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The Mackey House and Savannah Venue Management Won the Best Booth Award!

Here at The Mackey House and Savannah Venue Management, we truly love what we do – and we believe it transpires in every action we take, regardless of how large or small it may be.

Last Sunday, we participated in the Savannah Bridal Show – an elite bridal event held at the Civic Center in Savannah.  As we are truly passionate about the wedding industry, this special occasion was a true delight for us.

FullSizeRender (2)

To our surprise and excitement, this event brought us another beautiful “trophy”: the Award for the Best Booth. According to this award, our Bridal Show Booth was the best decorated one out of no less than 120 booths. We must admit, this made us feel really happy – and this is precisely why we feel that we need to thank the great people who were behind the design of this booth.

FullSizeRender (1)

Created by Michelle Smith, Tricia, Susanna Jenkins and Michelle Roberson, our Bridal Show booth looked beautiful and, more than anything, showed what we are all about in everything we do: classiness, elegance and style.

We are more than grateful for the help these amazing ladies have provided us with! Thank you so much! We owe this award to you! Your “magic” made our booth look so pretty!


If you are still searching for a beautiful wedding venue in Savannah, come visit The Mackey House. We take pride in the timeless elegance our venue offers and in its unique charm that has brought happiness to so many brides and grooms. Contact us, come see us and we guarantee you will love our venue so much that you will want to book it right away!

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6 Trending Wedding Theme Ideas for 2016

If you are like just about every other bride, you will want to choose a wedding theme that suits your style, your personality, but, more importantly, your love story too. How do you do that, though? What are some of the most beloved trending wedding theme ideas for 2016? We have gathered some tips to inspire you – so read on and find out more.


  • – Fairytale wedding. This is a theme that will never go out of fashion, for as long as there are fairy tales, there are also ladies dreaming of their Prince Charming. Do not be afraid to be very opulent with this theme!
  • – Bohemian. Looking for the perfect combination between elegant, vintage, rustic and DIY? You are in for a bohemian wedding, then! It is a truly feminine and delicate choice you will surely love!
  • – Pastels. If you want your wedding to be inspired by the delicacy of spring and summer and if you want to create a very gentle, suave and relaxing vibe at your wedding, center it on the idea of pretty pastels. It will look lovely!
  • – Vintage. Now, here’s a theme that never goes out of fashion! This year, go for a vintage wedding with dark shades of red, pearls, lace and you will create an event that is truly elegant and absolutely unforgettable.
  • – Greenery. Want an energy boost for your wedding’s vibe? We suggest you settle on a wedding theme inspired by greenery gardens. It will be refreshing and genuinely memorable!
  • – Twilight. Planning a very special event? Have your wedding at twilight and we guarantee all of your guests will fall in love with this amazing and almost magical idea!


Searching for the best wedding venue in Savannah? Come visit The Mackey House and look at what we offer! You will be charmed by the elegance, uniqueness and versatility of our wedding venue!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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5 Things You Don’t Have to Do on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day! You’ve been dreaming of it ever since you were a very young girl! You’ve planned it, you know every single step you should make (and every little thing your wedding party is tasked with as well). You know what to do on your Big Day.


But do you know about the things you don’t have to do on your wedding day? We have gathered 5 of the most important things to avoid – so read on and find out more.

  • – Don’t overwork yourself. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event and you will not get it back once it’s gone. Task your close friends and relatives, hire a day-of coordinator and don’t overschedule yourself. Take it is and soak in these truly special moments!
  • – Don’t drink too much. It’s OK to have a glass of champagne with the girls while getting ready – and you can definitely have one-two drinks throughout your wedding reception too. Other than that though, keep yourself sober. You want to actually remember this day, right?
  • – Don’t try anything new (especially when it comes to your makeup and beauty routine!). You really don’t want a rash on your face or a lipstick that’s so bad it will smudge your future husband as you give him the ceremony kiss.
  • – Don’t skip breakfast. We mean this: breakfast is a very important part of every single day – and even more so when there’s such a huge rollercoaster of emotions lying ahead of you. Have a nutritious, easy breakfast (such as oatmeal, for example).
  • – Don’t let the little accidents ruin your day. It may rain, the flowers may be a shade lighter than you wanted them and the cake may not arrive on time. Whatever happens though, treat everything with a laid-back attitude. As mentioned previously, this is a completely unique moment in your life and you should enjoy it!


Searching for the perfect Savannah wedding venue? Come visit The Mackey House and allow us to help you host the kind of wedding you (and your guests) will never forget! Come visit us and we guarantee you will love our venue!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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How Much Do We Need to Tell Our Guests About the Wedding Ceremony Beforehand?

Your wedding ceremony is bound to be one of the most romantic and magical events of your life. But if you are asking yourself “how much do we need to tell our guests about the wedding ceremony”, you have come to the right place.


Following, we have gathered some useful tips to help you decide what information you should be sharing with your guests before the Big Day. Read on, find out more and make sure your guests are prepared!

  • – If you are having an outdoor ceremony, make sure to specify this to your guests. This way, they will be able to choose adequate clothes and they will also be able to wear shoes that will not be too uncomfortable for the outdoor space (e.g. high heels on grass or sand, for example).
  • – If your ceremony is going to be more religious, your guests should know more about the particular traditions that have to be followed. In certain religions, the women should cover their shoulders, while in others, the men are expected to cover their heads. Your guests should know about all these customs before they come to your ceremony!
  • – Of course, your guests should also know if the reception will not take place immediately after the ceremony. Let them know how long the break will be and how they can reach the reception venue if it’s not located on the same grounds as your ceremony site or house of worship.


Searching for a wedding venue that will provide you with true beauty and elegance? Come and visit The Mackey House in Savannah and allow yourself to be charmed by our old-school charm and by our timeless grace! Come visit us and book us for a wedding nobody will ever forget!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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2016 Hot Wedding Trends

2016 is here and with it, we will see a lot of new wedding trends taking over the older ones. Of course, you are more than free to choose whatever you like for your Big Day – but taking a look at some of the 2016 hot wedding trends is definitely a great option if you’re searching for some inspiration.


Following, we have gathered some of the most interesting, beautiful and exciting wedding trends for this year – so read on, find out more and “steal” these ideas for your Big Day too.

  • – Booking the photographer for the entire weekend. If you want not only your wedding day to be beautifully captured in your wedding album, book your photographer for the entire weekend. More and more couples are doing this and we can definitely expect it to be a pretty big trend this year.
  • – Buttercream cakes. While fondant icing is still a great choice, buttercream cakes have a very “homemade” feeling to them – so we’re more than certain to see more of them this year. Delicious and cost-effective, a buttercream-frosted cake will be absolutely loved by everyone at your wedding.
  • – Fresh and wild. Obviously, we will still see a lot of highly decadent and luxurious flower arrangements – but the simpler and “wilder” side of florals are making their way back into the wedding world too. Lovely and refreshing, garden and wild flowers will be a great trend this year – and they will either be arranged in mismatched centerpieces or they will come in tone-on-tone combinations that are sweet, elegant and timeless.


Searching for the perfect venue to accommodate all these amazing wedding ideas? Come visit The Mackey House in Savannah, take a look at what we offer and book us for a truly memorable wedding day! You will never regret your choice!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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