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7 New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

Here we have listed 7 New Year’s Eve wedding ideas.  Fabulous and unforgettable, a New Year’s Eve wedding can be a really amazing choice – especially if you make sure to plan everything with a lot of attention to detail. With 2016 right around the corner, we thought a lot of you are considering this option – so we gathered some of the best and most beautiful New Year’s Eve wedding ideas to inspire you. Read on, find out more and plan your own stunning New Year’s Eve wedding!


  • – Sparklers for the exit. Forget about the all-too-traditional rice toss for your ceremony exit! Give your guests fun sparklers to light up as you exit and you will surely feel like the Queen and King of your own wedding day!
  • – Champagne for favors. If you want your wedding favors to be perfectly suitable for the amazing theme you have chosen, offer guests mini bottles of champagne. They will be more than appreciative!
  • – DIY party supplies bar. Arrange a special “bar” where your guests can mix their own confetti, sparklers and party supplies. This will be a fun way to invite all of them to celebrate the big “12 o’clock”.
  • – Clocks. Decorate your venue with clocks to remind guests of the approaching New Year. For example, you could incorporate a clock in each wedding table centerpiece – and it will surely look amazing.
  • – Glamorous cake. Be sure to create a wedding cake design that’s really suitable for the New Year’s Eve too! Cover your cake in glitter and/or metallic shades and it will look absolutely stunning!
  • – Sparkly shoes. Add a bit of glam to your own look too! Instead of the classic white shoes, wear a pair that will really help you “walk” into the New Year in grand style!
  • – Metallics for the bridesmaids. Make sure your bridesmaids are dressed up to the occasion by choosing dresses in metallic shades. They don’t have to be of the same color – as long as there’s something to “unify” them (such as the fact that they are all metallic and glamorous), your bridesmaids will look really beautiful!


The Mackey House is a superb wedding venue in Savannah, ready to host your wedding and to make it truly unforgettable too. Come visit us, take a look at what we offer and book us for a stunning 2016 wedding!


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5 Christmas wedding favors ideas

Christmas is here – and together with it, many couples are thinking of their Big Day. If you are among those brides and grooms who want to “borrow” some of that Christmas Magic for your own wedding day, you surely want everything to be flawlessly incorporated into your winter wedding.


Of course, this includes your wedding favors ideas – and if you are searching for some of the most beautiful and unique Christmas wedding favors ideas, you have come to the right place. Read on and inspire yourself!


  • – Hot chocolate mix…in a jar. Provide your guests with a delicious mix for the perfect hot chocolate (toppings included) and package everything in a beautiful jar. Delicious and fun, this is the kind of wedding favor guests will surely want to take back home.
  • – Mittens. Keep your guests warm with a pair of cute mittens for each of them. To make the favors suit your wedding, you could choose mittens that come in your winter wedding colors (with different colors for men and for women, for example).
  • – Pine cone fire starters. Beautiful and special, this is a wedding favor that will prove more than useful too. Covered in beeswax, these pine cone fire starters will really get the fire started on a cold winter night.
  • – Mini-bottles of champagne. Want your wedding favors to be glamorous and much-appreciated? Offer your guests small bottles of champagne dripped in glitter. This is perfect for a luxurious event, but it can be a beautiful complement for just about any other type of wedding too.
  • – Gingerbread man cookies. If you want your wedding favors to be sweet and adorable and if you want to fit them into your winter wedding theme without any kind of issue, go for gingerbread man cookies. Flavorful and unforgettable, this is a treat everyone will love!


The Mackey House is a stunning wedding in Savannah, ready to host the kind of wedding none of your guests will ever forget. Come visit us on our beautiful grounds and book us for your magical wedding day!

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2015 Cake Wedding Trends

Wedding cakes are more than just desserts – they are a symbol of a good start for a newlywed couple. They are a fantastic way to thank your guests for being there for you and they are an amazing way to decorate your wedding in a beautifully delicious way as well.


Thus, it is only natural that you want your wedding cake to be splendidly unique. To help you with this, we have gathered some of the most beautiful  of all the 2015 cake wedding trends – so read on to find your inspiration.

  • – Lace. Elegant, feminine and truly amazing-looking, lacey wedding cake have been a huge trend this year – and we can expect them to stick around for the following months as well. If you are planning a vintage wedding, this is one of the best ideas for your wedding cake!
  • – Painted. Want to go artsy with your wedding dessert? A painted cake will look truly unique, especially if you choose a pattern that works beautifully with your entire wedding color scheme.
  • – Metallic. Fancy and luxurious, metallic-colored wedding cakes are really great-looking, especially if you want a very elegant, yet modern wedding. Gold, silver and bronze can add such a glamorous touch to your wedding décor!
  • – Geometric. Bold and special, cakes with geometric shapes on them are a fantastic choice for those of you who like to think outside of the box. Still elegant but utterly modern, this kind of cake will be seen as a magnificent choice and all of your guests will love its look!


The Mackey House is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Savannah – so if you are looking for a place surrounded by nature and history and if you want your Big Day to be unforgettable from all points of view, you should definitely contact us! Give us a call and schedule your tour – we guarantee you will love every single inch of our venue!


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5 Fun Ways to Personalize the Groom’s Boutonniere

Your bridal look is definitely important to you – but so is the look of your future groom as well. After all, you both want to feel absolutely amazing on your wedding day – and your appearance can play a hugely important role in this.

One of the details you will definitely have to pay attention to is how your Groom’s boutonniere is designed. If you are looking for some fun ways to personalize the groom’s boutonniere, you have come to the right place, because we have gathered 5 of the most unique ideas to inspire you. Read on and find out more!


  • – Be childish. If your groom is still a kid at heart and if he likes geeky toys (such as Lego figurines), you can allow him to show off his personality and passions with his boutonniere. Greenery, some flowers and a toy can really make your groom’s look pop!
  • – Be vintage. Planning a vintage-themed wedding? Match your groom’s boutonniere with the wedding theme by accessorizing him with a gorgeous vintage watch instead of the classic flowery boutonniere. It will look so stylish!
  • – Be sentimental. If your groom’s mother has a brooch she would have wanted her daughter to wear on her wedding day, you can beautifully incorporate it into his boutonniere. You only need the brooch and a pretty flower and it will already look gorgeous!
  • – Be artsy. Is your groom the kind who loves great art? Include it in his boutonniere with a beautiful miniature painting or drawing embraced by flowers and greenery. Great-looking and unique!
  • – Be glamorous. Your groom can be glamorous too – and no, he doesn’t have to wear a shiny tux for that. A beautifully chosen boutonniere with golden or silver accents will be really stylish and will perfectly complement your look and your wedding style.


Searching for a wedding venue in Savannah that will incorporate your amazing wedding ideas in a graceful and elegant way? Come visit The Mackey House, see what we offer and book us for the most unforgettable wedding your guests have ever been to!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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Get the Look of Sofia Vergara’s Zuhair Murad Wedding Dress

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello got married – and it was absolutely amazing! The couple got engaged on Christmas last year and got married last week in Palm Beach. From the fun #Jofia hashatg to the amazingly good-looking tux Joe chose to wear on his wedding day, all the details of this fabulous wedding are already public – so we couldn’t be anything but excited for the two and for the amazing event they put together.


Of course, beautiful Sofia’s Zuhair Murad wedding dress could not have passed unnoticed – and we can all agree that it was one of the most beautiful wedding gowns we have seen recently. If you want to get the look of Sofia Vergara’s Zuhair Murad wedding dress, take a look at the following tips and inspire yourself:

  • – Lace or embroidery. To look like Sofia on her wedding day, your dress should definitely have an abundance of lace and/or embroidery details. If you don’t want the entire dress to be covered in lace (like Sofia’s was), you can settle on something simpler that has lace only on some parts of the dress (such as the middle section, for example).
  • – Long train. Sofia’s wedding gown was gorgeous from many points of view – and the beautiful train is definitely one of them. Choose a dress with a longer train in the back to get the same stunning look that’s meant to take one’s breath away!
  • – Sweetheart neckline. This type of neckline has the great ability to make your chest look beautiful and feminine and it works great for women who want to emphasize on that area of their bodies. Sofia Vergara’s wedding dress featured this precise type of neckline, so if you want to steal the look, this might be one of the things to consider.


Planning the Big Day and haven’t found the perfect wedding venue yet? Come visit The Mackey House in Savannah! Embraced by stunning natural landscapes and with an amazing history behind us, our venue is ready to host your wedding in a truly magnificent way!

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