either have to work with the recommended catering service or that you will have to hire an external catering service. Working with the recommended vendors is usually easier and it saves a lot of time, while working with external service providers may offer you more freedom.



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Top Fundamental Rules to Creating Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are crucially important for the success of your Big Day – they are among the very first wedding elements your guests will come in contact with and they have the huge “task” of setting the mood of your wedding long before it even starts.

How to pull off perfect invites though? We have gathered the top fundamental rules to creating wedding invitations – so read on and find out more.


  • – Think of a design that genuinely represents you and your love story. You can match it with your color scheme or you can coordinate it with a couple of your wedding theme motifs. And if you haven’t decided on either of these, you can always settle on a truly classic design – such as a mono-color background and letterpress fonts, for example.
  • – Think of what you write inside the invitations only. It’s not only the “appearance” that matters! Pay attention to the wording, careful with what cards you include with the invitation suite and be sure you are not trespassing any kind of “etiquette rules” – such as writing wedding registry information on the invitation, for example.
  • – Last, but definitely not least, ensure your invitations will reach your guests in due time. Ideally, you should order them no less than 3-4 months before the wedding, so that you can send them out with about 2 months before the big date. This will give guests plenty of time to make arrangements and RSVP too.


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Things That Should NOT Be Said in a Wedding Toast

If you have been selected to give a toast at your friend’s wedding, you definitely want to make this a very special moment of this huge event. And while there are surely a lot of things you want to say about the bride, groom, their relationship and how amazing their future is going to be, it is also important to remember that there are things that should NOT be said in a wedding toast. What are they? Read on and find out more.


  • – Remotely hinting at the Exes. Put simply, the Exes shouldn’t even be mentioned in a wedding toast – not even if what you want to say is that they were absolutely horrible and that you are happy the bride and groom finally found each other.
  • – That awkward phase one of the newlyweds finally outgrew. This is not the moment or the place to start talking about that weird EMO phase the groom went through in the 10rd grade. Keep this for the (much) more intimate parties.
  • – How drunk the groom or the bride got in college. Again, this is not the right moment for this kind of stories – and even more so considering their families will be attending the wedding.
  • – That inside joke you always share with the bride or groom. Yes, it may be terribly funny – but not for someone who doesn’t get the “inside” part of it (in this case, all the other guests at the wedding!). Sure, it is perfectly fine to say an anecdote or two – but stick to something people will actually be able to understand (and to something that doesn’t embarrass the bride or groom in any way!).


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