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Lighting that flatters your complexion

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there will always be little imperfections we would like to hide. Your wedding is a big day for you and you will want everything to be perfect – and that, of course, starts with yourself.
Believe it or not, our complexion sometimes appears to look worse than it really is due to bad lightning. If you want to feel great about yourself at your wedding, make sure to follow these lightning-related tips. They will help you flatter your complexion and boost your self-confidence:
• Try to stay away from fake and cold-colored lightning. Generally speaking, these lights tend to emphasize every little blemish and every little flaw on our bodies too, so you may want to rule it out for your wedding.
• Instead, go for warm lights. They will make everything softer and smoother and they will flatter your complexion regardless of what shade it is.
• Candles are probably the most romantic kind of lightning, but you may want to supplement the light from them at your wedding. It would take a lot of candles to properly lit a room that large and your guests probably want to see each other (and on whose feet they dance as well).
• Lanterns can look great and you can even make them yourself. Mason jar lanterns are very popular, but any kind will do just fine. Allow your creativity to flow and you’ll definitely come up with great ideas.
• If you want to set the mood for party, you can also use stage lightning. The advance with this is that it will keep things dark enough to flatter your complexion as well. However, try not to exaggerate with the “special effects” because they may not be very pleasant for guests who are more sensitive to lightning.
The Mackey House can host the wedding you have always dreamed of. No matter what lightning options you may choose, we will be there to ensure that your location is gorgeous and ready for the big day!
Photo source: flickr.com/festivitiesmn

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Should You Have a Rehearsal Lunch?

Every lady who was once a bride knows just how much effort goes into making sure every miniscule detail is taken into consideration when it comes to a wedding. Who sits by whom, how will the invitations look, what shoes should you wear, what flowers to place and where – there seems to be an endless list of things to do and, even more than that, an endless list of options for each and every one of these things.
Your lunch definitely doesn’t fall within the last things you want to handle, but it can definitely be confusing. Aside from what food to serve, what caterer to choose and whether or not you should be serving cake or other desserts, you will also have to think of whether or not you will need a rehearsal lunch.
Not everyone chooses to have one, but before you make a choice you may want to take the following things into consideration:
• You don’t have to invite everyone at the wedding to your rehearsal dinner or lunch. In fact, inviting just the key people should be enough. Remember that the purpose of this lunch is to make sure everything is in perfect order and to help the people who will be giving speeches to handle the situation better too.
• You don’t have to serve a full three-course meal. This is, after all, a rehearsal and the main point is, as mentioned above, to take care of the last details before the big day.
• Your wedding caterer can probably provide you with a different menu for your rehearsal dinner or lunch if you ask them too. This way, nobody will get bored of certain foods just because they had them twice.
• Make sure you leave some time in between the rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself so that you have enough time to solve any issue that may appear.
If you have already decided on whether or not you need a rehearsal dinner too, make sure to choose a location worthy of so many preparations. If you want your wedding to take place in a superb location near the Historic Downtown Savannah, make sure to visit The Mackey House. Our venue is at your disposal so that you can really have the most beautiful wedding ever!
Photo source: Deb Lindsey Photography via unitedwithlove.com

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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2014

For some of the brides out there, fashion matters and since the trends change with every season, they will want to be up to date so that their wedding really falls into the “rules” of these trends. If you are one of these brides, you definitely want to check out with the following very important wedding trends to take into consideration in 2014:
1. Duty pastels, green and white is the wedding décor combination of this fall and winter and it looks amazing!
2. Velvet and sequin layered for the table arrangements are also very IN so do not hesitate to give them a thought.
3. Woodland motifs and various branches can make for a great center piece, especially when combined with dusty and white flowers.
4. Evergreens are also big this season and they are combined with all sorts of non-floral and floral elements when it comes to the flower arrangements for weddings.
5. For the food, pies in small cups are really popular (and in general any kind of comfort food is popular this season). Have your caterer bake these in small pots/cups guests can take home and you solve the wedding favors issue too!
6. If your wedding is in the winter (or late fall) part of the year, don’t forget about comfort drinks too – they seem to be very trendy in 2014 and they will add a “comfortable” feeling to your wedding.
7. The 20s are still popular, so do not hesitate to have a vintage wedding inspired by the Great Gatsby story if you want your wedding to be really impressive.
8. Wedding dresses are ivory white or dusty, cream-colored and they are paired with amazingly beautiful, deep red bouquets.
9. Bridesmaids’ dresses are less traditional. Pinks and pastels are forgotten for the 2014 fall and winter, and deep purples and blacks take their place. Elegance and classiness for your bridal party!
10. Go all 60s for your hair and makeup and inspire yourself from the much beloved Marilyn. Big hair and berry-red lips are very fashionable this year!
For a wedding location that will be suitable for every décor idea you may have, make sure to visit The Mackey House. We’ve got a superb place for your wedding and it will definitely make this important day of your life really BIG!
Photo source: flourishdesigns.com

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Embracing the idea of Elopement

Everything comes full circle sooner or later and the idea of elopement did it too – even if it came back to us in a different way than it used to be for our grandmothers and grandfathers. You most likely heard them tell you the story of their elopement or of the elopement of someone they knew back when they were young too, but you most likely associated it with running away from strict parents, from a too strict and judgmental society and from the wedding restrictions imposed both by parents and by society.


Elopement nowadays is nothing about running away with your sweetheart because your parents won’t let you marry him. In fact, it is a much practical and sensible option from many points of view. Elopement can be a great choice for at least three reasons:

  • It can really be a much more affordable type of wedding than a large, traditional one. Just think of it for a moment: for one day of joy and music, you will most likely get in debt for a long time now. Even more than that, you don’t always really want everyone at the wedding to actually be there and a very large number of the people you will be hosting are actually pretty much unknown to you.
  • Elopement yells romanticism from hundreds of miles away. Your grandmother’s stories may have been hidden under a veil of shame, runaway and courage, but in the end, they were romantic at their very core.
  • Elopement can come in many shapes. Many couples choose to pre-plan their elopement in detail. Others choose to be spontaneous. Some of them choose to simply go to the courthouse and get married, while others plan out a full honeymoon far from the madding crowd. Whichever way you look at it, elopement can still be an easier option than traditional weddings.

If you want your wedding to be a romantic getaway to a stunning venue, check out with Mackey House because we really have everything you need for your modern version elopement. Small or large, we can host your wedding and make a dream come true out of it!

Photo credit: Bell and Jeff

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Brides let your ink show


According to recent research, almost a quarter (23%) of Americans now have tattoos, and the number is growing. Dealing with your ink on your big day is now becoming a real issue for brides – do you hide them under layers of lace or make up, or choose a dress which accentuates your body art?

Taking full advantage of your tattoos may require a little extra work on your part, but the results can be truly amazing and give you and your beloved the kind of unique experience that the un-needled can only dream about. While you’re planning your day and wanting to show off your body art, think of these tips.

1. Dress to impress: When choosing your gown you want to make sure that it’s not only going to make you look amazing, but it’s going to make your tats really pop. If you’ve got shoulder work, think about whether you want to go strapless to show it off. If you’ve got anything down the length of your back, choosing an open-backed dress is definitely on the cards.

2. Time for a touch-up: A tattoo is for life and with dozens of people taking pictures of your big day, you will want your ink to be looking its best. If you’ve got the time before the wedding, there’s no harm in getting a quick touch up to get your work looking the best it can be.

3. Theming: If you’re particularly proud of your work, there’s no reason why you can’t work it into the theme of the event as well. Got a moon on your shoulder? Get some matching table art to show it off. Sanskrit lettering? Have the invitations and table settings translated into it. Let the day leave an impression on you and vice versa.

Whatever your style, The Mackey House will be able to work with your tastes, and give you a day that is as unique as you are.

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