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Ideas for a Handsome Groom’s Colored Suit

People tend to think the only colors grooms are allowed to wear are white, black, gray, and navy. However, this is very far from the truth. In fact, there are plenty of amazing ideas for a handsome groom’s colored suit – and following, we have gathered some of the best ways to help you incorporate a pop of color into your groom’s wedding day attire. Read on and “steal” some inspiration!

  • – A colored suit is totally OK, as long as your wedding is not black tie or white tie. If you want to have a casual, rustic, shabby-chic, garden, or even vineyard-themed wedding, wearing a colored suit is more than fine. The best part about it? You actually have a very wide range of colors to choose from: bright blue, sapphire green, pink, and so on!
  • – If your groom doesn’t feel very comfortable wearing a lot of bright colors, he can stick to a patterned or simply lively-colored shirt. It will look so stylish with a neutral-colored suit, especially if you make sure to coordinate the colors with the wedding theme!
  • – Last, but definitely not least, there’s always the option of focusing on the accessories only. A simple-colored suit with a classic cut will look really stylish if you coordinate it with a bow-tie in fun colors, a pair of funky-patterned socks, or even a pocket square that goes with the wedding color scheme. Lively, stylish and unique – and all thanks to the well-chosen accessories your groom will wear on the Big Day!



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Why Overlays Are A Gorgeous Choice for a Bride’s Big Day

Wedding trends may come and go – and we will never advise anyone to settle on something just because it’s fashionable. Yet, some wedding trends are so irresistible and timeless that we simply cannot help ourselves from sharing them with our future brides.

  • – For example, have you seen the overlay trend? Why would you consider it and what are some of the best ways to incorporate it into your bridal look? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.
  • – Overlays are absolutely perfect because they add dimension to your look. Plus, they can be a wonderful tool for brides who want to emphasize only certain areas of their bodies. Not to mention they look amazing, really fashionable, and they are more than feasible from a financial point of view as well!
  • – Plus, overlays are just perfect for the chilly weather waiting right around the corner. If you want to make sure you won’t freeze in a completely sleeveless dress, but you are still not very convinced of the long-sleeved ones, wearing an overlay is a really amazing choice.
  • – Last, but definitely not least, overlays add a dash of creativity to your wedding look. From ultra-simple lace overlays to intricate silvery designs and even black and red overlays, there’s something for just about every type of bride, regardless of how unconventional she may be. Give this look a chance and you will fall in love with it!


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THESE Are the Truly Amazing Moments of a Wedding!

You think you have everything planned. You know where each flower stem will be positioned, and you might even know how many inches of frosting will go into your wedding cake.

What you don’t know is that the most unforgettable moments of the Big Day are not the ones you plan for, but the ones that simply happen to you. For example, here are some of the most amazing moments of a wedding:

  • – The moment you get ready to walk down the aisle. Beware, you will be totally overwhelmed with such a wide range of emotions and memories that it will be hard to keep it together. Chances are you will cry – but that’s totally fine because this is a genuine, authentic moment most brides and grooms go through before their big “I Do”.
  • – The moment you realize something is going wrong – but you quickly learn to accept it. There’s really no point in ruining your wedding day over trifles like cupcake flavors, flower colors, or even stains on your wedding gown. This should be one of the happiest memories of your entire life – keep it like that and gracefully navigate the small accidents that might happen on your Big Day.
  • – The moment you realize you are married and everything is different. Even if you and your SO have been living together for a lot of time now, you will still see everything differently. From now on, this person is your spouse – and it feels absolutely beautiful!



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These Bridal Accessories Are GORGEOUS for the New Season!

Your wedding dress is stunning as it is – and, complemented by your genuinely happy smile as a bride, you are guaranteed to look absolutely breathtaking as you walk down the aisle. However, with the new season kicking in, there are some bridal accessories you might want to consider – if not for your comfort, then at least for the amazing vibe they can add even to the simplest wedding gown.

What are the best bridal accessories this season? We have some ideas for you – read on to find your inspiration.

  • – Vintage headbands. If you want to have a wedding inspired by the fabulous Roaring Twenties, now’s your chance, because both dresses and accessories are heavily inspired by the era. Opulent and luxurious, this year’s bridal headbands are a truly splendid addition to your attire – and they can definitely make you feel like a real-life princess at the beginning of the 20th century!
  • – The cool weather is ready to enter our lives once again – and this means you should consider your thermic comfort on the Big Day. Wearing an elegant capelet is a truly gorgeous way of complementing your bridal look and keeping your shoulders warm as you say the big “I Do”.
  • – Sun hats are more elegant and more unique than ever, so if you want to leave aside the traditional wedding veil, you can totally wear a vintage-inspired hat to your wedding. There’s so much mystery, grace, and beauty that comes with these!


Looking for a breathtaking wedding venue in Savannah? Come visit The Mackey House and we will make sure to provide you with more than just a venue. The surroundings and the history of this place will make your wedding day all the more special, both for you and for your guests as well!


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3 Wedding Styles and What They Represent

Your wedding style is who you are, what mirrors you and what represents your love story. Of course, every couple is unique and every relationship is different – ergo, every wedding will be different as well. However, when it comes to drawing the broad lines, there are 3 major wedding styles to pick from at the beginning of your wedding planning process.

Curious to find out more about these wedding styles and what they represent? Read on and find out more.

  • – Classy and romantic. You are the kind of bride who wants a big ballgown and who will probably want to have her wedding in a big, old-fashioned, elegant environment too. Roses, chandeliers, pink and red, white and a towered wedding cake – you’ll have them all, because that’s exactly what you dreamed of when you were 4, dressing up your Barbie doll as a bride for the first time!
  • – Funky and romantic. You are modern, you love a good challenge, and you are not afraid to play around with multiple styles. Chances are you’ll find your “home” somewhere in between two wedding themes (e.g. rustic-chic, shabby-chic, vintage-casual, and so on) – and that’s perfectly fine because you are really unique and will love showing this off at your wedding.
  • – Modern and romantic. You go for clean lines in everything – even your desk is designed in a minimalist way. You will most likely wear a sheath dress (or even an elegant pantsuit!) and you will opt for very simple color schemes and décor. You love pushing timelessness into the future – and your dream wedding speaks about that!



The Mackey House is a truly splendid, versatile wedding venue located in stunning Savannah – so if you are looking for a venue in the area, you should definitely come and check us out! Contact us today and let us show you around!


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