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Where Should Your Family Sit at Your Wedding

Creating seating charts may not be the most entertaining part of planning a wedding – but it is an essential thing to do if you want to make sure everyone has a great time. Where should your family seat at your wedding ceremony? We have gathered some tips you might want to keep in mind – so read on and find out more.


  • – Because of their relationship with the couple, it is customary to seat family members in the first rows of the wedding ceremony seats. In general, most of the guests already know this, but you might want to make sure that they are properly seated by taking extra measures of precaution.
  • – No, you don’t have to place “reserved” signs on each of the seats. It is perfectly fine to use a few signs to mark the beginning (or the end) of the rows that are reserved – but aside from that, your ushers should be the ones to take care of the guests and how they are seated.
  • – Simply let your ushers know which are the rows assigned for the family and they will guide guests accordingly. When they see a family member, they will lead him/her to the reserved seats and when they see another guest, they will guide him/her to the other seats.
  • – If you have decided to block your aisle, your guests will enter their seats from the outer edges. Use this opportunity to mark the rows that are reserved for the family. Use the same ribbon as the one you use to block the aisle and ask the ushers to take it off and put it back on when family members are seated.


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Make Your Mom Feel Special on Your Mother’s Day Wedding

Your mother is the special lady that gave you life and brought you up to be a beautiful, candid and truly amazing woman. She deserves the very best – so having a Mother’s Day wedding will make her feel very unique and important in your life.

What are some of the best ideas to make your mom feel special on your Mother’s Day wedding? Here are some ideas to inspire you:


  • – Her wedding photos. Who else is a better inspiration for great love stories, other than your parents? Arrange a special panel with your mother’s wedding photos and you will definitely add a truly sentimental touch to your Big Day.
  • – Borrow something. Tradition says the bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” at her wedding. Of course, your mom can help you with all of these – but borrowing something special of hers can add an even more beautiful twist to this old tradition. Her earrings, her wedding veil or even her wedding gown can all be your magical “something borrowed”!
  • – Special photos. Ask your photographer to shoot candid photos of you, your mother and your grandmother together. This kind of pictures is really emotional and it will beautifully complement your entire wedding album.
  • – Include her in the wedding planning. Your mom definitely wants to help you have a dream wedding – so assign tasks to her and she will be more than happy. Ask her to help you shop for the perfect gown, to help you choose the wedding colors, to pack the welcome baskets and everything else you may need help with. She’ll do a wonderful job!


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7 Things Guests Go Crazy for at Weddings

Your guests are obviously very important to you. In the end, these are your friends and family – all of which have come a long way to celebrate with you. What are some of the things guests go crazy for at weddings though? What are some of the wedding elements they will truly love? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • – Food trucks. There’s nothing to say “childish joy” more like an ice cream or cotton candy truck – so why not bring a bit of playfulness at your wedding by renting one?
  • – Late-night snacks. While these indulgences may not be healthy, this is your wedding and people can afford “cheating” at least this once. Who doesn’t love a cheesy slice of pizza after 10 pm?
  • – Sushi. Want to provide your guests with a snack that’s as common as it is delicious and irresistibly elegant? Sushi it is, then! With a wide range of options to choose from, your guests will be more than happy with this tasty infusion of Japanese cuisine.
  • – Lounge areas. Sure, dancing and having fun are all alright – but providing your guests with some comfortable lounge areas as well will be even more memorable for them.
  • – Surprises. A special entertainer, a good band, a fun game – people love surprises, especially when they make for wonderful memories. Plan something surprising for your wedding and your guests will love it!
  • – Babysitting at the wedding. If your guests will come with kids, they will want to make sure their bundles of joy are properly watched after – and hiring a babysitter or a children’s entertainer is a really great option when it comes to this.
  • – Photo booths. Yes, they are still very popular (and we don’t see them fading out very soon, to be honest). After all, these booths are fun, entertaining and they perfectly mold after the Social Media era we all live in.


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Create the Perfect Wedding Hashtag

Whether we like it or not, Social Media is part of our lives. Our Facebook profiles, our Instagram pictures and our Twitter ramblings are all following us into every single moment of our lives – both the boring ones and the exciting ones as well.

A wedding hashtag can be a more than welcomed addition for your Big Day – but why is that? Why is it that so many couples choose to create their own wedding hashtag? Even more, how do you do it as well?


We have gathered some of the best tips to help you create the perfect wedding hashtag – so read on and find out more.

  • – Wedding hashtags are amazing from multiple points of view. First of all, they will add a dash of contemporaneity to your wedding and make it more unique. What’s more,  a hashtag is a very easy way to gather all the Social Media pictures of your wedding in one place, so that you can create an actual collection of them.
  • – To create the perfect hashtag, you have to use your creativity. Think beyond your names and/or your wedding date and choose something that’s truly meaningful for you as a couple. For example, if you met in a certain location, use its name and your names to create an original hashtag.
  • – Furthermore, don’t forget to spread the word about the hashtag as well. From your wedding website to the day-of stationery, your hashtag should be easy to notice everywhere and it should be known by every single guest at your wedding.

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8 Wedding Day Lucky Charms

Your wedding is one of the happiest events in your life – and, because it marks the beginning of a whole new life, you want it to be filled with good luck and warm wishes. What are some wedding day lucky charms you might want to incorporate in your wedding day? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on to find some inspiration.


  • – The horseshoes. A traditional Celtic symbol of good luck, horseshoes are a great motif for a rustic wedding – so you have more than one reason to incorporate these into your Big Day.
  • – The sixpence in your shoe. You may be ready to have your something old and something new. You may even have a something borrowed and a something blue ready for the wedding day too. But did you know that a sixpence in your shoe is consider to be lucky as well?
  • – The rainy day. Despite what some brides may believe, rainy weddings are actually considered to bring good luck – so it may not be that bad to have a few drops of rain on your wedding day.
  • – The first look. Sure, you are free to have a First Look session before the wedding ceremony. But waiting for it to happen during the ceremony is believed to bring good luck.
  • – The ringing bells. Because the sound of the bells ringing is said to bring good luck, you might want to incorporate this in your wedding (maybe as you exit your wedding ceremony, for example?).
  • – The bourbon. This Southern tradition says that if you bury a bottle of bourbon one month before the wedding, you will have luck on your wedding day and it will turn out just as you planned it.
  • – The wish lanterns. Spectacular and full of hope, wish lanterns are a great way to entertain the guests and add a dash of luck to your wedding day as well.
  • – The family heirlooms. If you have a family heirloom, incorporate it in your bridal look. It is said to bring good luck, it can count as your “Something old” and it can also be a great way to add a sentimental touch to your wedding too.


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