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6 Reasons to Have Your Corporate Events at The Mackey House

Planning a corporate event can be quite stressful, especially when there is a lot at stake. And finding the best and most beautiful venue to help you with this is extremely important when you want your event to turn out flawless.


Here at The Mackey House, we provide our corporate clients with a gorgeous venue for them to have their events. Why is it that people choose us? Why would you choose us as well? Here are 5 reasons to have your corporate events at The Mackey House:

  • – We are versatile. Although unique in its architecture and style, The Mackey House is more than versatile and we can accommodate a wide range of ideas.
  • – We are special. Come see our venue and we guarantee its “look” will enchant you. There’s something absolutely beautiful about every single inch of our architecture – and we genuinely take pride in this!
  • – Our décor is perfect. Our high ceilings, our marvelously polished floors and our amazing lighting are all perfect for corporate events where every single guest feels truly great.
  • – We will make for beautiful memories. Everything at The Mackey House is created to build long-lasting, unforgettable memories – so if you want your event to be truly magnificent, we are the answer you have been searching for.
  • – We have a package ready for you. If you decide that Mackey House is the next corporate venue you will use for your business, simply contact us and we will make sure to give you all the details included in our Corporate Event Package.
  • Last but not least. We have wonderful event managers that  will help build the perfect event saving a lot of your valuable time.


Come visit The Mackey House, contact us and book us for your next corporate event – there is absolutely no way you will ever regret having chosen us!


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Classic Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween weddings may not have been very popular until not very long ago – but the truth is that nowadays, many brides and grooms choose this to be their wedding theme.  Why wouldn’t you do it too? A Halloween wedding can be truly unique and it can be just as elegant and fabulous as any other wedding theme – so there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want to settle for the idea.


To inspire you, we have gathered some of the classiest and most beautiful Halloween wedding ideas – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • – Pumpkins. There’s nothing to say “Halloween” more than pumpkins – and the good news is that they can be successfully incorporated into a wedding too. Use gold or silver spray to give your pumpkins a precious look and use them as centrepieces for your wedding tables  – they will definitely add a lot of uniqueness to your décor!
  • – Halloween-infused sweets. Candy bars are extremely popular with brides and grooms – so it would be a really great idea if you would create a Halloween-themed candy bar too. Put together your favorite Halloween sweets and allow your guests to indulge in their deliciousness – they will love it!
  • – A Halloween-colored wedding. You don’t have to go all the way with your Halloween theme and you don’t have to decorate your wedding with spider webs and zombies to make it authentic. As a matter of fact, you can simply use Halloween colors to decorate your Big Day. For instance, orange, white and black décor will look absolutely gorgeous and they will be more than appropriate for this holiday.


Here at The Mackey House, we guarantee that our venue will be able to accommodate any kind of wedding ideas you may have. Surrounded by the stunning nature of Savannah and built with grace and uniqueness in mind, our wedding venue is more than ready to host your Big Day! Contact us and find out more about us!


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Savannah Venue Management – More than an Event. A Destination

Do you want your Holiday Party, dinner party, anniversary, birthday party, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, corporate luncheon, or any type of event to be truly memorable? Then come visit any of the four venues included in Savannah Venue Management: The Mackey House, The Gingerbread House, The Barn or Brockington Hall. Each of them stunning in its own way, these venues will guarantee you will have the time of your life at your special event. There’s no way you will ever regret having chosen any of these locations!


At the moment, the company includes two gorgeous Victorian homes in downtown Savannah and two charming venues located on Chatham Parkway – The Mackey house, a gorgeous plantation Mansion, and The Rustic Barn sit on a 440 acre old farmland surrounded by 300 year old Oak Trees and located approximately seven miles from downtown Savannah. All of which are perfect for your company holiday party! With more than 100 weddings and events every year at The Mackey House alone, Savannah Venue Management has taken its passion for superb events into other venues in the Savannah area as well.


Savannah Venue Management is a Wedding and Events Venue Management Company in the Savannah area. Fred and Laura Mackey along with their son Trey Mackey, the people behind the idea, have been entertaining guests for more than three decades now – and they are famous in Savannah for their above and beyond customer service and exquisite entertaining experience.


Specialized in providing locations for parties that are completely unique, Savannah Venue Management handles everything from chair and table rentals to linens, setting up the catering, bar packages and everything else involved in planning unforgettable events.

If you want to find out more about any of the venues part of Savannah Venue Management, make sure to contact General Manager, Michelle Smith.



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How to Get Your Wedding Guests Acquainted with Each Other

Part of having a successful wedding is making sure your guests feel great while there. How to get your wedding guests acquainted with each other, though? How do you help them break the ice and have fun together even if they don’t know each other that well? We have gathered some tips to help you out – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • – Plan the perfect rehearsal dinner. If you want to help your parents, close relatives and wedding party get to know each other better before the wedding, having a rehearsal dinner is essential. It doesn’t have to be something very fancy – as long as it brings everyone together and as long as it’s fun, everyone will be more than happy to attend it.
  • – Bring some games. Aside from the traditional music and food, you should also bring some short, fun games to your wedding. Mad Libs, unique guest books that push your guests to talk to each other, fun board games – all these things are always entertaining regardless of what your age may be.
  • – Carefully plan the seating arrangement – both for the ceremony and for the reception. This is key if you want everyone to feel great at your wedding. Avoid putting together people that don’t know (or like) each other and bring together people who share similar interests or who have something in common at least. It will be much more likely that they will have fun this way!


Here at The Mackey House, we truly want your Big Day to be flawless. This is precisely why we have prepared a gorgeous venue perfect to accommodate your wedding ideas to perfection. Give us a call, visit us and do not hesitate to book us for your wedding!


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5 Unique Ways to Display Your Wedding Food

Your wedding food is one of the most important parts of the Big Day. And while taste will matter a lot, the truth is that the way your food is displayed can make a huge difference too. What are some of the most unique ways to display your wedding food, though? We have gathered 5 of the most beautiful ones – so read on if you want to find out more:


  • – Pies at different heights. Serving cake at the wedding is perfectly fine – but if you want to add a warm , welcoming touch to the Big Day, you should definitely go for a variety of pies. Display them at different heights on a special table and they will look truly amazing.
  • – Unique décor. Your food tables have to be decorated too. Make sure you are creative about the way you do this if you want everything to look unique. For instance, hanging terrariums with succulents in them will make for a perfect piece of décor for an outdoor wedding’s food tables (especially if everything else is on the rustic-chic side).
  • – Special shots. Aside from the actual food and drinks, make sure you provide your guests with special snacks as well. For instance, “shooter snacks” are very popular these days and there’s a huge variety of options you can choose from: tomato soup and grilled cheese, milk and cookies, and so on.
  • – Snacks in eating utensils. Make it easy for your guests to grab a snack by displaying them on the actual eating utensils. For instance, if you want to have a cheese bar, place small pieces of cheese in forks and display them as they are.
  • – Unique bars. Candy bars are great, but if you want to truly surprise your guests, think of something more original than that. For instance, an ice cream bar where guests can customize their own sweet (and ice-cold) snack would be a fun idea.


No matter what you choose, rest assured that The Mackey House will be able to accommodate your amazing wedding ideas. Come visit us in Savannah, take a look around and book us for an unforgettable wedding day!


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