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Wedding Flower Trends Brides Love in 2016

2016 has been quite surprising in terms of wedding trends and what they offered us – but nevertheless, we truly believe there are some trends that are here to stay precisely because they make a lot of sense, they look stunning and they are more than easy to incorporate as well.

Take, for example, the wedding flower trends brides love in 2016. Lovely and gorgeous, these trends will inspire you to create a wedding that’s unique and personal – so read on if you want to find out more about them.


  • – Greenery, lots and lots of greenery. It is quite obvious that blooms will never go out of fashion – but even so, in 2016, a lot of brides chose to go green. Using greenery and foliage only for your wedding flower arrangements will be a lot cheaper than using blooms and it will also add a dash of originality to your entire wedding décor. What’s more, it can also be a lot more environmentally-friendly – especially if you choose to offer guests greenery in flower pots as wedding favors.
  • – Dahlias and vintage flowers. We all know vintage weddings have been very popular for quite some time – but in 2016, the flowers have bloomed in vintage shades as well! Dahlias, as well as other vintage flowers, are all the rage among brides who want to make their weddings feel chic and personal.
  • – Local flowers. Want to save tons of money and have fresher flowers? The solution is literally near you: buy local flowers, instead of importing them. They will look fantastic, they will help you contribute to local economy and they will be a lot less expensive as well.


The Mackey House is a charming wedding venue in Savannah. Filled with history and grace, our location is eagerly looking forward to being part of your love story – so contact us, come visit us and book us for your Big Day!


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Gwen Stefani FINALLY Addresses the Blake Shelton Engagement Rumors

Everybody loves Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton – and we’ve loved them long before they became America’s new sweet couple. Two amazing singers with great stories behind them, Blake and Gwen make for a perfect team – so it’s really no wonder why so many of us dream to see them married.

Rumor has it that they will get married soon – but what is it that caused these rumors, and are they actually true? Well, the wait is over because Gwen Stefani has finally addressed the Blake Shelton Engagement rumors. Are they true or not? Read on and find out more.


  • – To explain more clearly, the main reason these rumors started to appear was related to the fact that Gwen Stefani was seen with a very large (and absolutely breath-taking!) diamond ring on her finger. Obviously, the first thing fans thought of was that Blake had popped the question and that the two sweethearts are on their way to tying the knot.
  • – Unfortunately for those who hoped in this though, Gwen Stefani has addressed the rumors, saying that she and Blake are not engaged. She did find it quite amusing, though, that the media had absolutely turned an apparently insignificant detail into a huge gossip.
  • – This doesn’t mean that we will never see Gwen and Blake married. Considering their tumultuous past love stories, it is perfectly understandable that they want to take it slow. Yet, we’re still hopeful that the two will finally tie the knot one day.


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Which Wedding Reception Table Style Fits You?

Every wedding is unique in its own way – just as every love story is special as well. Of course, your Big Day will make no exception from the rule – and, with a bit of attention to detail, you can actually create an event that’s very personal and memorable.

Have you considered every detail of your wedding reception, though? For example, which wedding reception table style fits you? If not, here are some tips you might want to consider:


  • – If you want to have a very casual, intimate and friendly wedding, we highly suggest you to settle for rectangular tables. Their length and their general appeal give weddings a sense of closeness and warmth, making guests interact more with each other to make for unforgettable moments.
  • – Want your wedding to be classy, elegant and still very intimate? Round tables are what you need! For some brides and grooms, they might seem dull – but with a bit of attention and imagination, they can be turned into very vibrant parts of the wedding décor.
  • – For couples who want their wedding to be modern and edgy, square tables will do the trick. To make sure these tables look great at your wedding, remember to create a table décor that softens up the rigid corners of the tables (e.g. by using round elements on the table and/or using bright colors for the décor).
  • – If you want to encourage guests to stay as close to the dance floor as possible, use some tall cocktail tables too. Place them around the edges of the dance floor, for guests who want to socialize there.


Searching for a superb wedding venue in Savannah? Contact The Mackey House and come take a look at the beautiful location we offer for your Big Day! There’s no way not to love us!

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A Couple of Things to Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Officiant

Your wedding officiant is not “just” the person who will say “you may kiss the bride”. This person is the one to guide you through a wedding ceremony that truly reflects who you are as a couple. Ultimately, your officiant is the person to guide you into marriage itself – so you definitely want to choose someone whom you can actually relate to.

What are some of the essential things to consider when hiring your wedding officiant? We have gathered some of them right here – so read on, find out more and make the best decision for yourself.


  • – First of all, make sure your wedding officiant makes you feel comfortable. If, at any point, you don’t feel fully comfortable with your officiant, this is not the right person for you. The right officiant should be able to focus on you and your ceremony, while being flexible and candid about your wishes too.
  • – Also, keep in mind that fees are involved even in the case of a religious ceremony. Although might not be charged by the officiant himself, but by the church or religious site (as donations), they are still important. Don’t forget to ask what your fee will cover for!
  • – Last, but definitely not least, remember that it is customary to invite the officiant and his/her spouse both at the rehearsal dinner and at the reception itself. Make sure you leave two empty seats for them, in case they decide to follow through with your invitation!


The Mackey House has prepared an absolutely gorgeous venue for you! If you plan on having your Big Day in Savannah, and if you want it to be surrounded by natural beauty, history and true Southern charm, come visit us and book us for your wedding! You will not regret it!


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6 Distinctive Ways to Identify The Tables at Your Wedding Reception

Your love story is distinctive and unique – so why wouldn’t everything at your wedding be just as special? From the flowers you choose to the dress you wear and from the food on the tables to the signature cocktails, everything can (and should!) speak about you as a couple – including the way in which you identify each reception table.

Following, we have gathered some of the most distinctive ways to identify the tables at your wedding reception – so read on if you need some inspiration.


  • – Numbers. If the traditional chronological numbering of the tables doesn’t appeal to you, use numbers that are meaningful for your relationship (e.g. the date you first met, the date at which he proposed, and so on). It will make for a wonderful, sentimental touch!
  • – Literature couples. Are you the kind of people who really love reading? Think of literature’s greatest couples and include them in your wedding day by naming the tables after them! What a unique way to sprinkle some personality on your wedding reception!
  • – Wines. Ideal for a rustic-chic or vineyard-inspired wedding, wine bottles can also make for wonderful table markers. Take the option into consideration!
  • – Movies. Regardless of whether you’re into romantic comedies or if you like old-school Hollywood classics, movies can make for amazing table identifiers too.
  • – Photos. You don’t have to write your table identifiers. In fact, using pictures that are meaningful for your relationship can really add a romantic touch to the entire reception!
  • – Nostalgic items. If you and your loved one share the same childhood likes (e.g. the same shows or the same books), you can also use them as your table markers – and it will be absolutely lovely!


The Mackey House is a splendid wedding venue in Savannah, filled with history, grace and elegance. Come visit us yourself, see what we offer and book us for an unforgettable wedding day!


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