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MTV Star Rob Dyrdek’s Over-the-Top Proposal! Get The Details!

MTV Star Rob Drydek’s over-the-top proposal is one of the most beautiful ones we have ever seen in the celebrity world. The famous MTV star, professional skateboarder and actor proposed to his girlfriend,  Bryiana Noelle Flores – and the proposal was a truly magnificent one.


  • Bryiana wanted to see the Aladdin show at Disneyland and, since Rob always wants to be a good boyfriend, he took her there. What happened though exceeded everyone’s expectations – and the show was definitely one of the most successful ones in its entire history.
  • During the performance, Rob told his girlfriend that he needed to use the men’s room and snuck out of the show. However, when he came back in, he did not do it as Bryiana would have expected.  He came riding an elephant that was part of the Aladdin show, instead of prince Ali.
  • He then asked his girlfriend to come on stage, where he proposed using a gorgeous diamond ring. Every moment of the big proposal was documented on Instagram and you can take a look at the photos as well.
  • Rob said that he is humbled by the love he and his girlfriend share and that their relationship turned out much better than he would have even dreamed of. With Rob Drydek’s over-the-top proposal, we can definitely believe him when he says that he cannot wait for Bryiana to become his wife!

If you have proposed or been proposed to recently and if you are searching for a wedding venue, come visit The Mackey House. Located in gorgeous Savannah and with a marvelous history behind it, our venue is more than suitable for a dream-like, elegant and nature-infused wedding. Contact us, come pay us a visit and book us for the most beautiful day of your life!

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Stylish Spring Wedding Centerpieces

If you are about to get married this spring and if you are still searching for some stylish spring wedding centerpieces ideas, you have come to the right place. The Mackey House has gathered some really great ideas to inspire you, so make sure to read on and find out more.


  • Mismatched bouquets. This spring, you don’t have to match your centerpieces with each other. Monochromatic centerpieces are still very much popular – but this year, brides are going for multiple monochromatic centerpieces (each with its own type of flower, in its own color and with its own type of vase too). This mismatched look can look really beautiful!
  • Natural centerpieces. 2015 is quite generous when it comes to the wedding trends it has provided as inspiration. And one of the most poignant ones is that of the “natural centerpieces”. Go for a non-polished look for your centerpieces and they will look really, really nice. This works especially if you have wildflowers in your centerpieces, but a good florist will be able to pull this trend off with almost any other type of flowers.
  • Bold colors. Nudes and pastels are still very trendy, but if you want to have a vibrant, youthful wedding, creating a bold-colored centerpiece is an amazing idea for you. Rich hues of magenta, orange, yellow, peacock blue and luxurious, deep colors work best for this trend so don’t be afraid to play it out!
  • Anemones. If you got tired of the peonies and roses that have flooded the  weddings in the past few years, this is your time to shine. Anemones are very, very popular this year – and they will look gorgeous both if you plan on having a more elegant wedding and if you plan on having a rustic-chic one as well.

The Mackey House is a wonderful venue option regardless of what type of stylish spring wedding centerpieces you may choose. Come visit us, take a look around and we guarantee you will fall in love with what we can offer!

Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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Have your corporate luncheon at The Mackey House

Located in beautiful Savannah, The Mackey House is one of the most important (and one of the most famous) venues in the area. And not without reason! Our venue is more than suitable for a wide range of special events ranging from weddings to corporate luncheons – and will give our very best to make sure you are happy with the service received from us.


Why would you settle for The Mackey House when planning a corporate luncheon, though? Here are some of the best reasons:

  • The Mackey House brings together the gorgeousness of the surrounding area of Savannah with an elegant building. High ceilings, class and beauty all come together to create the perfect space here at The Mackey House – both when it comes to corporate events and when it comes to weddings and anniversaries too.
  • To make sure everything flows perfectly, we can also provide you with planners as well. Their experience, their keen eye for details and their devotion to planning perfect events will all come to your aid so that you can create the ideal luncheon for your company. Furthermore, leaving the planning into the hands of our PRO’s will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Last, but not least, please keep in mind that The Mackey House can host a variety of corporate events – including, but definitely not limited to corporate luncheons. Product launches, fundraisers, media events, corporate Holiday parties – they all have a place here at The Mackey House.

Do not hesitate to contact The Mackey House if you are planning your very own luncheon or corporate event too! We guarantee our venue and the event planners we will put at your disposal will be absolutely perfect – and that all of your guests will find it flawless too!
Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos

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5 Ways to Keep the Peace With your Fiancé While Wedding Planning


If you are like most people out there, you will definitely want to keep the peace with your fiancé while wedding planning. Good news is that you can do this if you pay a bit of attention to detail and if you have a bit of “know-how” in your pocket. Here are some great tips to follow if you want to keep the peace with your fiancé while wedding planning:

"Engagement"Ben & Nichole

• Budget concerns both of you. When talking “money”, make sure that both you and your fiancé are on the same page. Sit down, discuss how much you can afford spending on the wedding and make sure that both of you agree on the numbers.

• Communicate with each other. Make sure you are completely honest as to what each of you expects from each other (both related to the wedding itself and to your relationship). Great communication is key for a healthy relationship at any of its stages!

• Learn to compromise. You should absolutely make sure that you make wedding planning easier for both of you by learning how to compromise. When you want something and your fiancé doesn’t exactly agree with it, stop and think of how much you actually want that particular thing. If it’s something you can live without, make a compromise and leave it behind you.

• Divide your duties. OK, he may not be very thrilled to help you search for the perfect florist, but he can definitely do a lot of wedding planning-related things. Plus, there are many choices you will really have to make together (such as the guest list, the venue and so on)!

• You have each other. No matter how stressful wedding planning may get, always know that you have each other’s backs and support. After all, this is the beginning of a marriage and you should definitely be able to trust one another (and, at the same time, to put one another’s needs in front of anything else).


If you are searching for a beautiful venue in Savannah, do not hesitate to contact The Mackey House. There’s no way in the world not to love what we will offer: gorgeous nature, a venue designed in a stunning way and impeccable service!

Photo source: flickr.com/ atkinson000

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What’s a Fake Wedding Cake?

Truth be told, the fake wedding cake trend has become quite popular out there – and not without reason. What’s a fake wedding cake, what makes this trend so appreciated and why would you settle for such an option too? Here are some of the most important things to consider:


• Put very simply, a fake wedding cake is just what its name suggests: a cake that is not “real”. It looks like a perfectly real, edible cake, but it is made out of polystyrene foam and then covered in real icing and fondant.

• Fake wedding cake look just as real as actual cakes and they can be personalized to suit your wishes. Regardless of what design you had in mind for your wedding cake and regardless of how large or small you wanted it to be, a fake wedding cake will be able to replace it without any kind of aesthetic flaw.

• Some of you may think that a fake cake will not allow you to have the “Cake Cutting” moment at the reception. However, this has been thought out as well. You have two main options: have a fake wedding cake topped by a real cake tier or have a 100% fake cake with a “pre-sliced” portion. The first option will allow you to actually cut into the cake when the moment comes, while the second option will simply allow you to “pretend” that you do this.

• Your guests will not miss out on the dessert either. You can have your waiters serve them slices of a less ornate cake after the “Cake Cutting”, so everyone will be more than satisfied.

• The main advantage to having such a cake is related precisely to the fact that it can save you a lot of money. A fake wedding cake can cost as little as $500, while a real one can end up costing thousands of dollars – so if your budget is a bit tighter, you can definitely go for this option.

The Mackey House is the perfect venue for your Big Day! Embraced by the beauties of Savannah and with the most impeccable service there is, our venue will surely make for a perfect day and for the most beautiful memories of your life!

Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos


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