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WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Awards 2015

We are proud to announce you that WeddingWire has awarded The Mackey House with the prestigious WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Awards 2015! The Mackey House would like to thank you all for having voted for us – it is really the greatest and most rewarding feeling for us when couples feel great with us!

The Mackey House is a wedding venue with a history that goes back in time more than one and a half centuries. Located just 5 minutes away from beautiful Savannah, our wedding venue is surrounded by the most enchanting natural landscape you have ever seen. Even more than that, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the very best service to the newlyweds that come to us.


We want your wedding to be magic too! Come visit our stunning venue and experience why The Mackey House has been awarded with the WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Awards this year! Come visit us and see for yourself why the couples we have worked with us have felt that we truly deserve this award!

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How to choose a wedding color that’s classy

Choosing a wedding color is, perhaps, one of the most difficult (and one of the most important) decisions you have to make when it comes to the Big Day. The fact that there’s an almost limitless number of combinations makes this choice so much harder than it appears at first – and many brides feel confused when having to settle on just one or two colors to truly represent their personality and their style.


So, how do you choose a wedding color that is truly classy – and that goes well with what you and your fiancé like? Here are some tips that will help you out:

  • Don’t limit yourself to wedding trends. Use them as inspiration or when you want to settle on a very particular shade of a color you have already decided on. Other than that, there’s no point in choosing a color just because it will be fashionable this year.
  • Don’t limit yourself to actual colors – non-colors and nude colors are really elegant and beautiful too! For instance, black will always be a very elegant color and you really can’t go wrong with it. Even more, nude colors combined with various shades of white can create a kind of “natural elegance” that is really timeless too.
  • Your wedding theme should give you an idea of what colors you should look into. For instance, if you plan on having a rustic wedding you can definitely use pastels, nudes, browns and/or even dashes of bright colors to decorate your venue.
  • Last, but definitely not least, do think of the “mood” you want to create around your wedding. If you want your wedding to be romantic and feminine, pastels are a great choice. And if you want to make a statement, brighter colors will work just fine too.

The Mackey House is the kind of wedding venue that truly goes with almost any kind of wedding theme and colors – so if you are not yet decided on what color to use for the Big Day, make sure to pay us a visit and see how our location would fit into your idea of a “dream wedding”!

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Dinner or Hors d’oeuvres?

Your wedding is definitely not all about eating – but food will most likely play an important role if you want everyone to feel great. If you are undecided and if you don’t know exactly whether you should be serving a dinner or simply some hors d’oeuvres, read on and find out more. We have gathered some tips to help you make the best choice for your wedding.


  • Dinners are more elegant and formal. So, if you want your wedding to be a very formal event, definitely go for an actual dinner. Even more, if you want to make your guests feel like they are treated royally, opt for a sit-down dinner with waiters and waitresses.
  • Hors d’oeuvres tend to be more casual and they are suitable for those of you who don’t care a lot about the level of formality. Still, keep in mind that hors d’oeuvres come in many variations. From mini-burgers to exquisite smoked salmon and caviar snacks, everything’s possible. Therefore, make sure you choose hors d’oeuvres that suit your wedding style too.
  • Consider the costs too. In general, having a sit-down dinner is probably the most expensive option you have. Having a buffet dinner is probably the second-most expensive choice you can make, while serving hors d’oeuvres can be a budget-friendly option too. Bear in mind that this can depend a lot on what you plan on serving.
  • If your wedding takes place in the first part of the day (morning, noon, afternoon), serving a full-course meal may feel a bit too much considering the time of the day. In this case, hors d’oeuvres would probably be a much better choice.

No matter what you choose, rest assured that The Mackey House can host the wedding you have always dreamed of. Versatile, beautiful and surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, our venue will provide you with the best service there is!

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Things to Consider When Setting Your Wedding Date

When it comes to planning a wedding, setting the date is one of the most important steps. You definitely want to make sure you do this the right way and although there’s no “magic” recipe, there are certain things you should definitely consider. What are the most important things to keep in mind when setting the Big Date? Continue reading and find out more.


  • Do you plan on having a destination wedding? If so, keep in mind the fact that certain destination weddings are better to fall around specific dates. For example, most brides and grooms choose summer as their wedding’s season if they want to have a beach wedding.
  • Do take into consideration that there are certain times in the year when a lot of people will be away on holiday (generally speaking, this falls somewhere in between June and August). If you want to have a summer wedding and if you want people to be able to attend it, make sure you send your “Save the Date” cards much ahead of time.
  • Be flexible when it comes to the wedding date you had in mind. Sometimes, it happens that a venue is not available at the exact date brides and grooms had previously thought of – but it can be available one or two weeks before or after that date.
  • Do you want a summer wedding or a winter wedding? Think of the season as well because it will influence a large part of your wedding (from the way it will be decorated to whether or not it can be organized on the outdoors).
  • If you are running on a tighter budget, also take into consideration the fact that the months between January and April are less expensive because many venues and vendors offer discounts for the “off-season” dates.

When hunting for the perfect venue, remember to check us out as well. The Mackey House is set in a splendid landscape and it will provide you with an almost fairy tale-like venue where you can have your wedding. Come visit us and see for yourself!

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Elegant Barn Wedding Décor

Choosing the décor of your wedding is a very important part of the planning process. If you want a rustic wedding, but if you also want it to be elegant, you should definitely know that this is more than possible. With a bit of creativity and a bit of inspiration, you will create an elegant barn wedding that will feel “torn out” of wedding magazines! Here are some ideas to inspire you:


  • Rich, white flower arrangements. Choose big, white roses or peonies for your centerpieces and for the ceremony flower arrangements. These flowers are elegant, feminine and extremely graceful and they will create a beautiful contrast with the rustic décor.
  • Warm lights. Candles, strings of lights and other warm light sources will offer your “barn” a romantic appeal and they will make it elegant and beautiful at the same time. It’s up to you how you choose to place these around your wedding venue, but make sure the light they create is of the warmer type.
  • Elegant table arrangements. Even if your tables and chairs are really “rustic”, choose table linens, plates, cutlery and glassware that looks elegant and classy. At first, it may seem that they will not go well with the rest of the rustic décor, but they will complement each other perfectly.
  • A really fancy wedding cake. When it comes to the dessert, you could go for traditional pies. But if you want to add a dash of elegant in this “section” of the wedding, it would be much better if you went for an elegant cake.

The Mackey House is a stunning wedding venue suitable for a wide range of wedding themes. If you want to have an elegant rustic wedding, our venue will be more than perfect for this so make sure to visit us before settling on anything!

Photo source: Dream Weaver Photos

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