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5 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Your wedding is a truly unique event in your life – so you want everyone invited to remember it for a long time from now on. Obviously, wedding entertainment plays a really important role in how your guests feel at your wedding.



How do you make sure your entertainment is truly fun, though? We have gathered some fun wedding entertainment ideas – so read on if you need some inspiration.

– Games. That’s right, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy playing some good games – especially if they have a “wedding” twist to them. For example, you can turn a Mad Libs game into a true ice breaker if you “build” it in a way that is related to your love story.

– Board games. Who doesn’t enjoy a good board game? From the classic ones to the ones based on Marvel characters, there’s a myriad of board games available out there. Even more, for some extra “punch”, you can rent oversized board games for an outdoor wedding.

– DIY food stations. If you want to entertain your guests in a delicious way, offer them the opportunity to customize their own food (or drinks, for that matter). Ice cream bars, pie bars, cocktail bars – you name it and there will definitely be a way you can allow your guests to customize their snacks and drinks.

– Scavenger hunts/contests. If you want some active fun for your guests, plan a scavenger hunt or a contest of some kind. This will make your guests feel involved and they’ll have tons of fun playing along.

– Karaoke. It doesn’t even matter if your friends are not very good with singing. Karaoke is always fun – so why not bring it to your wedding too? Your guests will love the idea.

If you are searching for a wedding venue that’s warm, classy and full of grace, The Mackey House is the answer. Come visit us, take a look around and book us for a wedding nobody will ever forget!

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Plan Your Big Day at a Colonial Mansion (The Mackey House)

Your wedding day is the kind of event that will change the course of your life. Therefore, it is only natural you want this day to reflect just how much you and your fiancé love each other and how unique your love story is.


Here at The Mackey House, we have prepared a Colonial Mansion for you to host the most important day of your life. Embraced by Savannah’s finest and most beautiful landscapes and by the history that comes with this location, our venue is a truly magical place to be at – and especially on your wedding day.

Why plan your Big Day at a Colonial Mansion? Why would you pick us for your wedding? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • – The architecture of our venue is truly unique. This is more than just a building that’s decorated nicely. This is an actual Colonial Mansion with its special “flavor” and with its special kind of magic. Thus, even if you don’t choose to over-decorate your wedding, our venue will still ensure the elegance of your Big Day.
  • – We provide convenient packages. This will help you plan your wedding easier than it has ever been possible – so that you can actually enjoy the Big Day. If you want to avoid the stress that comes with planning a wedding from zero, our packages will come in more than handy.
  • – Previous brides and grooms confirm it. Talk to any of the couples who tied the knot here and they will definitely say they have been more than happy with the service we have provided – and honestly, we take great pride in our previous customers’ reviews!


Come visit The Mackey House and see it with your own eyes – we guarantee you will be bewitched by what we can offer!

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How to Keep Your Four Legged Ring Bearer From Running Away With Your Rings

Because your wedding day is such a special moment in your life, you want everyone you love to be there for you – and this includes your pets too. Even more, some of you may even want your four-legged friends to play important roles during the ceremony – such as being the ring bearer, for example.


How to keep your four legged ring bearer from running away with your rings, though? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on to find out more.

– Make sure your pup is properly walked and played with before the ceremony. Since you will most likely not have the time to do this, you can delegate one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to do it for you. However, remember that you should choose someone your dog knows very well.

– Pay attention to the ring pouch and how you choose it. You should make sure it doesn’t have any holes in it because the rings may slip through and this may ruin your big moment. Also, don’t give your dog the ring pouch until right before the ceremony because otherwise they may get lost.

– Last, but not least, bring your pup to the rehearsal. This will help him get comfortable with the space and with being around a lot of people (which is extremely important, especially since many dogs get nervous in this kind of situations).

Regardless of whether or not you choose to bring your puppy with you to the wedding, The Mackye House will make for a wonderful venue option. Come visit us and take a look around! Embraced by nature and designed at a rare level of elegance, our venue will make sure your wedding is absolutely unforgettable!

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Bridesmaids, Here Are 4 Ways to Offer the Bride Help After She Gets Engaged

When your best friend gets engaged, you are almost as excited as she is about the upcoming wedding. And if you have been selected to be a bridesmaid, you definitely want to offer your friend all the support she needs.


How to help the bride after she gets engaged, though? Here are 4 ways to offer the bride help after she gets engaged:

– Put your skills at her disposal. If you can sew, knit or bake, you will most likely be a true help for your friend – and especially if she plans to include DIY elements in her wedding. Provide her your skills and she will be more than appreciative of your gesture.

– Have a planning party. Planning a wedding can be a tremendous affair – so your friend will most likely need all the eyes, ears and creativity possible. Help her find the perfect wedding dress suggestions and Google the best vendors in her area of choice by organizing a “planning party”. Some snacks, some jokes and a good Internet connection will turn into good, quality fun and it will help the bride plan her Big Day too.

– Take her out. With all the stress and anxiety surrounding the wedding planning process, sometimes everything a bride-to-be needs is to simply take off and relax. Take your friend out for a couple of drinks or “kidnap” her to a spa for a couple of days and she will be more than grateful.

– Be a friend. Sometimes, you simply need to be a friend and listen. Listen to the bride’s complaints about not finding the one, about not finding a quality baker and about not being able to decide on which napkins work best with her color theme. Listen, offer your honest advice and simply be there for your friend.


Here at The Mackey House, we have arranged a wedding venue that’s splendid from all points of view. Come visit us, take a look around and at what we can offer and we guarantee you will love our venue!

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What Do You Do If You’re Not In Love With Your Wedding Dress Anymore

Finding the one, that one wedding dress that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous, takes time and patience. And even when you do have everything at your fingertips, finding the perfect wedding dress can still be difficult.


What do you do if you’re not in love with your wedding dress anymore though? What do you do if you feel that you have taken the wrong decision? We have gathered some tips to help you out – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • – Before you do anything, sit down and think. Is it the dress’ fault or do you simply feel that the “magic” factor is missing from the entire look? If you are inclined to believe the second, then it is very likely that you will simply need to get new accessories to make your wedding gown pop in all its elegant glory.
  • – Having the dress altered can change everything for you – especially if your main concern about it is related to its size and how it fits on your body. A professional seamstress can definitely help you with this, so do not hesitate to call for her help.
  • – If you still feel that there’s something off about your wedding dress, keep in mind the fact that most bridal boutiques have return policies – so you may still be able to return the dress and replace it with something else.
  • – And if you see that you cannot return the dress, take into consideration the option of selling it online and covering up for some of the costs of buying a brand new wedding gown.


No matter what you choose to do, rest assured that your wedding at The Mackey House will be incredibly beautiful! Surrounded by Savannah in all its natural splendor and created in the spirit of elegance and grace, our venue is perfect for unforgettable weddings – so contact us if you want to find out more.

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