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Classy Halloween Inspired Wedding Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are planning a fall wedding (or even a Halloween wedding as well), you will definitely want to bring one of the best American celebrations into your big day as well.


This does not necessarily mean that you’ll have to surround your wedding venue in zombies, spiderwebs and vampires. On the contrary, actually. Halloween can inspire you to elegant and beautiful ideas as well – and all it takes to bring them to life is a bit of creativity! Here are some of the best Halloween-inspired ideas we’ve gathered along the way:

  • A classy dessert bar with all-time Halloween “classics”. If you want to sweeten your guests, you should definitely add a dessert station to your wedding and it can definitely be inspired by the sweets you used to receive on Halloween when you were a kid. To keep them elegant and stylish, go for colors that are suitable for your wedding theme.
  • Pumpkins! If there has to be only one thing that yells “Halloween” from its very core, than that would definitely be a pumpkin. You can bring them into your elegant wedding as well, especially since they can make for wonderful wedding signs and center pieces as well.
  • Halloween-inspried colors. Pumpkin-orange, plum, black and “withered” green – these colors are definitely very Halloween-y. Bring them into your wedding, into your bouquet and into your bridesmaids’ dresses and you will add a lively splash of color to your fall wedding.
  • Feeling daring? What about a full-Halloween wedding? If you are creative enough, you can pull off decorations that are Halloween-related and extremely elegant at the same time too. If a bit of spookiness is what it takes to make you happy, why not go for it? Creepy wedding toppers, vintage dresses, black and orange – you name it and the only limit you have is your own imagination!

The Mackey House can host your dream wedding any time of the year – but we have to admit that fall is among our favorite seasons for weddings here. Our versatile venue will fit perfectly into your Halloween-inspired wedding ideas and the landscape surrounding us will definitely win your heart forever too! Come and pay us a visit and we promise you will not regret it!

Photo source: flickr.com/  z2amiller

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Incorporate your personality into your wedding

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Most likely, you have been dreaming of it ever since you were a little child. For decades now, you have been thinking of how your dress will look, of how your bouquet will be and of how your bridesmaids will be dressed like. But even more than that, you have been thinking of ways to make this wedding really personal and unique. 6902600762_ed10d36f01_b

We have gathered some of the very best tips on how to really incorporate your personality into your wedding. Read on and find them out:

  • The flower arrangements. Flowers really make for a very important part at a wedding and they can really speak about who you are and what you like. Choose flowers that are special to you in one way or another and make sure the arrangements really reflect your personality as well.
  • The entertainment. Choosing a DJ or a band (and what type of band) can also be ways of personalizing your wedding. It will definitely speak about who you are, what music you like and what type of entertainment you appreciate most as well. Also, you can always bring other types of entertainers at your wedding too. For instance, there are many comedians who will be more than happy to perform in front of your wedding party.
  • Cake and cake toppers. Choose a funny cake or one that really reflects your personality. From very elegant cakes (and cake toppers) to funny and cute cakes, there is a myriad of options out there and, truth be told, your imagination is almost the only limit you have when it comes to this.

Of course, these are just some of the ways in which your wedding can become truly original and personal. Here at The Mackey House, we can provide you with a wedding venue that is easy to personalize and to adapt to your own tastes, so make sure to visit us before you settle on anything else! Photo source: flickr.com/Eldriva

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Incredible Party favors your guests will LOVE!

Your wedding day is worth of all the attention you can offer. After all, this is a more than important moment in your life!

Everything from flowers to food and from music to your bridesmaids’ dresses will have to be carefully handled, of course. But one thing you will definitely not want to leave for the last moment is choosing nice party favors for your guests. Bear in mind that some of them have come a long way to be here for you on your big day, so you will definitely want to thank them for their kindness!


If key chains and fridge magnets are not what you want to offer as gifts for your guests, check out with the following ideas. They are fun, unique and they will definitely be much appreciated by the people who will come to your wedding!

  • Candy glass slippers. Amaze your guests by offering them with a glass slipper filled with candy. You can go for M&Ms, Jelly Beans or whatever candy you like. You can even have your candy fit your wedding color theme!
  • Candy apples. If you are planning on a fall wedding and you want to sweeten your guests with delicious party favors, candy apples will definitely be a good choice. These are especially suitable if you are planning a more rustic wedding, but they will work just fine if you simply want to awaken the children in your guests as well!
  • A mini-plant in a mini-pot. If you want to be “green” with your wedding favors, offer your guests a small plant in a small pot. Make sure you choose something that won’t break easy on the road home, especially if you have guests who will travel a lot to get to your wedding!

As for the party itself, don’t worry too much. Here at The Mackey House, we have the experience and the know-how required to make true fairy tales happen right before our eyes!

Photo source: flickr.com/antaresjhw

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Create the perfect ambience for your wedding

Your big day is getting nearer and nearer and with every second that goes by, you are probably more and more nervous. You want your wedding to turn out just as you have always dreamed it to be. Even more than that, you want every single guest at your wedding to feel exceptional.


In order to make sure everyone feels great at the big party, you will have to make sure you create the perfect ambience. We have gathered a few tips that may help you do this easier:

  • Flowers: weddings are very much connected to flowers, so make sure you get some nice arrangements. Generally speaking, the centerpieces should be enough when it comes to this, but if you want to, you can use flowers to decorate the ceiling and the wall as well. Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to traditional flower arrangements if you want to be more unique. Adding branches, seashells, fallen leaves and figurines can make for wonderful arrangements too!
  • Lightning: this one depends a lot on what kind of wedding you are planning to have. If you want something modern and edgy, you may want to hire professional lightning systems to make the party go on. If you want something more romantic, remember to have candles placed here and there (if you cannot light up the whole room with candles alone).
  • Music: most of the weddings will involve dancing and you do need the right kind of music for this. Hire a DJ or a band and ensure that they have a playlist of the most important songs you want them to play. Also, make sure they’ll be able to play or mix in music for all tastes and ages so that everyone gets on the dance floor.

The Mackey House is the kind of wedding venue that creates an amazing ambience on its own as well. If you add your favorite decorations and if you bring in your best music, our location will become just perfect for your dream wedding!

Photo source: flickr.com/ Dave Walker

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Small touches to increase guest comfort

Although you and your spouse-to-be will be the definite stars of the night when it comes to your wedding, the truth is that as a good host you will want your guests to feel perfectly as well. Making the people at your wedding feel comfortable is much easier than you even believe and sometimes the small touches can make for the great differences. What kind of small adjustments should you make to increase the comfort level of your guests? Here are some of the best ideas:


  • Comfy chairs. Even if everyone will be dancing, there will be times when they will want to sit and rest for a bit. This means that you should ensure that your chairs are comfortable enough for everyone – from the youngest to the oldest guest you have invited. Simple chairs can be made to be much more comfortable with the help of some pretty chair pads (which can also double as décor for the wedding location too!).
  • If your wedding ceremony will take place on the outdoors and if you know the weather will be hot, offer your guests bottles of water. The good news is that personalizing your water bottles can make them double as wedding favors too and that this way you will be “killing two birds with one stone”.
  • For your guests’ psychological comfort, always make sure that you are placing them at the right table, together with people they know and with whom they get along. Sure, planning this out may take a while (especially if you have many guests), but it will be worth it because everyone will feel good at the reception.

The Mackey House offers a comfortable and beautiful venue that makes for dream-like weddings. Over the course of the years, we have seen many heart-melting stories happening right before our eyes and we strongly believe that our location has played an important role in making these stories come to life!

Photo source: flickr.com/morebyless

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