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4 Ways to Involve Stepparents in Your Wedding

Your wedding is a huge moment in your life – but it is also very important for all those who will be present as well. From your wedding party to your parents and stepparents, everyone will want to feel important at your wedding – and you will definitely want to thank everyone for their amazing contribution and presence there as well.

How to involve stepparents in your wedding, though? How to make sure they feel important and that they really enjoy the Big Day, alongside your parents? We have gathered 4 tips to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.


  •  – Dress shopping. If you get along very well with your stepmother and if you really trust her sense of style (and honesty!), there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t invite her to the wedding dress shopping sessions.
  •  – Special dinner. Plan a dinner for your stepparents right before the wedding rehearsal dinner. This will make them feel really important and it will be a truly nice way to thank them for being there for you on such an important moment of your life.
  • – Stationery. Include your parents in the wedding stationery (such as invitations and even on the wedding programs). This can be easily done once you find the right “formula” on how to place everyone on paper.
  • – Ceremony. If you want your stepparents to be included in the wedding ceremony, you have multiple options at hand. You could, for example, have your father walk you down the aisle halfway through and then allow your stepfather to “take over”. Also, you could ask your stepparents to give a speech or a reading at the ceremony too.


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Is Throwing a Pre-Wedding Brunch Is A Good Idea?

Your Big Day is an absolutely fabulous event in your life. It is the moment you tie the knot and step into a whole new life – one that is spent together with the person you love. Naturally, you want all aspects of this day to be perfect.

How about those pre-wedding moments, though? Is throwing a pre-wedding brunch a good idea? We have gathered some of the most important things you should know about this – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • – A lot of people love brunches and having a pre-wedding brunch is a great idea if you want to thank your guests for their presence at your wedding. Some of you may choose to have very close friends and relatives at this brunch, others may choose to have the entire group of guests – that’s entirely up to you and your budget, in the end.
  • – However, pay attention to the fact that having a pre-wedding brunch on the actual day of the wedding may not be feasible – mostly because you don’t want to feel like running out of time. If you want to offer your guests a brunch, do it on the day before the wedding (especially if you’re having a destination wedding).
  • – Furthermore, don’t forget to take into consideration having a post-wedding brunch, rather than a pre-wedding one. After a night of partying, all of your guests will definitely enjoy the taste of a hearty meal in the morning!
  • – Last, but not least, don’t forget about the fact that you can very well have a wedding reception brunch as well. It can be as fancy or as informal as you want it to be and it can be a unique way to celebrate your Big Day together with the ones you love.


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5 Thanksgiving Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving is a more than appropriate holiday for a wedding. From the romantic weather outside to the very meaning of this holiday, everything about Thanksgiving is beautiful and full of love – just like a wedding is as well.


If you plan on having a Thanksgiving wedding, you will most definitely want everything about your wedding to be in tone with the larger theme. To help you with this, we have gathered some of the most beautiful thanksgiving wedding centerpiece ideas – so read on if you need a bit of inspiration.

  • – White pumpkins and silver branches. Also suitable for a Winter Wonderland wedding, this type of centerpiece looks classy and effortless as well. It  looks gorgeous on a beautifully arranged Thanksgiving wedding table, especially if you decide to add a pop of color to it.
  • – Candles, pinecones and fruit. Talk to your florist about creating a beautiful arrangement with natural elements of the fall and it will look truly amazing on your wedding tables! This is suitable for a rustic-chic wedding, as well as for a more elegant event.
  •  – Succulents, pumpkins and fruit. Bring together some of the most beloved elements of fall, some pretty succulents and a beautiful vase and your wedding table centerpieces will be more than successful!
  •  – Delicate flowers, succulents and pumpkin used as the vase. Why not use the pumpkin as the container for your wedding centerpieces? Combine the roughness and the rustic appeal given by pumpkins with the delicacy of some pretty blooms (such as garden roses, for example) and your centerpieces will look stunning.
  • – Make it a Big “Thank You”. What could be more appropriate for a Thanksgiving wedding than a big “Thank You” as a centerpiece? Write it on customized wine bottles, pumpkins or even on the vases and your guests will definitely be charmed by the idea.


Here at The Mackey House, we love weddings all year round – and we are more than thankful for the couples who have chosen us as their Savannah wedding venue. Contact us as well, come see what we offer and book us for an unforgettable Big Day!


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Enjoy a Morning Bridal Shower at The Mackey House

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life – and one of the happiest too. Still, keep in mind that the smaller events building up to the Big Day can be really important and, as a bride-to-be (or as the friend of a bride-to-be if you are the one who plans the smaller parties), you want everything to be perfect on these occasions too.


Why would you choose to organize a morning bridal shower? Even more, why would you choose The Mackey House as your location? We have gathered some of the most important things to know about this – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • – The Mackey House is a splendid wedding and event venue located in beautiful Savannah. Surrounded by marvelous landscapes and by positive vibes, we are proud of every single event we have organized here – and we are genuinely happy when our clients are proud of their choice too. We will provide you with a clean, great-looking environment for your event, so that you can enjoy it to the most.
  • – A morning bridal shower is a great idea. Refreshing, fun and still very laid-back, morning “parties” are amazing . You/the bride will be more than happy to simply take a break from the wedding planning hype and simply relax together with people who are dear to you – all in an environment filled with harmony and grace, such as the one offered by The Mackey House.
  • – The Mackey House has a timeless elegance that goes with just about any party theme idea you may have. If you want to organize something special for your bridal shower, you will be more than happy to know our venue is capable of accommodating a wide range of ideas – and that we are more than happy to do it too.


Come visit The Mackey House, take a look at our venue and what we can offer for your bridal shower and we guarantee you will absolutely love us! Book us as soon as possible and plan the best bridal shower ever!


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Everything You Need to Know When Planning a Destination Wedding At The Mackey House

Renowned as one of the most beautiful wedding and event venues in Savannah, The Mackey House is always proud to be part of couples’ love story. We love to be the venue they choose for their wedding regardless of where they come from. And this is precisely why we aim to make it as easy as possible for them to plan the wedding of their dreams, even when they have to do it long-distance.


What is it that you should know about planning a destination wedding at The Mackey House? Read here and find out more.

  • – We know how difficult it can be to plan a destination wedding. And this is precisely why we can assist you with planning the Big Day. Our event planner and coordinator is here to provide you with the best service, so that everything turns out absolutely flawless for the wedding day.
  • – When you book our venue, you get a superbly manicured garden, a reception venue, a wedding ceremony site and a marvelous mansion with rooms that provide everything for your and your guests’ comfort.
  • – To make sure you don’t rush on the Big Day, we will also allow you to have a short rehearsal the day before it. Furthermore, we will put a bride’s room and a groom’s room at your disposal on the morning of the wedding day, so that you can really take your time getting ready for what is about to be the most magical day of your life.


Have we made you curious? Come visit The Mackey House in Savannah and we guarantee you will love our wedding package and everything our venue is ready to offer you for the Big Day! Book us and you will have the most amazing wedding your guests have ever attended to!


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