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Why choose an historic wedding venue?

History shapes us all.  Academics continue to study, analyze and learn new things about our history every day.  Entire career pathways have been dedicated to studying and comprehending our history since the dawn of time.

So why bring it into your wedding day?

Different brides will give different answers – “it’s different,” “it’s meaningful to our family,” “it ties in the importance of the community,” “this place is beautiful,” – but regardless of the reason, historical wedding venues can bring about an ambiance you may not have considered before.

The Mackey House itself, rich in Georgia History, punctuates a property that goes back to 1782 and has been a part of the family since 1933.  The land has been used for everything from farming to Civil War encampments to home to a highlander and governor of the Georgia Colony.

As you walk among the 200-year-old oak trees, you start to understand why so many brides have chosen The Mackey House as their place for their day.  You feel the majesty of the land and its roots as you saunter around the pavilion, the ponds, and the gardens planning the exact location of your guests, your vows, and where to have your very first kiss as a married couple.

Historical locations give your wedding an extra special sense of the two of you, your history, your values, your style, all while adding an additional interest for your guests.  Historic sites also lead to unique wedding photographs for you and your spouse-to-be that will be passed down for generations – creating your family’s own “history” and adding to the sites importance.

We know there are a number of places you can choose to have your wedding in Savannah, GA, we also know we’re not the only location with rich tradition and historical stories to share.  At The Mackey House, we will work with you to intertwine your story with that of the past and ensure your day is all about you.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Spring is in the air – for weddings!

Spring is right around the corner – and for those of us in the Southeast, it FEELS like it’s been Spring for quite some time. For the rest of the country, it can be a welcome change.

For many brides, it’s now crunch time. Spring is a popular season for weddings and if you’re down to the wire (meaning in your last three months) a check list may just be what you need. So here’s one from us.

___ MAIL WEDDING INVITATIONS – you need to have them in the mail no less than 20 weeks out from your wedding so people can make plans, RSVP, etc.

___ Marriage license application, if applicable (some states don’t require them)
___ Meet with minister/judge/vow disperser to discuss how the ceremony should unfold, write vows if you’re going to customize them
___ Menu finalizations (talk to your caterer, give them a round number of guests and solidify your actual menu, service, and beverages)
___ Photographer picture list (so you don’t miss any of those “gotta have” shots – like generations pictures, cake cutting, hubby dancing with mother-in-law)
___ Reserve hair stylist and make-up artist if you’re using them, perhaps have a make-up party with them so you can choose your look
___ Bridal Showers – although you’re not the one to be planning them

There are a number of Spring things you can incorporate into your wedding as well. Seasonal flowers and food can give your reception a fun twist, using local vendors can create a different atmosphere particularly for your out-of-town guests. Spring also brings with it the season of renewal, lots of thank you gifts that tie in – flower seeds, tree sprigs, honey items, etc.

Don’t under-estimate the opportunity to theme your wedding in your season, should you wish. Winter isn’t the only season that can do it. The Mackey House is here to help, regardless of the time of year you decide to have your big day. Let us know how we can assist whether it’s ideas, offsite catering, music, or hosting the entire event, we’re happy to make your day the day you’ve always imagined.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Business Retreat Time in Savannah, GA

Could your office use a day out of the building?  It’s getting dangerously close to spring fever and believe it or not, your co-workers, employees, and managers all have it.

Whether you host an offsite retreat, conduct a workshop, invite a guest speaker, or just work on some team building exercises, the 90-day slump is upon you – you know, the time between holiday break and spring break where the office is madly working everyday with no vacations.

A line from the movie Office Space from Producer Mike Judge says it best, “man was not meant to work in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day.”  Your fellow workers are starting to feel it and as the manager, it’s your duty to do something new to shake things up.

A few ideas of what to do for a total offsite office workday:

1)     Brainstorming Retreat – whatever it is your office is currently working on, take a new look at it by taking it outside your office.  It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for a fresh look at an old problem.

2)     Inspirational Speaker – there are a number of incredible business people, many in your own backyard, which would be honored to speak to your company.  Whether you need new business ideas or a motivational topic, look to some of the neighborhood professional associations for experts in what you need.

3)     Teambuilding Exercises – it’s good to get to know your co-workers outside the regular work cycle.  Maybe Bob’s going back to school or Cindy’s oldest child is about to go to college, having a real relationship with the people you see on a regular basis can help productivity and dedication in the long run.

4)     Business Workshops – is your office stuck on a project?  Have you been using the same business practices and need to jazz things up a bit?  Bringing in new technologies or new methods for mundane details can be a reason to get the team together and introduce the changes in a positive manner.

5)     Social Celebration – maybe you have a lot of birthdays or retirements or just need a break from the everyday – a social event could be just the thing you need to break up the monotony and bring in some fun.

With Spring just around the corner, warmer temperatures promising to stick around, and blooming flowers in the air – getting your office team out of the physical building could be the tension-breaker you’ve been looking for.  Let us know if you need ideas or to book your event because The Mackey House can help with all the details!

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Theme Weddings for 2012

Whether you dream of princess surroundings, punk rock décor, or just want your day to reflect your favorite color, Theme Weddings are a great way to secure your vision for your day.

The trend continues to grow throughout the wedding world as everything from Winter Wonderland, to Fairy Tales, to Black-and-White Weddings – it helps keep your guests, your planner (even if it’s you), and your ideas focused on one centralized message making details simpler.

The Top Eight Wedding Themes for 2012 are (or so we’re predicting):

1)     Beach Theme – it’s a favorite, especially around Savannah, GA and the southeast – and a great one to mimic even if you’re uncomfortable having it on the beach itself.

2)     Princess Theme – we praise Disney for making this one popular again, and doesn’t every little girl believe she is a princess on the inside, why not make it for your day!

3)     Color Themes – although colors are a large part of the wedding decision, choosing the color as the official theme can make decorating an easy task!

4)     Sci-Fi Themes – even those crazy nerds from The Big Bang Theory will one day get married, so why not theme it so they can have a good time?

5)     Location Themes – many brides and grooms have places that are near and dear to their hearts – ocean to mountains to international locales – the place can be as important as anything else.

6)     Royal Themes – there are a number of people enthralled with the idea of Royal Weddings, look to this year having a number of brides walking down the aisle in Kate-similar-garb

7)     Time Period Themes – believe it or not, Victorian time periods are still essential, others we’ve seen include vintage, 20s and 80s most recently.

8)     Holiday Themes – from Christmas to 4th of July and everything in between, weddings are now looking to learn from other holidays across the globe!

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding – whether a theme or not – make sure it’s your day and that you remember to have fun.  A day that you and
your spouse-to-be will remember forever, should be a day that reflects the two of you, your love and your uniqueness.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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No Two Bridesmaids are Alike

Even if a bride decided to have identical quadruplets as her bridesmaids, there’s a good chance the dress would look different on each girl. But even if a bride had clones standing next to her all wearing the exact same dress, how interesting would it be?

A trend that’s becoming more and more popular is different shades and/or styles of dresses. Not only does it give each bridesmaid the benefit of wearing something that looks good on her body, something she feels comfortable in, but it also brings an interesting and unique look to the wedding party as a whole.

This looks much more attractive up at the alter and in photos than a bunch of girls wearing the exact same dress, which, let’s face it, usually only looks good on one or two of them.

Options and Tips:

  • If you choose a shade that your bridesmaids must stick to, still approve of the dresses before your wedding day.
  • There needs to be some cohesiveness.
    • You don’t want one girl in a sundress and another in cocktail dress.
  • If they are all completely different dresses, the colors shouldn’t clash, and there should be a cohesive theme.
    • Example: vintage, sleek/modern.
  • Don’t go rainbow. Stick with close shades or shades that compliment one another.
  • Say nay to multiple pastels.
  • Patterns are okay; just make sure they are similar styles.
    • DON’T have one girl in a floral pattern, and another in some geometric repeat pattern. It looks awkward. Even if they are similar colors, they are completely different styles.
  • If you are doing multiple shades/colors, choose a palette.
    • (Color palettes are available online)
  • Groomsman can get in on the mix-match as well. But don’t do different colored suits/jackets.
    • Vests, ties, bowties, and flowers/boutonnières are OKAY.


Whatever it is that you decide on, make sure it’s still something that compliments you and you’re wedding. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the options, but at the end of the day the celebration still belongs to you and your groom.


The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter


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