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Incredible Ideas for Your Christmas Party


Well, we are more than happy Christmas is rapidly approaching. After all, this is a holiday dedicated to happiness, beauty and family – and here at The Mackey House, we truly believe in all these things. If you want to throw an unforgettable Christmas Party though, make sure to read on. We have picked up the best ideas to make this absolutely amazing for everyone invited.


  • Pick a theme. Yes, Christmas can be about a lot of things and focusing only on a couple few can really help you create beautiful décor that looks tasteful and fun at the same time. Some ideas include a Santa Claus-themed party, a candy cane-themed party or a winter wonderland-themed party. Pick your favorite and go for it!
  • Creating unforgettable parties is not just about the décor, so remember to make sure that every single guest invited will be entertained. Good music, great wines and delicious food are just part of the “deal”. Remember to include some other forms of entertainment too. For instance, a photo booth themed around Christmas motifs (“ugly sweater”, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and so on) can be hugely attractive for guests of all ages.
  • Keep in mind that everything can be turned into something “Christmas-like”. From the food served on the tables to the décor, everything can be connected to your chosen theme. For instance, you could create some really tasty signature cocktails focused on typical Christmas flavors such as apple, cinnamon and oranges.

As for the location of your big party, don’t forget to check out with The Mackey House. Our venue was created for beautiful venue and the stunning landscape surrounding us always pays a big part. Come visit us and start planning for the kind of Christmas party you only see in the movies!

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How to Entertain Guests at you Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have their special appeal and many couples choose to have their reception in open space. That’s a great idea, but same as with indoor weddings, you will want to make sure every single guest is properly entertained.


The Mackey House has witnessed many memorable outdoor weddings happening at our venue and we have gathered some of the best entertainment ideas we have seen so far. Read on and find out more about our favorite outdoor entertainment tips.

  • Choose a unique wedding band. Music will play a very important role in keeping all of your guests properly entertained. Instead of a DJ or a very “generic” wedding band, bring someone interesting to provide you with music to dance on. For instance, an all-strings wedding band could be a great choice.
  • Fun photo booth. People love taking pictures and weddings are excellent occasions for this. Provide your guests with a fun and unique photo booth. You can bring props that fit into your wedding theme and you can even work with the marvelous landscape here at The Mackey House to create something really special. Be creative and you won’t regret it!
  • Play games. Whoever said adults don’t play games? Your outdoor wedding can be extremely fun if you incorporate some games into it. From casino games to sweet, childish games, there’s a wide variety of options that can be incorporated into an outdoor wedding so do not hesitate to do it.

Outdoor weddings and The Mackey House go perfectly together. Our beautiful venue, the stunning natural landscape and the fresh air will contribute a lot to your wedding. Bring in your entertainment ideas and we’ll help you incorporate them into our outdoor reception space – your guests will be more than impressed and your Big Day will be absolutely unforgettable.

Photo source: Jamie Weaver/Dream Weave Photography

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Top 5 Winter Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Oh, winters! The weather outside may get chillier, but the truth is that for many of us, winters truly warm up our souls. In fact, this is one of the main reasons many couples out there settle for a winter wedding date. If your winter wedding is approaching and if you are still confused on how to create the perfect winter wedding centerpieces, continue reading. We have gathered some of the best ideas out there so that you can create something unique, beautiful and elegant. 3732681096_8f98539bdf_b

  • White roses will look absolutely stunning with your winter wedding theme, so do not hesitate to use them. To add some color, use blueberry blue, emerald, silver and/or icy blue because these colors are very popular this winter.
  • Your centerpieces can contain non-floral elements too. Mistletoe is a great choice if your wedding takes place around the Christmas holidays and pine cones will work perfectly for the entire winter too.
  • Again, if your wedding is set around Christmas, why not make your centerpieces fully inspired by this great holiday? Small Christmas trees can really look amazing and elegant if you add the right “decorations”, so don’t be afraid to be creative.
  • This is a very festive season, so you can definitely bring in some “sparkle” to your centerpieces too. Glitter vases and/or glitter spray-paint will add glamour and elegance on your tables, but remember to use these with caution because you want everything too look well-balanced and classy.
  • If you are ready to go a bit non-traditional with your centerpieces, go for flowers and herbs that have a “withered” look. They will add drama and a bit of that amazing vintage look to your wedding.

The Mackey House loves wedding in all their forms. We are here every winter to provide our brides and grooms with a location that truly fits into their wedding themes, so do not hesitate to pay us a visit to find out more about our stunning venue! Photo source: flickr.com/mathplourde

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Introducing Barn at Red Gate Farms

Here at The Mackey House, we believe in beautiful stories. Our wedding venue is itself a very beautiful story: passed down from generations to generation, this beautiful colonial property has been striving for almost 100 years now.





We truly love being part of people’s important events and we believe our venue makes for a superb wedding choice. Dickies Barn at Red Gate Farms looks torn out of beautiful stories – and that’s precisely why so many couples have chosen us over the course of the years. What does our venue offer? Here are just some of the things you’ll love about us:

  • Our colonial house has a deck that is no less than 3,500 sq. ft. large. The stunning landscape, as well as the marvelous architecture of this venue will definitely contribute a lot to the way your wedding photos will look!
  • For those of you who want their weddings to take place on the outdoors, our venue ensures a 4,000 sq. ft.  pavilion that is air conditioned/heated – so that both you and your guests feel fully comfortable with us.
  • Once you book our venue, a pre wedding manager will attend to all of your needs. This way, you will leave anxiety and stress behind and you will be able to truly enjoy the marvels offered by our beautiful Savannah wedding venue.
  • Aside from the pre wedding manager, our wedding packages include everything you will need for your big day to look really special: indoor and outdoor decorations, host and hostess, chairs, tables, tents (if the weather gets rainy), bubble machines, staff to attend to your needs and many, many other things. We are very attentive to details, so you can truly expect us to make the most of your big day!

Come visit The Mackey House for more information on our wedding packages. We can make your dream wedding come true – just give us the chance to do it! Photo source: flickr.com/ Colin McMillen

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Should I Have My Gown Cleaned after My Wedding?

Your wedding gown is very important to you and that’s perfectly understandable. You’ve spent countless hours “hunting” for the one and you’ll be wearing it on the most important day of your life. Should you have it cleaned after your wedding, though? Here are some of the things that will make you want to do this.


  • As mentioned before, you have spent a lot of time searching for your perfect wedding gown. And while the wedding day may come and go, there’s absolutely no reason in the world why your dress shouldn’t look pretty and clean after the big day too.
  • If you really care about this gown, you will also want to preserve it as a memory of the most fabulous day you’ve ever lived through. Sure, getting the gown to a professional who will preserve it in perfect state is a good option – but it all starts with a thorough cleaning job.
  • You may want to offer this gown to your daughter when she grows up. In this case, you will definitely want to clean it after the wedding and have someone preserve it the proper way.
  • Also, you may choose to have your wedding gown cleaned after the wedding if you want to sell it to a consignment shop. This way, your dress will be presentable and you might even get a nice sum of money for it.

The Mackey House has seen many happy brides but the happiest ones were always those who felt absolutely gorgeous in their gowns and those who felt that their dresses are worth all the attention possible. Our venue will be surrounded by the marvelous natural beauties of Savannah and, together with your splendid dress, it will definitely make for the most gorgeous wedding pictures you have ever seen!

Photo source: flickr.com/John Hope

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