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What to put in a guest welcome bag

Creating a guest welcome bag “kit” is a great way of thanking them for having come such a long way to be there for you. However, some of you may feel confused as to what exactly a welcome bag should include. If that is the case, take a look at the following tips because they will definitely come in useful:


  • • Pick a nice tote bag or box. You don’t have to go for anything that’s too expensive – but make sure you personalize it by having them printed with your names, wedding date and/or a “Thank You” message. If you don’t want to have them printed, include the “Thank You” on a small card attached to the welcome bag/box.
  • • Include drinks and snacks in every guest welcome bag. Again, you do not absolutely have to go for something that is too expensive. However, do go for something that goes well with your wedding theme and with the location of the wedding too. Nicely-wrapped candy bars, Macaroons, peanuts and even “fancy” popcorn can be added here. Also, you can add a bottle of wine, mini-bottles of champagne or one-two craft beers as well. If you know someone doesn’t drink alcohol, replace these with lemonade or homemade juice in a personalized bottle or Mason Jar.
  • • Pamper your guests. From homemade perfume to sunscreen and body lotion and from handmade bow-ties to personalized flasks, there are numerous things you can include in the “pampering section” of your guest welcome bag. Just make sure it’s something nice, original and of a really good quality! All of these pampering items can easily double as souvenirs/wedding favors too – especially if you choose to personalize them in a beautiful way.
  • • The “paperwork”. Don’t forget to include a wedding program and a map of the location as well. Also, make sure you point out all of the events your guests are invited to (including the “rehearsal dinner” or the “day-after brunch” if you plan on having these).

The Mackey House will definitely make for the perfect wedding venue! As one of the most beautiful venues in Savannah, we can ensure the quality of our service and the absolutely gorgeousness of our grounds. Come visit us and learn more about what we can offer!

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Wedding Date Ideas to Avoid in 2015 and 2016

Setting a wedding date is one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process – and it should always be done with the highest level of attention to detail. If you want to make sure you avoid the “bad” dates for 2015 and 2016, take a look at the following tips and keep them in mind when planning your wedding:

1. Can he/she show you a portfolio of previous weddings he/she has done? Can he/she bring forward any references? Taking a look at your planner’s previous work is extremely useful if you want to make sure his/her ideas are compatible with yours.
2. What will happen if he/she falls sick and cannot actually attend your wedding? A serious wedding planner will provide you with a backup option and he/she will include it in the contract as well.
3. What are the main types of services he/she offers? Some planners only offer wedding design services or day-of services, while other planners will offer a larger variety of services (including full wedding planning packages).
4. Can your planner help you create a vision for the wedding? This is important to ask because, again, it will help you determine if his/her services are compatible with your idea of a perfect wedding day.

If you are still searching for a venue for your 2015 or 2016 wedding, don’t forget to stop by The Mackey House. Visit us, take a look at our marvelous Savannah wedding venue and book us for the most beautiful day of your life!
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What to Look for in Ceremony Site

Choosing a ceremony site for your big “I Do” is obviously a very important step in the entire wedding planning process. If you are like most brides, you want to make sure your choice is perfect from all points of view. How do you do this, though? How do you search for the ideal ceremony site and what to look for in your search? Read on and find out the best tips you could use:


• If they can provide you with an officiant. Most religious sites will automatically provide you with a religious officiant. This has become quite popular for the non-religious sites as well. However, in their vast majority, they do not actually provide an offician – so you will have to find yours.
• How you can decorate it. Some sites are very specific as to what brides are and aren’t allowed to do in terms of décor. Form charging extras for aisle runner to not allowing candles of any kind, every site has its own rules.
• Also, don’t forget to ask if there will be any other weddings on the same day as yours. This will influence just how complex your décor can be and how long/short your ceremony proper can be a swell.
• Before choosing a ceremony site, make sure that it is not located too far away from your reception venue. Otherwise, both you and your guests will waste a lot of time on the “trip” from one place to another – and that time can be used in ways that are much more entertaining.

The Mackey House is a historical venue located just a few minutes away from Savannah. If you are still searching for a gorgeous wedding venue, make sure to pay us a visit as well! There’s truly nothing not to love about this place!

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How much to tip at your wedding

“How much to tip at your wedding” is a question many brides and grooms ask themselves when planning their wedding budget and when getting ready to make the final payments to all of their vendors. Truth be told, this can be a very confusing issue and knowing exactly how much to tip at your wedding can save you money and time and it can also show your vendors just how much you appreciate their work too.


How much is appropriate though and which are the cases when you shouldn’t tip your vendors? Read on and find out more.

• In general, most of the vendors are expected to be tipped. However, if someone is the owner of his/her own business, you do not have to tip him/her. For instance, if your DJ is also the owner of his/her business, you can choose not to tip him/her. Furthermore, take into consideration the fact that many vendors include gratuities in their contracts – so make sure to read those before planning your payments.

• Other than that, all the other vendors should be tipped. Waiters are generally tipped with about $20 each and coat check attendants and car parking attendants are tipped with about $1-$2/guest (in case you have opted for a valet parking service, the tip should be about 15% of the total fee).

• Your catering manager should be tipped as well. Most of the times, he/she will expect about $200 (or with a personal gift). The photographer should be tipped with about $100, bartenders should be tipped with about 10% of the total bill, the wedding planner should be tipped with about 15% of the total fee (or, again, with a personal gift) and wedding band members should be tipped with about $25-$50 each (in case they were hired through an agency). Don’t forget to tip your hairstylist and makeup artist too (they are expected to be tipped with about 15-20% of the entire fee).

• If a vendor has gone the extra mile to make sure you are happy on your wedding day, reward him/her with a special gift. It may be a bottle of good wine or a gift certificate worth about $50-$100 – your choice.

If you are still on the lookout for the perfect wedding venue, don’t forget to check out The Mackey House. Our Savannah wedding venue was created for the special moments in people’s lives and it will definitely make for a day to remember forever!

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Flower trends for 2015

This year’s wedding flower trends are starting to shape up – and as people who work in the wedding industry, we couldn’t be more excited about this! We love 2015’s flower trends and we want you t take inspiration from them as well – so make sure to read on and find out more.


  • Simple bouquets. Simplicity is the most beautiful form of elegance – and this year, it is a very fashionable trend as well. Settle for simple, white bouquets created from calla lilies or white roses and your flower arrangements and bouquet will look classy, stylish and timeless.
  • Opulence. At the other end of the spectrum, we see how 2015 will be a great year for those of you who want a very luxurious wedding too. Opulence is huge out there this year – and with Kanye’s and Kim’s wedding in 2014, we understand where designers took inspiration from.
  • Non-floral elements. Flower arrangements can include non-floral elements as well. In 2015, they include branches, vines, foliage and even edible elements too (raspberries, cranberries, baby apples and a lot of other fruits are very in this year and they can be successfully incorporated into the most elegant and beautiful florals as well).
  • Flower crowns. Over the past couple of years we have seen how flower crowns moved from Pinterest into real-life weddings too – and the truth is that they look absolutely superb. If you want to replace the expensive tiara with something more natural, a flower crown is the way to do it!
  • Pastel colors. Creamy pastels are very, very popular in 2015 – especially over the first half of the year when a new wave of spring and summer weddings will enchant us. Incorporate your favorite pastels into your wedding florals and everything will be touched by gentleness and refinement.

The Mackey House loves these trends – and we are certain you love them too! Come visit our venue and see how amazing it would look surrounded by any of these flower trends! Come visit us and book us for the most beautiful day in your life!

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