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Fall 2012 Wedding Trends

Fall 2012 will see more and more individuality in wedding preparations than ever before.  From dresses that are all over the map in color and style to individualized wedding favors, invitations, and dessert.

Excitement is abound as the number of people that got engaged during the holidays starts making plans for late summer/early fall vow exchange.

Trends in Dresses – from colors to lace, plunging necklines, open backs, and mini-covers for the arms, there’s no lack of individuality in wedding dress options.  In the realm of dresses, there is really something for every body type and some you have to see to believe!

Trends in Favors – the gifts you give your friends and family are one of the number of things they have to remember your special day, so why not make it as individual as the love you and your spouse-to-be share.  There are numerous opportunities to highlight your tastes!

Trends in Flowers – more and more people are going with what’s in local and available rather than trying to match the wedding colors exactly.  We’ve even pinned a few on our Pinterest account if you’d like to see some of that’s been going on at The Mackey House lately.

Trends in Dessert – not that the traditional wedding cake has been completely taken a back seat, but a number of couples are moving toward individualized tastes.  Everything from cupcakes to candy buffets to ice cream sundaes – wedding couples are looking for more than white cake and white icing for after-dinner sweet-tooth celebration.

Trends in Pictures – while wedding pictures themselves are in nature traditional, many couples are choosing to highlight their unique styles and personalities in the pictures they will remember their special day by (both in wedding and engagement).  Some of the incredible photographers we work with at The Mackey House have captures a few of these once-in-a-lifetime moments, shared them with us, and now, you can catch them on our Facebook Photo Gallery.

Creating the memorable day of when you and your spouse-to-be started your life together should be an extension of the love you both share, so don’t be afraid to highlight your personalities.  We’ve given you a few ideas here, but there are a myriad of options available.  Let us know if we can help you plan for your day, your way!

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Event tips from ultimate party venue!

With a variety of spaces on our property, The Mackey House is more than just the venue for weddings, corporate events, and holiday parties. It has the room and the appeal to hold a sweet sixteen, a memorable bar/bat mitzvah, or a huge quinceañera with all your extended family and friends.

We understand that you want each event to be unique and special, so we’ll work with you to make sure your vision is carried out from the beginning of the planning all the way through to the end of your event.

If you’re planning a celebratory bash on your own, here are some helpful tips and fun ideas that we at The Mackey House know will assist you in creating a successful event, with a little less stress along the way. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

Sweet Sixteen/Quinceañera
—   Go with a DJ over a band. (We have a wonderful DJ, Dave, who has been with us for years!  He can also help plan the event.)
—   Don’t make it a surprise party.  Trust us, your teen has ideas of his/her own.
—   It doesn’t have to be a nighttime dance party!
—   Decide on an informal or formal Sweet 16 or 15.
—   Birthday cake/candle ceremony. (Our caterers can make a unique cake!)
—   This is an important moment, and a chance for close friends/family to make short speeches.
—   Have some sort of food our or a buffet, but not a sit-down meal.
—   Invitations make it ‘an event’.
—   Themes are fun!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah –
This is a milestone in your child’s life, so don’t get too caught up in all the miniscule details that come with planning the reception/party. Keep in mind what it’s really about and don’t stray far from that when thinking about the other stuff.

—  Consult with your child. You want his/her input; it’s their day.
—  This is for you and your family. We know bar/bat mitzvahs can get pretty ridiculous in size and budget, but don’t feel like you have to keep up with that style to make it just as important.
—  There are planners that specialize in Jewish occasions. If you don’t consult with them personally, there are plenty of websites that specialize in guiding you through the process and offering helpful tips for planning such events.
—  The invitations are important in this case.
—  Several components to these invitations. Certain information is required, so be sure to check.
—  Go to special vendors for gifts and favors.

So whether you plan on celebrating your milestone at The Mackey House or somewhere else, know that we are always here to help you with the planning process and guide you along the way. We know what it takes to make an event successful and an occasion memorable.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Thank You Events for Business Clients

Have you ever wanted to give a big thank you to the people that make your business such a success?  You can, and you can do it without breaking your budgeting bank to do it.

Some of the best ideas to say thank you to your clients include getting them together to celebrate – even if it’s the successes you’ve managed to accomplish together or celebrating the years’ achievements – for them, the event would be a get-away they couldn’t say no to.

Ideas for thank you bashes:

1)     Local sporting events – here in Savannah, GA, The Savannah Sand Gnats offer the option to “sponsor” a game and the business receives a certain number of tickets to distribute to clients.  The game announcer randomly announces the business throughout the game and welcomes its clients to the ballpark.  Other cities have similar opportunities, but check with your local teams for availability and cost.

2)     Dinner Cruises – again, Savannah’s local business, Savannah Riverboat Cruises offers packages for just this type of event.  Bring your clients together for a thank you dinner, cruise, and beverages for a night of relaxation and camaraderie.

3)     Lunch and Learns – bringing clients together for an opportunity to learn something they need for their own workplace – human resources, marketing, accounting – anything to make their lives easier is helpful and appreciated.  How many clients would like to hear the Division Leader from the local university talking about the latest trends in fringe benefits or how to make the most of your marketing dollars, all while eating lunch?

4)     Social Hour – having the opportunity for your clients to come together, meet one another, and socialize among themselves and others in their field in a non-competitive environment can be a solution to your thank you dilemma.  Rarely will anyone turn down the promise of appetizers and drinks.

Whatever your event – whether you need a guest speaker, a motivational speaker, a subject matter expert, etc. – The Mackey House will work with you to book the perfect party to say Thank You to all your clientele, without emptying your wallet.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Spring into a Vow Renewal Ceremony

The season of Spring has always been noted as a time of year for rebirth, renewal, and growth.  What better time to renew your commitment to your loved one than Spring.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies are special, heart-warming, and sometimes surprising.  We’ve hosted a number of them, including Jeff and Kristy Weed who were (and are) married but never had the wedding Kristy wanted.  This beautiful story is only one of many we’ve had the honor to host.

Jeff surprised Kristy with the wedding she always wanted but never had and they were able to have it as a vowel renewal ceremony with all their friends.  The best part, Jeff planned the whole thing without Kristy suspecting a thing.

Spring time is great for putting together vow renewal events.  Whether it’s for a specific anniversary, a new family, or just a rededication of the couple to their love for one another, vowel renewal ceremonies have special needs all unto themselves.

Some ideas for making the day even more memorable:

1)     Vows – consider writing them yourselves.  Because it’s a renewal, people don’t necessarily look for the traditional “I dos” from the highlighted couple.  This is your chance to say what you’ve always wanted to say and to promise what you want to promise rather than repeat what the official has to say.

2)     Decorations – again, this isn’t a traditional setting so feel free to express your unique love for one another through your color choice, your decorations, even your menu.  If you always wished you’d had bubbles blown all throughout your wedding, do it now.

3)     Attire – maybe you wore the traditional wedding garb to your original wedding, know that this time you don’t have to.  Do you have an outfit that suits you better than the ideal wedding gown?  Then go with it, you may even want to extend the look out to a theme.

4)     Music – when you danced your first dance as a married couple, did you really dance to your favorite song or did you go with something the crowd would approve?  Has your taste in music changed or is there a newer song that represents your feelings for one another more than the original?

Whatever your reason for your vow renewal ceremony, let us help make your day what you always dreamed it would be – or what you want it to be now.  We’re here to make it exactly what you want!

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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If marriage is your destination, try Savannah, Georgia

Destination Weddings offer a number of pluses and minuses for you and your guests.  Gaining in popularity, choosing a location and allowing it to become part of your ceremony can be a blessing and a curse.

On the plus side –

  •           Relaxation: Typically with a destination wedding location, you – the bride – has the opportunity to work with a team from the destination to layout your day and then allow the destination team to handle most of the planning.
  •           Entertainment: Your guests will have the chance to visit somewhere unique which gives them more to do than just the wedding and the reception.
  •           PICTURES: The pictures you have for your album will not only be uniquely yours but will have incredible background subjects as well as the faces of your loved ones.
  •           Cost: If your destination is in a non-regional location, you may have less people willing or able to reach your wedding which gives you less of a catering, gift, beverage, etc. bill after the vows are said.

On the negative side –

  •           Guests: Some family and friends may not be able to attend which while saving you some money may cause you heartache in the end – and cause tension among the family.
  •           Check lists: Unlike having your wedding in your back yard, you may not be able to run home to grab the “something blue” out of your closet – be sure to have a check list.
  •           Wedding party: If you can’t coordinate arrivals of your wedding party, it may throw off timing of parties, rehearsals, pictures, etc – try to plan arrival and departures of your bridesmaids and groomsmen in a way that will work with you rather than against.
  •           Planning: Not all destination locations offer full service assistance to the bride, which means you’ll be planning it all by yourself or hiring a wedding planner who may or may not completely understand your vision for your day.

As for planning, remember The Mackey House offers full service wedding assistance from catering to music to table decorations.  We will work with you to ensure the best vision of your day possible.  Let us know if you want to have your destination wedding at the house or anywhere in Savannah, Georgia because we’ll help you onsite or elsewhere to have the day you’ve always imagined.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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