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Outdoor Weddings in Southeast Georgia – is it too late?

It’s getting cooler outside – and for those of us in the Coastal Empire and Low Country, we say – it’s about time!

But as you start planning your special day, when is it too late in the season to have your wedding outdoors?  Really, since we do live in a climate driven area, the answer is…never.

There are a few key things to remember when planning your outdoor wedding:

1)      Creature Comforts – while the temperature is good for us, it could be cold for others.  A number of rental places offer heating and cooling devices should you need them.  At The Mackey House, we can help you with heaters.  Our outdoor foyer is covered and has a fireplace as well.
2)      When Nature Calls – be sure to check for restroom facilities at your outdoor venue.  This is especially important if you’re hosting both your wedding and reception at the same location.  If restrooms aren’t available, there are high-end port-o-lets available for rental (high end enough to have hot running water and scented air fresheners).
3)      Back-up plans – make sure your venue has a back-up plan, whether it’s a separate indoor location (like The Mackey House offers), or tent rental, be sure if a heavy down pour comes your way, you can get your guests somewhere dry.  You can also book a “back-up” location if you need to, the danger in that is paying a holding fee and not using it.  Places like wineries, hotel courtyards, inns, The Mackey House, etc. will offer indoor/outdoor options should the worst happen.
4)      Accessorize – many times the venue is beautiful enough that you don’t need a lot of decorations, but a few can add a certain “j’ne sais quoi” with some special touches – floating candles in pools or large basins, local flowers for centerpieces, garden lanterns or tiki torches to line walkways – just to name a few.

Savannah, GA is a special place when it comes to the weather.  Occasionally we’ll hit a rainy patch and eventually it does start to get cool enough for a jacket, but most of the time, it is temperate enough to have your dream wedding outside, regardless of the time of year.

So whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate holidayparty, or regular get together, let The Mackey House event planning staff assist you because at The Mackey House, we are your place for events!

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Wedding Receptions in Savannah, GA

Planning your wedding’s reception is really the biggest portion of planning the entire day.  From guest lists, to food, to music – the list never ends.

How do you plan a reception that gives everyone something to do and introduces people that may not know one another well?  We’ve seen a few things we’d like to share:

1)     Ballroom Dance instruction – It’s the groom’s biggest nightmare (stereotypically, but we’re going with it).  The first dance with his new wife in front of hundreds of their closest friends.  We had one wedding offer dance lessons at their reception.  Boys and girls got in a circle and learned one step with each partner in the rotation (the boy circle went right and the girl circle went left).  The lesson stopped when you got back with your original partner and the two of you continued to “practice.”  It got everyone talking and gave the men in the room an excuse for “new steps.”

2)     Disposable cameras on the reception tables – Nothing is a bigger conversation piece than pictures.  This actually served two purposes – one getting people at the table to talk to one another and maybe pose for fun pictures and two you didn’t have to rely on the photographer to get all the great candid shots of your party – the party did that for you.

3)     Great party favors at the table – Does your wedding have a theme?  What about take away items that fit that theme?  Or using love as your theme – chocolate bars that say “Love is Sweet” or key chains that read “The Key to Happiness.”  These are keepsakes your guests will not only keep but will talk about with people they may not know very well…yet.

4)      Interesting centerpieces – A great centerpiece at each of your reception guests tables can be a great conversation starter – if they light up, if they are real flowers in a fun design, if they are digital and possibly interactive – some of the new rental centerpiece places have LED lights that change color and are reflective which is a nice way to round out your party.

Whatever you decide to do, just be sensitive to the fact that some members of you and your spouse-to-be’s families may not know one another and it’s a good idea to plan ahead to give them something to talk about during the festivities.  And if you need ideas, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help because at
The Mackey House, we are the place for events!

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Groomsmen Trends in 2012 for Savannah, GA

If you follow our blog, you know we dressed the very important ladies last week, so today, we’re going to take a closer look at the gentlemen of the wedding.

The Boys Club will want to look sharp while standing at the alter too – and although ZZ Top was on to something when they sang, “every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man,” (and ladies admit it’s true, have you EVER seen a bad looking man in a suit…the answer is NO) – it’s important to the special men if your special man’s life to look their best.

Some of the trends we are seeing in 2011 that will probably merge well into 2012 are:

1)     Suits versus Tuxedos – although tuxes are lovely, we’re seeing more and more bridal parties going for the suit look, and this summer, it was matching sport coats.  Having more flexibility for the men has become an important factor in wedding planning.  Even more formal weddings have offered dark blue suits as acceptable attire, and looks great in pictures!

2)     Straight ties versus bow ties – s-l-o-w-l-y we’re seeing the bow tie making a comeback, and we expect to see more in 2012, but matching ties and shirts with a one-color suit has been hot.   Straight ties have been popular, matching the bridesmaids or the shirts – but bow ties that add some color are coming back in as well.  Purchasing un-pleated shirts and matching ties for your groomsmen makes a great gift.

3)     Matching the party versus matching each other – not long ago, it was more important that the men all wear the same thing than if they actually LOOKED like the rest of the party.  Not so much anymore, as with bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s are starting to match their isle-walking-partner’s dress, whether it’s with a fabric matching tie, “handkerchief,” socks, boutonniere, take your pick, but trying to find more and more ways of working their attire in with the rest of the party has become a trend in itself.

Whatever you decide to do for your groomsmen, let The Mackey House share some ideas for your wedding, we may have some new ideas for you – after all we are your place for events.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Bridesmaid Trends in Savannah, GA

Once a bride has decided what she wants to wear, the next thing she turns to is those who will be standing to her left – her bridesmaids.

No bride wants to be the stereotypical – OMG, I have to love her if I’m going to wear that dress – bride.  Granted, you don’t want your best friend to outshine you, but you don’t want her to be miserable, or worse – laughable, either.

So, how do you ensure your right hand ladies will be happy, although not happier than you, on your special day?  We’ve seen a couple of fun things we think you’ll enjoy and maybe incorporate into your own wedding.
1)     Color scheme only – noticeable in 2011, trend (we believe) by 2012, pick your color and have your wedding party find any dress they like but they have to stay in that color theme.  This tends to work because let’s face it – who has three of their best friends that have the same body type, except on Sex in the City?

2)     Empire waists – although a little on the “safe” side – most body types can pull off an empire waist – even if they’re pregnant.  Back in fashion, there are a number of empire waist dresses that are very fashionable  – check out these sites – The Dressy Group, Helene Bridal, Queen is a Girl,  and Milanoo – just to name a few.

3)     Renting dresses – if you’re going to make the wear a dress they’ll never wear again, allow them to only have to wear it once and not have to see it again.  It’s big business too – Alexandria’s Formal, Rent a Bridal Gown, Weddings by Becky, and Rae Lynn’s – and this was only our first few searches.
Although it’s your day, it’s important to not forget the people around you – especially those that love you and want to share in your wedding.  If these ladies are important enough to stand with you on your day, they are important enough to consider when deciding what they should look like for your pictures that will last a lifetime.

If you need other ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a call because at The Mackey House we want to be your place for special events!

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Business Events – new ice breaker idea!

A number of businesses in Savannah, GA look for off-site places to host events, conferences, corporate retreats, team building practices, corporate training, and other such events.   Because we want to be more than a venue, we want to be your event planner; we try to keep up on the latest in event ideas.

We ran across this ice breaker that we had to share – it’s too much fun and really helped the group to get better acquainted – and can help your group get to know fellow co-workers or conference attendees when you’re hosting such an event!

Almost Isolated:

Time – 30 minutes (depending on the number of participants, roughly 2-3 minutes per person)
Items – bean bag, stress ball, something to toss at the next person to discuss their thoughts
Presenter – your ice breaking presenter needs to be authoritative, excitable, and funny because they have to start the discussion

Beginning – Your presenter announces to the group, “as of this moment, you have been placed on a deserted island, untouched by humans, isolated, and alone; however, because you have been a positive influence on your co-workers, the universe has felt obligated to allow you three (3) people of your choosing.  They can be living or deceased – not deceased when you ask for them of course – who would you choose to be on the island with you and why?”

– give your group a minute or so to come up with an answer – your presenter should then announce that they will start.

Example – “my name is Jennifer and I would choose my husband because he’s retired military and his survival skills would be necessary, and I love him.  I would also choose my friend George who grows local produce for XYZ Farms because he would need to help us forage for food.  And Leonardo da Vinci because he could invent anything we needed and his hi-jinks would give us something to talk about.”

Start – once the group settles from your presenter’s answer (make it funny), give the group another couple of seconds, ask who wants to go next.  If someone volunteers great, toss them the bean bag/stress ball/toss-y thing, OR toss it to a random participant and ask them to tell you who they’d choose and why.  Once they finish, they get to toss the item to the person they want to hear from and so on.


What we really liked about this exercise was that it makes your group think on their feet, gives an opportunity for creative answers, allows connections with others in the room, and there’s really no wrong answer, plus it gives them something to talk later on!  Let us know what you think…or who you’d pick if you were stranded.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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