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3 Beautiful Classic Ceremony Songs that Are Still Popular

No matter how un-traditional you may want to be with your wedding, there’s no point in denying that there are still a lot of beautiful classic ceremony songs that are still popular. What are they, and how to use them to make your wedding feel more special, sophisticated and romantic? We have some great tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • – Hirohashi Makiko’s Tale as Old as Time, in piano version. This is the ultimate romantic tune everyone loves and recognizes – and it truly is an emotional song that perfectly accompanies love stories from all around the world. If you want to walk down the aisle in an ambiance filled with true love and big dreams this song will be more than ideal for you.
  • – Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know, in piano version. This song talks about magical love. About the kind of love that makes you want to spend your entire forever with the one you care about. Love that moves mountains and helps you find those special places inside your heart only you and your significant other will ever know. Such a lovely tune for a wedding ceremony!
  • – Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. This song is the absolute classic of weddings – and, as old-fashioned as it may be for some, it can definitely strike a sensitive chord in many others. If you want to keep things along the traditional way, or if you simply love this song for its power and magnificence, then by all means include it in your wedding ceremony!


The Mackey House is a splendid wedding venue in Savannah. Surrounded by years and years of history, by the love of all those who celebrated with us, and by the natural grace of the area, we can help you have a truly magical Big Day. Contact us and come visit us as soon as possible!

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5 Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One at Your Wedding

Love has no boundaries – and when a loved one passes away, we always want to keep them with us, in our hearts, forever alive. If one of your loved ones have died, but if you still want to include them in your wedding day, you should definitely know that this is more than allowed.

How to do it? Here are 5 ways to honor a deceased loved one at your wedding:



  • – Save them a seat. The ones who have left this Earth will always be there with us – and keeping a seat empty for that special someone in your life can definitely remind you of how much they loved you and how much they wanted you to be happy on this day of your life.
  • – Serve their favorite food. Did this person have a really favorite food, or maybe a special recipe? Include them in your wedding by serving that particular dish. It will be highly emotional and beautiful!
  • – Use photos. Use your loved ones’ photos to create a special corner just for them – so that you feel them close to you on your wedding day.
  • – Walk down the aisle with them. You wanted this person to be there, on your side, as you make these very important steps. And while they might not be able to physically lead you down the aisle, they can definitely be there with you, in your memory, through an object that belonged to them – their favorite tie, a watch, a brooch, or any other item that had a powerful meaning for them (and now, for you as well).
  • – Music. They say music transcends time, space and languages of all kinds – so, if this special loved one had a favorite song, see how you can incorporate it into your Big Day. They would have loved seeing this happen!


The Mackey House is a superb, elegant and unique wedding venue in Savannah. Filled with history and grace, we would be more than honored to be part of your love story – so come visit us, take a look at what we offer and book us for your wedding day!


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How to Stay Cool at Your Warm Weather Wedding

Catching a few sun rays can be really great for one’s physical and mental health – but heat is nothing to joke about. Therefore, if you want your summer wedding to be absolutely amazing (for you and for all those you have invited), it is absolutely crucial that you make sure everyone is properly cooled throughout the entire wedding day.

How to stay cool at your warm weather wedding? Here are a few ideas you should definitely consider:


  • – Hydration. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential when it comes to fighting the adverse effects of high heat – so make sure your guests are provided with water, soda, juices and other refreshments.
  • – Shade. It is highly advisable that you don’t get married at a location that is not shaded at all – and even if it is, it would be a great gesture of you to provide guests with parasols and other shading options. It is always best to be on the safer side of things!
  • – Timing. If you want to avoid the truly harmful UV rays, remember to set your wedding at an adequate time in the day. In general, getting married earlier or later in the day will mean that the temperatures will be lower and the sun will not burn as powerfully.
  • – Formality. Wearing long dresses and (!) tuxedoes on very high heat can be really uncomfortable (to read “potentially dangerous”). Therefore, making your wedding more casual and allowing people to dress in less formal attires is a great way to ensure your guests feel great at your wedding.


The Mackey House is a wedding venue with a beautiful history behind it. Beyond everything though, we are the kind of venue that genuinely loves being part of people’s amazing life and love stories – so if you are searching for a gorgeous, elegant and truly candid place to get married at, contact us and let’s talk about it!


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Beauty and the Beast Inspired Wedding

Haunting, beautiful and truly deep, the love story between Belle and the Beast has moved across generations – and it continues to fascinate us all with its amazing teachings and its true power of making people believe in real love.

If you are one of the brides in love with the gorgeous fairytale, you will definitely like having a wedding inspired by it as well. But how to do it? How to have a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • – Steal some fashion ideas from Belle. Not only was she a very smart girl, passionate about reading – but she was also absolutely gorgeous in her yellow gown as well. Steal some design ideas for your wedding gown and it will look as if it was torn from the fairytale itself!
  • – Fill the room with red roses. Obviously, the red rose is a very powerful symbol in the story – so you should have it at your wedding too. We suggest a large, beautiful, and classy bouquet made with deep-red roses, and we also suggest that you bring this flower into the wedding décor too. And, if you want to take it even further, consider having a red rose in a glass dome as a centerpiece – it will look breathtakingly beautiful!
  • – Antique pieces. Add a flair of timeless, fairytale-like elegance to your wedding by decorating it with antique pieces – such as antique tableware or antique candle-holders. These small details will make all the difference in the world!


The Mackey House is a wedding venue filled with the history of Savannah itself, with stylish timelessness and a versatility that enables us to welcome and accommodate a wide range of wedding ideas. So if, you want your magical wedding to take place in Savannah, make sure to contact us and come see what we offer!


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How to Create a Wedding Ceremony Aisle That’s Totally Unique

Your wedding ceremony is for the two of you. For your love story, for the amazing feelings that have brought you together (and up to this point), for the great commitment you are about to make. Your wedding ceremony should, thus, reflect everything you believe in as a couple.

How to create a wedding ceremony aisle that’s totally unique? Read on and find some inspiration.


  • – Leave the flower petals behind. Yes, they can look gorgeous, but the sad truth is that so many people have used this as their wedding ceremony aisle décor that it has become somewhat cliché. Think of something more unique – such as creating an aisle runner with Moroccan carpets or to create something completely personal (a runner with your wedding date on it, for example).
  • – Use greenery. Want to add a very lush, beautiful and natural appeal to your wedding ceremony aisle? Use lots of greenery to decorate it. This is an excellent idea if you want to bring more green into the Big Day and it can also be amazing for money-saving purposes (as greenery and foliage tends to cost less than actual blooms).
  • – Remember the lighting. Create beautiful lighting for your wedding ceremony aisle and you will feel as if you are walking on a dream come true. Believe us, although it may cost a bit more to add special lighting to the ceremony, it will be worth every single cent!

The Mackey House is a lovely wedding venue in Savannah. Filled with the history of our beautiful past and surrounded by Savannah’s finest natural beauties, we can host the kind of wedding your guests will never forget. Come visit us, take a look at what we offer and book us for the Big Day!

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