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Why Have Teatime at Your Wedding?

As a couple getting married, you will want your wedding to be amazing from every point of view. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional wedding “norms” – such as having an evening wedding, for example.

How about an afternoon wedding? Why have a teatime at your wedding? Well, here are some reasons to convince you:


  • – They are extremely versatile. Daytime/teatime weddings are amazing in many respects – and one of the most important one is related to their high level of versatility. You can have this wedding in a more formal way, but you can think out of the box too. You can have your ceremony somewhere at noon and serve the tea at around 4 pm. You can even serve a lot of fun and delicious foods you wouldn’t be able to fit into a traditional evening/nighttime wedding.
  • – What’s more, teatime weddings can also be cheaper. Most of the weddings that happen outside of the regular “wedding season” and “wedding hours” are usually cheaper – precisely because both venue and vendors will be a lot more flexible with you and with their prices as well.
  • – Last, but definitely not least, they are unique. Your guests will always remember your wedding as the one that stood out from the crowd and made a statement. From being able to not serve alcohol without upsetting anyone, to being able to wear a tea-length dress, there’s a myriad of unique choices you can make for your teatime wedding – so you have all the reasons in the world to actually fancy the idea.


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4 Ideas for Writing the Perfect Wedding Toast

If you have been selected among the guests who will give a toast at a wedding, you surely want it to be perfect. You want people to enjoy your toast, and, most importantly, you want the newlyweds to enjoy it too.

How to do it, though? What are the best ideas for writing the perfect wedding toast? We have 4 essential tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • – Who are you toasting? In a very formal wedding, there are some toasting rules to keep in mind. For example, the Best Man is expected to toast the bride, the Maid of Honor to toast the groom, and the parents of the bride/groom to toast the couple. In casual weddings, these lines may be a bit more blurred.
  • – What’s your relationship with the person(s) you are toasting? Is the groom your very best friends and you’ve known each other since kindergarten? Then you can be a bit more casual and sprinkle your toast with a joke or two (however, make sure you do not cross any common sense guidelines).
  • – How long will your toast be? Generally speaking, it is considered that wedding toasts that are short and sweet are absolutely perfect. Keeping your toast shorter is a great idea if you don’t want the guests to get bored – and it is also a very good idea if you want to make sure the wedding day timeline will not be pushed because of you.
  • – Last, but not least, what will you say? Talk about your relationship with the bride and groom, wish them all the best and try to strike the perfect balance between emotional and funny. Even more importantly, don’t talk about anything you might regret (e.g. Exes of the bride or groom, embarrassing stories, etc.).


The Mackey House is a splendid Savannah wedding venue you will really love from the first moment you see it. Full of history and elegance, we are here to help you have a magnificent wedding day!


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Why You Should Send Out Save the Dates

Organizing all the details of a wedding has never been easy –and it is more than likely that it will never be facile either, especially with the wide range of choices, etiquette rules and general expectations that come with such a hugely important moment in one’s life.

Why you should send out Save the Dates, though? What role do they play in the entire wedding planning process? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • – Well, first and foremost, they are a great way to announce everyone that you are getting married (and they are invited). This will give people plenty of time to make arrangements for travelling (take the days off, if needed, book the plane tickets and the accommodation, etc.). As a consequence, there’s a lot more likelihood that people manage to do everything in time and actually get to your wedding.
  • – Furthermore, Save the Date cards are a truly wonderful opportunity to share some engagement pictures with your loved ones, your relatives and your friends. After all, you did that special engagement photo session (and maybe you took your hair and makeup trial then too) – so why not take advantage of it and double its meaning and functionality?
  • – Last, but surely not least, Save the Dates are a great option for sharing information that usually stays away from the invitations proper (but sometimes gets into the invitation suite). For instance, your wedding website can be shared with the Save the Dates – and that’s where people can find venue directions, registry information and other tips that are not adequate for the invitation itself.


The Mackey House is a truly amazing wedding venue in Savannah – so if you want to get married in the area, don’t forget to check us out and see what we offer! Full of history and charm, our venue is here to add uniqueness and elegance to your Big Day – so you will definitely love us so much you’ll want to book right away!


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How to Recycle Your Wedding Items

Your wedding is not going to be inexpensive – on the contrary, if you are like the vast majority of the American couples, you will most likely end up spending quite a lot of money on the Big Day. Considering the high cost and the high risk of wasting a lot of perfectly good wedding elements once the Big Day is over, you might want to recycle at least some of them.

How to recycle your wedding items? Here are some tips you could use:


  • – The food. There’s a very large likelihood that a lot of food will be left behind – so try to talk to your catering manager and see if it cannot be redirected towards a food shelter nearby. It would be such an amazing gesture, and it could really brighten up someone’s day!
  • – The flowers. You don’t want your flowers to simply wither away after the wedding – so offer them to guests (they will definitely appreciate it). Also, you could simply donate them to hospitals in the area and make the people there a little happier.
  • – The invitations. While many people don’t keep wedding invitations, you might want to encourage your guests to do the opposite. Think of ways in which your invitations can be kept (such as sending out invitations that can be planted and grown into flowers, for example).
  • – The favors and the décor. A lot of the wedding favors will be left behind on the ceremony site and at the reception venue – so either skip them altogether, or sell them on websites that allow people to purchase used wedding items. Also, you can do the same with most of your pieces of décor too!



The Mackey House is a comfortable, elegant and truly timeless wedding venue in Savannah – so if you’re on the lookout for the right place for your Big Day, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. Give us a call, come visit us in person, and book us for a wedding nobody will ever forget!


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The Most Upbeat Songs for Your Last Dance

You want your wedding to be truly special. From the very moment you wake up on your wedding day, and to the moment you finally bid your farewell, you want this magical event to be unforgettable. Perfect. Amazing.

Of course, choosing a great song for your First Dance as husband and wife is a truly important decision. But do not forget about making a grand exit with an upbeat song for your Last Dance too! What are some of the most upbeat songs for your Last Dance? Here are some suggestions to consider:


  • – Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. It’s hard to not like Sinatra. His beautiful voice, his haunting songs, his always meaningful lyrics – they all make for music that lasts through the decades. And Fly Me to the Moon is most definitely one of the most popular romantic songs of all time!
  • – The Beatles’ Hello, Goodbye. Also world-famous, The Beatles have created their fair share of amazingly romantic songs. Hello, Goodbye is perfect for the Last Dance for its meaning, but for its upbeat feeling and positive vibes too – so you should definitely consider it.
  • – The Rembrands’ I’ll Be There For You. Big fans of the Friends TV Show? Or maybe just in love with this fun, meaningful and truly unforgettable song? If so, you should know it could make for a perfect exit from your wedding!
  • – Cher’s Believe. Her haunting voice and the beautiful lyrics of this song will make for a really memorable moment. So, if you are looking for something deeply romantic to say goodbye on, this tune will be a great option.



Still on the lookout for the perfect Savannah wedding venue? The Mackey House is surrounded by gorgeous nature and a really emotional history – so come visit us, take a look at what we can offer and book us for your Big Day!

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