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Best Tips for Out of Town Wedding Guests

As the bride and groom, you are the Queen and King of your wedding day. But you’re also hosts – and this means you will have to make each and every guest invited feel really amazing when celebrating your love story.

What are the best tips for out of town wedding guests and making them feel great during their visit? Read on and find out more.

  • – Start off on the right foot. When out of town guests send positive RSVPs, respond with a “kit” to help them get around in the town they’re about to visit. From maps and GPS coordinates to taxi numbers and touristic attractions, this kit should include everything your out of town guests may need when getting around (and not just to and from the hotel).
  • – You don’t have to pay for your guests’ accommodation, but you should make it easier for them to find a hotel room, especially if you’re planning your wedding in full season or during any holiday weekend. Book an entire batch of rooms for all of your out of town wedding guests to make sure they will have a place to stay at (and preferably, as close as possible to your wedding venue!).
  • – Welcome baskets may not seem like a big deal. But they can be so nice and they can bring such a huge smile on your guests’ faces! Create a personalized welcome basket to place in your guests’ hotel rooms and they will be more than grateful!


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Benefits of Planning a Daytime Wedding

Daytime weddings are increasing in popularity – mostly because a lot of Millennial couples have started to see their benefits. A lower price, more relaxation, a unique vibe – these are just some of the benefits of planning a daytime wedding.

Have your heart set on one? Here are some tips for you:

  • – Remember that you will have to wake up earlier. A daytime wedding will most likely start at 11 am and end at 4 pm (maximum!). So you need to set your alarm earlier, at about 6 am. Doing this will leave you enough time to get ready the proper way, just as you would for an evening event as well.
  • – You can serve a plated meal, such as a luncheon, but you can also serve a delicious brunch buffet. Pastry, cereal, waffles, eggs – people love these things, so why not bring them to the next level and serve them in an elegant daytime wedding?
  • – Furthermore, drinks and music should also be part of the deal. After all, this is a wedding – so you need to make sure your guests are fully entertained. You can serve light wines to go with your wedding menu, as well as hire a DJ and encourage guests to share the dance floor.
  • – Last, but definitely not least, you should also know you can make your daytime wedding as formal or as casual as you want. However, “daytime formal” is not as glamorous as “evening formal” – so you should know what to expect from your guests.



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Not Sure about Wedding Invitation Etiquette? Follow These Tips!

We know how confusing wedding etiquette can be, especially if you have never been involved in the planning of such a large and important life event. Like it or not though, wedding etiquette should be followed in most cases – and wedding invitations make no exception from this.

How to send your wedding invitations the right way? Read on and find out the best wedding invitation etiquette tips:

  • – Online wedding invitations can be tempting. They’re easy to create or buy, they are cheap, they look great, they make the logistics far easier, and they can also help you plan a better headcount. However, they are suitable only for very casual and intimate weddings. The more formal your event is, the more need there will be for you to send an actual paper invitation.
  • – Be careful with the RSVP deadline. In general, four weeks is enough (if you calculate it from the day you send out the invitations). Still, you can reduce this to two weeks if you don’t have out of town guests. You should also increase the deadline to twelve weeks if you’re planning a destination wedding.
  • – It is very important to correctly address the invitations. This will help you reduce the number of unwanted plus-ones (because most guests will understand there’s a reason only their name is written on the RSVPs). Even so, there may still be a few people who might want to bring a plus-one – so be prepared to explain your reasons over the phone. Do it diplomatically and politely, but do make sure to stand your ground as well.



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It’s High Time You Found Answers to the Essential Wedding Menu Questions

Planning a wedding in Savannah? We bet you have a lot of questions, regardless of the style and size you have chosen for this huge day in your life. With so many changes in wedding etiquette, it is perfectly understandable if you feel slightly confused – but no worries, all of your questions have answers.

What are the answers to the essential wedding menu questions, for example? We’ve gathered them right below, so read on to find out more.

  • – Should you serve anything to eat during the cocktail hour? Absolutely, and there are multiple reasons to do so. For starters, things can easily turn into a disaster when people drink cocktails on an empty stomach. But even more than that, serving some delicious hors d’oeuvres can instantly change their mood and set them up for the big party to follow after the cocktail hour.
  • – Should you avoid certain foods? Generally, no. You can serve pretty much whatever your heart desires, especially if you find it meaningful (or plain and simply delicious, in the end!). However, some foods tend to be messier than others, and given that this is a fancy event (even when very casual), you might want to avoid them (some examples include shrimp, lobster, and so on).
  • –  Should you serve something as a midnight snack? We totally advise you to do this! It can energize people and make them feel better even as the night settles in (and let’s be honest: you want nothing more than a wedding where people dance until the morning comes, right?).


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Fall Wedding Themes You Should Totally Consider

If you want your wedding to look really splendid, it is very important to choose a wedding theme that will actually suit you and your personality. Of course, you can coordinate this with season-based wedding themes as well – and doing this will help you create a beautiful, unique mélange of motifs that offer people a truly unforgettable experience.

What are some of the most popular fall wedding themes this year? Read on and find out more:

  • Back to school. This wedding theme is ideal for couples who are just a tad quirky and want to make their wedding feel playful and special. Elements such as blackboards, apples, games, backpacks, notebook prints – they can all be incorporated into the Big Day in a truly amazing way. Use your creativity, you can definitely pull off something just amazing!
  • Looking for a country wedding theme? Given that fall is a season of total opulence from this point of view, how about centering your Big Day around the “harvest theme”? It’s a truly wonderful idea that will help you embrace the beauties of fall in their splendid, natural state!
  • Not many couples opt for this as their wedding theme – but if you love the holiday and if you want to be completely original, there’s just no reason not to do it. Remember, you don’t have to dress as zombies to create a Halloween wedding. You can simply stick to elegant elements, such as red and black, golden pumpkins, and other similar Halloween motifs.


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