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Can We Set a Dress Code for Our Guests?

As the host of your wedding, you want everyone there to feel excellent. But you also want the overall appeal of the Big Day to be absolutely flawless and perfectly put-together as well. And while some wedding etiquette rules are long outdated (and should be left where they are – in the past, that is), there are also some rules you should definitely not ignore.


For example, if you are like a lot of modern brides, you may ask yourself “can we set a dress code for our guests?”. Here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to this:

  • – Yes, you should tell your guests about the dress code. It is definitely not impolite to ask them to dress up according to your wedding’s level of formality. In the end, this is your Big Day and you can definitely have certain “rules” you want your guests to follow.
  • – Furthermore, your guests will also find it helpful to know about the dress code. The last thing they want is to come dressed too casually for a very formal event (or, the other way around, to overdress for a very informal party).
  • – In general, the dress code should be specified on the wedding invitations (e.g. “casual” or “black tie”). Most of the guests will understand what that means. For further details, you can guide your guests towards your wedding website (where you can tell them about location-appropriate attires or weather-savvy clothes too).


Searching for a charming wedding venue in the beautiful area of Savannah? The Mackey House is here for you! Our historical building is filled with timeless charm and elegance – and it will surely provide you with a perfectly unique spot for the Big Day! Contact us, come see us and book us for the most beautiful event of your entire life!


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Why Book The Mackey House For Your Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are full of joy, emotion and beauty. They are gracefully elegant and playfully timeless. They fill everyone’s hearts with amazing vibes and create unforgettable memories both for the bride and groom and for their guests as well.


Although The Mackey House loves weddings regardless of their season, we must confess that we have always had a thing for spring weddings. Why book The Mackey House for a spring wedding? We have gathered some of the things that will surely convince you – so read on and find out more.

  • – It’s magical. There’s nothing quite like spring, with its tumultuous and rushed blooming, with its optimism and its colors, with its fragrances and its completely unique charm. We believe that in Savannah, springs are more beautiful than anywhere else in the entire world – and if you have ever been here during the first months of the warm season, you know it very well.
  • – We’re blooming. Literally. In spring, The Mackey House turns into a paradise for flowers and delicacy – and this means that you will have the picture-perfect backdrop for your wedding all set and “ready to go”. If you want to use minimal décor and if you want a wedding that’s infused with what nature’s got best, book us during the spring season!
  • – Our quality standards stay as high as ever. And we mean it. There’s nothing we love more than seeing brides and grooms happily tying the knot under our roof – and we’ll always go the extra mile just to make sure you are genuinely satisfied with us, your wedding venue!


Want to find out more about The Mackey House? Come visit us, contact us and schedule your tour! You will be charmed by what our venue can offer!


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Why is Cake Cutting So Important?

Undoubtedly, your wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the entire wedding. However, why is the Cake Cutting such a great highlight of the wedding reception? What is the meaning associated with this moment and why is it that you should make it as unforgettable as possible? Why is Cake Cutting so important for so many brides?


We have gathered some of the most interesting tips to help you understand what lies beyond the cake frosting – so read on and find out more.

  • – The wedding cake tradition is far older than many of you may even believe. In fact, the first “wedding cakes” date as far back as the Roman Times, when the groom broke bread over the bride’s head. This used to symbolize the end of the bride’s purity, as well as the beginning of her being submissive to her husband.
  • – Later on, during the Middle Ages, couples had high-stacked cakes at their wedding. Tradition said that the newlyweds should kiss over the cake stack and that if they succeeded, they would be blessed with many children.
  • – In modern times, the Cake Cutting has a slightly different symbolism. The hand of the groom is placed over the hand of the bride when cutting the cake to symbolize his support for her and her promise to take care of him and their family. Furthermore, the fact that couples are encouraged to cut from the bottom tier symbolizes the longevity and continuity of their relationship. Last, but definitely not least, the custom according to which the bride and groom feed each other from the cake symbolizes their commitment to take care of one another.


Searching for a beautiful wedding venue in Savannah? Come visit The Mackey House! Our charming historical venue is here to help you host a magnificent wedding your guests will never forget!


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How Many Bridal Showers is Too Many? NONE! Find Out Why!

Your bridal shower is one of the most important pre-wedding events. Together with the engagement party and the bachelorette party, this event is meant to make people feel “in the mood to party” and to give them a short preview of your Big Day too.


Can you have more than one bridal shower, though? How many bridal showers is too many? We have gathered some answers for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – Traditionally, most brides used to have one bridal shower only – and not because their friends and family didn’t want to shower them with their good wishes and presents, but because most of the brides think they would have looked greedy if they were to be involved in more than one bridal shower. In general, this rule has stayed the same – so it is important that you make sure your friends and family don’t go overboard organizing multiple showers.
  • – There are certain circumstances when it is perfectly OK to have more than one bridal shower, though. For example, your office co-workers may want to throw a separate shower for you – and that is acceptable from all points of view.
  • – Also, if you have out-of-town friends and/or relatives, having a “bridal shower” organized for them is acceptable too. In such occasions, the host of the bridal shower will invite your out-of-town friends and family, but you wouldn’t be obliged to attend the party if you live too far away. The host would gather your friends’ presents and she would bring them to your reception.


Searching for a fantastic wedding venue in Savannah? Want to make sure your wedding is truly amazing and that it looks great? Contact The Mackey House and come see our wedding venue – you will fall in love with it!


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How to Incorporate Famous Lines into Your Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows are not just words. They are the brick and mortar of your relationship: the promises you make to one another, the “rules” upon which you build your marriage and the most beautiful words of love and cherishment you will ever spell out. Your wedding vows should be unique and full of personality. Ultimately, they should speak about who you are as a couple and what you want from your future together.

If you want to incorporate famous lines into your wedding vows, you can definitely do it! This will add an original touch to your wedding ceremony and it will make everything more special too. How to do it, though? How to incorporate famous quotes into your vows?


We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on to find out more.

  • – Don’t use movie or book lines just because they are trendy. Use them because they are genuinely meaningful for you, because the couple that inspired them is similar to you or because they speak about how you got so far in your relationship.
  • – Make sure your future spouse will know how to appreciate those lines too! Use quotes from movies or books he/she has seen or read. Otherwise, they might have a lot of meaning for you and not that much meaning for your partner.
  • – Last but not least, practice your wedding vow with your favorite lines incorporated in it. See how it sounds, see how you feel saying it and think of whether or not it really fits your wedding. If you want to hear a second person’s opinion, ask your Maid of Honor or your Best Man to listen to you. These people know you very well and they will be honest enough to tell you if something sounds off.


Located in stunning Savannah, The Mackey House is a wedding venue embraced by Mother Nature and her grace. Come visit us! Come take a look at what our venue can offer and book us for your own unforgettable wedding day!


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