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5 Advantages of Having a Fall Wedding at The Mackey House

The Mackey House is always happy to see couples tying the knot right here, under our eyes. We love weddings and we believe that everything we have built until now shows this very well.

Beyond our passion for the wedding world though, why would you choose to have a fall wedding at The Mackey House? We have gathered 5 of the best advantages of having a fall wedding at The Mackey House – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • – The landscape is splendid. Located in beautiful Savannah, our venue offers the most spectacular fall landscape for your Big Day. Who wouldn’t want to say “I Do” on the marvelous backdrop offered by the nature that has embraced us?
  • – Our garden is gorgeous too. Our beautifully manicured gardens look so stunning in the fall season! Equipped with swings and with flawlessly arranged outdoor décor, our garden will make for the perfect wedding photo album.
  • – We will help you. From the chairs to the bubble machines, our venue will put at your disposal a series of items to make your wedding day absolutely perfect from all points of view.
  • – Picture-perfect wedding. Elegant and suave, our wedding venue is ready to host a variety of wedding ideas – so regardless of what your wedding theme or color scheme may be, you can rest assured that our venue will perfectly accommodate it.
  • – Ceremony site and wedding venue. Fall weddings are magical, but the truth is that they can quickly turn into a disaster if unexpected weather conditions occur. We will provide you with tents ready to cover your guests both in the rainy weather and in the sunny weather as well.

Have we made you curious? Come visit The Mackey House in Savannah and we guarantee you will love our venue and what it can offer for your Big Day!

Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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Top Ideas for Your Winter Wedding Florals

Winter weddings have become undoubtedly popular – and if you are among those who dream of being the Queens and Kings of your very own winter wedding, you probably know how charming, elegant and unique such an event can turn out to be.


Naturally, flowers will be a big part of your Big Day – so if you are searching for some inspiration, make sure to read on and find out more about the best ideas for your winter wedding florals.

  •  – Bring in the seasonal elements. From Christmas tree branches to pinecones and other types of evergreens, there’s a myriad of seasonal greeneries and flowers that can be incorporated into your flower arrangements and bouquet. Talk to your florist and together you will come up with an idea that truly reflects your style and personality.
  •  – All-white flower arrangements. Planning a winter wonderland-themed wedding? Or are you just in love with white flowers? The good news is that an all-white flower arrangement will look stunning with your winter wedding. From roses to calla lilies, there are so many white flower options to choose from that the hardest part will be incorporating just some of them into your décor and bouquet. For an extra pop of color and elegance, add silver, bronze and golden touches to your arrangements.
  •  – Vibrant berries. If you want your wedding florals to be vibrant and full of energy despite the cold season outside, going for berries (and berry-colored flowers) is a great idea. From roses to peonies, ranunculus and succulents (natural or spray-painted in gold/silver), there are a lot of flowers that look stunning with berries incorporated in their arrangement.


Here at The Mackey House, we want your Big Day to be flawless – and this is precisely why we have prepared a wedding venue that’s charming from all points of view. Come visit our Savannah wedding venue, book us for the Big Day and you will definitely love every second of it!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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Jeremy & Danielle’s Story

Upon graduating from the University of South Carolina (the real USC, as he calls it), Jeremy moved to Atlanta, Georgia to begin his engineering career with TDK Corporation of America. It wasn’t until his job took him to Dallas, Texas that he met Danielle on the campus of Southern Methodist University in October 2008 who had graduated that summer with her Bachelor’s in Journalism.
Eight months later, they FINALLY went on their first date. Jeremy set the bar by taking  Danielle to Trulucks. After that, they were inseparable. Within three months, she met the family at Jonathan’s and Meltrece’s (Jeremy’s brother and sister in law) wedding in South Carolina – no pressure for her. Thankfully, everyone loved her and the rest was history.
Family and friends have always been important to Jeremy and  Danielle. They were both adamant to meet each others closest friends and family. Jeremy met Papa Rhodes and Angela in Florida and they instantly fell in love with him. They couldn’t be more proud that Erica Danielle found an amazing man to share her life with. Mama Vashi was a little harder to convince on the other hand, but Jeremy eventually wore her down. Now she can’t see her daughter with anyone else and truly thinks of Jeremy as her son.
In February 2011, Danielle took the leap to move to Los Angeles, California under the encouragement of Jeremy, but the distance couldn’t tear them apart. After two years, Jeremy followed suit and moved to Los Angeles. He proposed to Danielle on February 4, 2013 (her birthday). This is, of course, after Jeremy received blessings from Erica Danielle’s parents.
Danielle and Jeremy tied the knot in the beautiful city of Boca Raton, Florida with her dad and stepmom as witnesses on August 27, 2013. Due to crazy schedules, they are finally able to have their fall reception to share their union with family and friends.
It has been a long and amazing journey, but neither one could imagine it without the other.
Photo credits: Rick Martin
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3 Things All Brides-to-Be Should Know about Having a Wedding Website

Having a wedding website is very common these days – and not without reason. In fact, making the step towards a more digitalized wedding can bring you with a lot of benefits. Why would you do it? What are the most important things to know about creating and administering a wedding website? Read here and find out more:


  • – A wedding website can be used for a variety of purposes. From posting engagement photos to posting photos that will make your guests curious of the upcoming weddings, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with your wedding website.
  • – Even more, a wedding website can be used for those things that are not proper to be included on your wedding invitations. For example, you can use your wedding website to posy information about your wedding registry (which, by the way, is completely not recommended on the wedding invitations).
  • – You may be tempted to believe that creating a website for the Big Day will be very difficult – or, at the very least, very expensive. However, this is completely untrue. Nowadays, you can find a lot of website builders online and they will help you create a site from scratch even if you have absolutely no coding skills at all. In just a few steps, you will be able to design and publish a website that looks gorgeous and tells your amazing love story. Moreover, doing all these things will be either extremely inexpensive or completely free!


Still searching for a beautiful wedding venue to host your wedding? Come visit The Mackey House. We are proudly surrounded by nature and history and our venue is ready to accommodate a wide range of wedding ideas. Come visit us, take a look around and book us for the Big Day!


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5 Tips on Hosting Your In-Laws at Your Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be exhilarating and overwhelming regardless of how close to home you may be. When you add all the “long-distance planning” issues to the fact that you will have to host your in-laws (and make sure everything is perfect), it is perfectly understandable why you may be a bit stressed out. Here are some of the best tips on hosting your in-laws at your destination wedding:



– In case your venue cannot offer you at least a few rooms for the wedding weekend, make sure to pick a nice hotel that’s neither too far from the venue, nor too close. You want your in-laws to feel truly comfortable while there, so remember to check with reviews and ask for your friends’ opinions if they have already visited that particular location.

– You don’t have to spend all of your time with your in-laws. They most likely understand you are already very busy with the upcoming wedding. Do spend some alone time with them and be nice to them – but don’t feel that you have to be there 24/7.

– Don’t make any last minute changes for the sake of your in-laws. They surely have the best intentions at heart, but don’t be afraid to explain to them that this is your Big Day.

– Invite all of your in-laws at the rehearsal dinner, even if they are not included in the wedding as attendants. This will help them get to know your family and friends and it will most likely help break the ice before the wedding.

– Enjoy their presence. They are part of your future family and they are happy for your union. Enjoy their presence and be happy they could be there for you and your future  spouse!

Here at The Mackey House, we take pride in organizing some of the most beautiful weddings in all of Savannah. If you are searching for a superb wedding venue covered in history and grace, we are the answer!

Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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