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3 Adorable Table Ideas You’ll Love

Your sweethearts’ table is such an important part of the entire wedding décor! Of course, you will want this table to stand out from the other ones – but you will want to do this in a very personal and beautiful way too. How do pull it off? How to design the most gorgeous sweethearts’ table your guests have ever seen? We have some adorable table ideas for you – so read on, and find out more.


  • – Sweet and soft. If you don’t want to go over the top with your sweethearts’ table, but if you love a romantic touch to your décor, pick one soft color and play with it. Mono-colored wedding décor can look gorgeous, and your sweethearts’ table makes no exception from the rule! Big flowers, table linens and even marquees can be absolutely stylish in the same color, and they can complement a modern, but truly romantic wedding!
  • – Sweet and simple. If you are among the couples who prefer to keep it ultra-simple with your wedding décor, you have a lot of amazing ideas to choose from too. For example, you could create a white-covered sweethearts’ table with bamboo or wooden chairs – and you could make it pop with a pretty garland made with greenery and large, pastel-colored blooms. Such a simple, but elegant idea!
  • – Sweet and glamorous. Want to keep it chic, glamorous and still stay romantic with your sweethearts’ table décor? Focus on one or two brighter colors and make them pop with a sparkly table runner and some matching touches. Add a cute marquee to the mix and you will have a splendid table just for the two of you!


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5 True Wedding Disasters That Happened

Planning the Big Day is, most definitely, one of the most stressful things you have ever done. And yet, sometimes, no matter how careful you are with all the details, small things can slip out of your reach – and they can grow into full-fledged wedding disasters before you even realize what happened.

The most important thing is that you are prepared for whatever comes your way and that you know how to do everything in your power to avoid some of the worst mistakes from happening. For example, what are some true wedding disasters that happened? Read on and find out more!

  • – The groom disappeared – or so at least it was thought. One bride told the story about how her groom was nowhere to be found with less than one hour to go before the wedding. As it turned out, he had simply gone out for a walk, but didn’t take his phone with him!
  • – The rings disappeared. Not only have you paid a lot of money for these rings, but they are more than meaningful for your love story and more than important in the course of the Big Day too. To make sure they don’t disappear before the wedding, remember not to leave the ring bearer unattended with the rings.
  • – The hair went green. In general, it is highly advisable that you don’t make any major changes to your look right before the wedding day. For instance, one bride tells the story of how she dyed her hair blonde before the wedding and then bathed in the pool, only to discover the next morning that her hair had went completely green.
  • – The photographer disappeared. Having any vendor pulling a disappearing act is a true nightmare for every couple – so, to make sure there will always be a plan B, talk to your photographer and discuss what happens in case they cannot make it to the wedding. Also, see if you have friends who might take the role for the Big Day, just in case the photographer cannot be reached in any way.
  • – Someone comes dressed in white. This is your Big Day and you have all the right to want to feel special – so, if someone comes dressed in white, try to ignore the fact. Mistakes can happen – and even if it was intentional, you cannot actually send that person back home to change her clothes. Just avoid her, do not include her in the pictures if it makes you feel uncomfortable and discuss with her after the wedding.


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What’s All Involved With a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?

The greatest thing about today’s weddings is that they allow you to be really you. Regardless of what your beliefs may be and regardless of what your family history may be, modern weddings allow you to blend in the traditions that define you and your love story in a magical love story everyone will enjoy – even if they don’t come from the same religious, ethnic or national background as you.

For example, if you are Catholic, you are more than free to have a very traditional Catholic wedding. What does that involve and how is it different than other Christian ceremonies? Here are some of the things you should know about a typical Catholic Wedding Ceremony.


  • – First of all, Catholic weddings need to take place in an actual Catholic church. Unlike with many other Christian denominations, it is compulsory that the ceremony takes place in the house of worship – so do take this into consideration when planning the Big Day. Yes, you might be able to get approval from your bishop to have your wedding in another location, but these instances are quite rare, so you shouldn’t rely on this.
  • – Secondly, Catholic wedding ceremonies can be very short (if the couple chooses to stick to the “basics”), or quite long (which is the actual traditional way to do this). If the wedding ceremony is incorporated in a Nuptial Mass, expect to have the gospel read, to listen to psalms and to participate in many other rites similar to those of a Sunday Mass.
  • – The communion is the part of the Mass that comes right after the wedding vow exchange – and it is frequently considered a religious element only Catholics should participate in. If you have non-Catholics in your wedding party, be sure to talk to your priest, as he can advise you on what they should do during the communion.


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10 Bridal Shower Favors That Are Easy to Make

Throwing a bridal shower is surely a great honor and a huge responsibility for you. After all, you want this to be a really special day for the bride-to-be, and you want her to be 100% happy with everything at her bridal shower.

What are some bridal shower favors that are easy to make? We have 10 sweet ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  1. – Marbled Oreos. Everyone loves Oreos, so why not make them your bridal shower favors? Dip them in marbled topping to add an extra dash of style.
  2. – Marbled macaroons. Delicious and sophisticated, this classic French dessert will look even better in the marbled-colored version!
  3. – Hot chocolate mixes. Bring some hot chocolate mix and some marshmallows together in mason jars, decorate them with unique bows and cute labels and people will be more than happy with these favors!
  4. – Sriracha caramel corn. Are you in for a unique sweet and spicy treat? Sriracha caramel corn works marvelously as a special bridal shower favor – and it will be even more attractive if offered in personalized envelopes!
  5. – Ice cream popsicles. If you want to cool the guests off with a really delicious sweet treat, offer them ice cream popsicles in the party’s color scheme. They will love the idea!
  6. – Pumpkin seed brittle. Perfect for a fall bridal shower, the spiced pumpkin seed brittle will be a more than appreciated surprise for the bridal shower guests!
  7. – Sea glass. Another summer-y sweet treat, sea glass is incredibly easy to make. You will only need food coloring and sugar to pull this off – and it will look fantastic!
  8. – Jarred cupcakes. Tired of the good old-fashioned cupcakes, but still love their amazing taste? Offer them in jars! Layers of cupcakes and filling will make this an irresistible dessert for everyone at the bridal shower!
  9. – Pumpkin butter. Served in mini-jars, pumpkin butter is the perfect fall dessert if you want to bring a smile on everyone’s faces. Lovely idea everyone will appreciate!
  10. – Flowery lollipops. Imagine beautiful, transparent lollipops filled with pretty little flowers! Believe it or not, this can be easily done at home with some infused sugar and edible flowers. What a wonderful bridal shower idea!


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The Essential Guide To Keep Pokémon Go From Ruining Your Wedding

Technology has brought a lot of benefits into our lives – but, like everything in this world, it can also have plenty of disadvantages too. For example, the fact that we’re all permanently glued to our smartphones is one of the less positive aspects of being permanently connected to the Internet. In many respects, this has even changed the way we enjoy certain special events in our lives.

How do you keep technology from ruining your wedding? And even more specifically, how do you keep the Pokémon craze from making your Big Day less enjoyable? Here is the essential guide to keep Pokémon Go from ruining your wedding.


  • – Put up signs. In general, people will be more than willing to respect a wedding – so, if you are getting married in a more public place, make sure to create some nice signs that attention people there’s a special event going on. If, however, there are still uninvited intruders at your wedding, be polite and tell them to leave.
  • – Go completely offline. Sure, this may be a challenge in a world where we’re all online 24/7. But many brides and grooms choose to plan an unplugged wedding –and it can definitely work out great. Just make sure you let guests know this is going to be a gadget-free wedding and they will be happy to respect your decision.
  • – Ask people to help you out. Your bridesmaids, your close friends and family – they can all be enrolled to help you with those guests who spend a little too much time on Pokémon Go. This is the ideal solution if you don’t want to go completely unplugged, but still want to make sure people are spending time on the dance floor and having fun, not with their eyes glued to the smartphone screen.



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