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Wedding Candy Bar Tips You NEED to Know

Wedding dessert bars are immensely popular right now – so much so that most people cannot even imagine a wedding without a candy table at least. Naturally, you want to include this huge trend in your wedding too – but how do you make it really stand out? How do you go beyond color coordination and step into true uniqueness? We have gathered some wedding candy bar tips you really need to know – so read on if you want your Savannah wedding to be amazing.

  • – You can totally keep it classic. There’s nobody to tell you that tiered cakes, cupcakes, cookies and macaroons are out of fashion. Everybody loves them, so they’re a surefire way to score golden points with your guests! Try to step a bit out of the ordinary though – such as by centering the entire table on earthy and nature-inspired colors, or simply by having everything extremely simple, decorated with a luxurious backdrop.
  • – You can totally go wild as well. Serving the desserts on an ironing table or maybe even a few wooden barrels pulled together – that’s not something your guests see every day. And that’s precisely why they will love your daring and totally original idea!
  • –  There’s no limit as to what you can serve. Waffles, naked cakes, sumptuous French desserts in little glasses, pies (big or small) – there’s nothing out there that cannot be served on a dessert table. Don’t be afraid to make unique combinations and surprise your guests with a dessert bar that’s more than generous!


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When Is It Appropriate to Send the Wedding Gift?

If you have been invited to a wedding soon, you definitely want to make the couple feel really happy. This is a big moment in their life – and the fact that they have invited you to be there for them should mean a lot to you. Of course, you will want to buy a gift that brings a smile on their faces – but when is it appropriate to send the wedding gift? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – There are two main options as to when you can send a wedding gift. The first one is as soon as possible and it’s suitable for guests who want to have a lot of options to choose from (the earlier you buy, the more chance you have to find many un-purchased items in the wedding registry).
  • – The second option is to send the gift closer to the wedding date. This is suitable for larger gifts, especially when you know the bride and groom plan on moving near the Big Day. Sending the gift a bit later means that you can send it directly to their new address.
  • – If you want to buy an off-registry gift, remember that bringing it to the wedding is not a good idea. Aside from the difficult logistics of traveling with the gift, you may notice that it’s quite difficult for the couple to have the present transported from their wedding venue back home as well. Instead of bringing it to the wedding, try to send it in advance, to the address provided by the bride and groom.


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Millennial Guests Don’t Care about These Details

If you are a bride-to-be, you most likely feel there’s a lot of pressure on doing things right. Yet, if you are getting married soon, there’s a very big chance you (and most of your guests) are part of the Millennial generation – meaning that many of the things that used to be considered important are not as big of a deal for you (or for your guests).

So, what is there to know about this? Well, as research shows it, Millennial guests don’t care about these details:

  • – Wedding exists. While this may have been a big element until not very long ago, it isn’t today. Sure, Millennials love the fairytale vibe of a wedding – but getting away in a very fancy limousine is not necessarily something they will appreciate. They will probably have a lot more fun and feel a lot closer to you if you make your wedding exit on a bike!
  • – Escort cards, wedding programs, wedding menus, and even “extras” (such as flip-flops as wedding favors). Nobody will actually frown upon all these items, but truth be told, they don’t really add up to your guests’ experience. They will be much happier with quality music and food, actually.
  • – A very formal wedding ceremony. This may be something your grandma cares about – or you, if you have very strong religious beliefs. Guests, on the other hand, prefer ceremonies that look nice, are sweet, romantic, and don’t last for too long. Somewhere halfway in between these two options will make everyone happy!


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How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Updo

Truth be told, there seems to be an almost endless number of options when it comes to bridal hairstyles – so how do you choose the perfect bridal updo, especially given the myriad of versions out there?

We have gathered some of the trendiest and most flattering bridal updo ideas of the season – so if read on if you want to inspire yourself to make the best choice for your Big Day.

  • – Looking for something really elegant, with a dash of uniqueness? A messy low bun is exactly what you need! Created with lots of volume at the top of the head, this style will accentuate your natural features in a truly graceful way. Plus, it looks great with and without hair accessories – so you can be as glamorous as you want with it.
  • – Want something even more classic than that? A French bun is perfect, then. This classy, timeless hairstyle is just perfect for brides who want to look really elegant – so it will most likely look best with a sophisticated sheath or mermaid wedding gown.
  • – Planning a rustic wedding? A halo braid is such a great idea, then! A twist from the classic French braid, this style is ideal for brides who want to stand out from the crowd and show off a daring, yet classic style. Feminine and original at the same time, the halo braid will make you feel truly royal – and there’s just nothing compared to that!



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Adorable Hairstyles for a Flower Girl

Flower girls are such innocent, beautiful additions to any kind of wedding! Of course, it is not mandatory to include a flower girl or a ring bearer into your Big Day – but trust us when we say that there’s little chance you will ever regret such a wonderful decision.

If you want to have a flower girl, you definitely want her to feel royally pretty too – and choosing a nice hairstyle is essential here. What are the most adorable hairstyles for a flower girl? Read on and find your inspiration!

  • – A glorious side-swept cascading braid. Is your flower girl old enough to stand still while your stylist braids her hair? If yes, then this hairstyle is a truly amazing choice: it’s natural, sophisticated, elegant, and versatile at the same time. Plus, it looks absolutely incredible with a flower incorporated in the style!
  • – Just some curly locks. Natural beauty is your flower girl’s most amazing trait – so why not leave her hair as natural as possible? Curl it with a large wand to create an angelic look and she will feel like a real life princess! If you want to, accessorize this style with a pretty tiara or flower crown too!
  • – An elegant up-do. Thought buns look good on adults only? Think again! Your flower girl will be so pretty with a messy bun accessorized with a bow-knot, or with a ballerina bun accessorized with a precious hair accessory! Now, that’s a hairstyle that will definitely make her feel ultra-special as she walks down the aisle!


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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos

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