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You’re married – so now what? Next steps part 1

As a premier event venue in Savannah, GA we have a number of newlyweds come through our site and once the party is over they are immediately looking to what’s next.

“I need to officially change my name on everything!”
“Don’t I have to claim married on the tax forms?”
“What do I do with all the ceremony stuff that we don’t need?”

You’re not alone if these questions send your neck hair standing on end.  We hear comments on them a lot.

Whatever you decide to do with your name – even if you keep your own – there are a number of documents that will need to change in order to add your significant other for permissions, adding accounts or cards, combining policies, etc.

We often recommend a website for The Name Change Kit although it costs a little bit of money (less than $30) it can save you a world of time.  If you’re more in to DIY-ing it, About.com gives a good list of things to remember when changing your name as well.

Be sure to change your tax status at work.  Believe it or not – marital status will change the way you need to file your taxes.  Kiplinger recommends filing jointly in most situations, but it’s not true in every case.

Take your license into your human resources department and have your relationship status changed for your tax withholdings or come tax time in April, you’re going to owe some money!  If you do your own taxes, be sure to visit your tax preparer so he/she can make the adjustments prior to the next filing cycle.

As for items from the wedding – there are a number of places that can assist you there as well.  Bridal gowns can be resold on a number of websites:

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses
The Knot
Bride-to-Bride Boutique
Encore Bridal

A number of these sites will take other wedding accessories as well – items such as veils, jewelry, purses, tiaras, sashes, and more can be found as gently used items and for incredibly affordable prices.

Check us out next week when we’ll discuss sending thank you cards, handling registry returns, and how to decide what policies/accounts/etc. are most beneficial to have jointly.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Top 7 questions to find your perfect wedding venue!

In Savannah, GA there are a number of places that will host your wedding and reception – whether it’s a traditional venue or a special place that has meaning for you and your spouse-to-be.  So how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

As a wedding and reception venue, there are a number of things that we ask each couple to ensure we can fit each of their needs and wants for their special day – so in turn, there are things you can look for when finding the right space!

Here are the 7 questions that will get you what you need:

1)      What are your dates?  If you already have a special date in mind, you need to be sure your venue is available then, if you don’t have one in mind, see what they have available and make your plans starting there.
2)      How many guests?  You need a rough idea of how many people the venue can comfortably seat before you decide – if you have 200 family members and the venue only holds 50, there’s an immediate issue.
3)      Does the venue use outside vendors?  If you already know a caterer and a baker that you want to use, you need to be sure your venue will allow them to cater – if you don’t already have someone, ask the venue who they prefer and how to get in touch with them.
4)      How do you select the music?  Some venues only allow certain music – like DJs versus live performances, be sure to know which one your venue allows.
5)      Do you have a religious preference?  Some religions require ceremonies to take place within the sanctuary, be sure your wedding officiant is comfortable with your choice of venue.
6)      How about special touches?  Does your site add flowers, candles, table centerpieces?  Find out what all they are willing to do to help your day be exactly what you imagined.
7)      How much do you want to do yourself?  A number of venues – like The Mackey House – can help you in many ways – some can offer full-service opportunities for the bride so very little falls upon her shoulders and some can step out of the way and allow you (or your wedding planner) to completely organize the ceremony – the choice is yours!

Once you know the answer to these questions, you’ll have a better feel for what you need done and how others can best assist you in creating the best possible day for your wedding and reception.

If you need additional ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a call at The Mackey House – we’re always looking for new and inventive ways to make your wedding day one to remember!

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Handling Funny Wedding Moments

Let’s face it – things happen at weddings that you just can’t plan for.  Take this video for example:

None of these couples could have known that their flower girls/ring bearers were going to get a sudden case of stage fright, or that the garter/bouquet would cause a ruckus, or that communion could possibly go so awry.   But these things happen, and when they do, it’s important to know how to handle them. 

1)      Be ready for the unexpected – particularly when looking at the reception.  If you have an open bar, then someone’s going to not behave themselves and inevitably, your wedding may end up on YouTube.  Designate someone to be the “bouncer” so to speak and let them find a taxi for the person that should now go home.

2)      Understand your day’s goal – “…the reason we are gathered here today is to watch as this man and this woman become joined in holy matrimony…” truly, that is what you want for the day, right?  Everything else is gravy, or icing, or your topping of choice.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, as long as you are “man and wife” at the end of the ceremony, your job is done!

3)      Don’t be afraid to laugh – often because this is the moment we’ve planned for all our lives (women in particular) we get intense leading up to and during this special day – the term bride-zilla comes to mind.  It is important that your day be what you’ve always wanted it to be, but remember, in reality, it’s a day and don’t forget to ENJOY your day regardless of what else goes on around you.

Strange things happen no matter how much you plan, but at The Mackey House, we’ve seen it all, handled it all, and can help soothe any snafu.   We only work with the best in the business so that when these “unexpected” things arise, we can work with you to make the best of the situation.  We can’t solve every problem, but we can work with you for the best resolution!

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Fall Wedding Trends for 2011

We read a lot about what’s going on in the industry, particularly to stay on top of what’s happening for our brides-to-be and so we can help them stay on the cutting edge if they so choose.

New for the coming fall, and something we’ve seen more and more of recently, are colored wedding gowns.  Seen on sites such as Bridal Beauty, Event Charmed, Perfect Wedding Guide,  and The Knot, wedding dresses with just a hint of color – some hinting more than others – have become a bit of the rage for 2011, with the Fall expected to be the peak of the year.

Colors expected to be prevalent in fall, according to Wedding Colors, are shades of all earth tones and antique varieties.  Be on the lookout for dark crimson, olive green, chocolate brown, marigold, plumb, fuchsia, royal purple, burnt orange, and navy.  Other colors to be expected, says Wedding and Party Network, are gray paired with lavender, chocolate brown with burnt orange or deep yellow, and – closer to wintertime – deep reds with deep brown or black.

Autumn also tends to be an outdoor preference for brides, according to Wedding.com, because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold.  Savannah, GA definitely fits the mold for perfect weather in the Fall.  Be sure to keep in mind if you choose to have an outdoor wedding, weather is unpredictable regardless of the season, so be sure to have a back-up.

A few other ideas to be on the watch for – see Aisledash.com for more details – vintage stationary, food trucks, and textured wedding cakes.  Remember as you’re planning to add some of yourself and your spouse into the details – it’s your day and this day should reflect you and your significant other’s relationship; after all, this is the first day of your new life together.

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding, custom selected food from a vendor truck, textured wedding cakes to match your bridesmaids’ dresses, colors reflecting the favorites of the bride and groom, The Mackey House staff will work with you to ensure everything you’re looking for on your special day comes through exactly how you imagined it.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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Corporate Retreats in Savannah, GA

Today’s economic climate makes it difficult to get your team together for anything more than a business meeting – sometimes even those are difficult depending on your current work load – so the idea of a full day retreat can make you ready to throw up your hands in defeat.

Keep two things in mind:

1) morale – being able to give your employees time, on the clock, to get to know one another on a non-work level, giving them outside the office conversation can be an invaluable experience and

2) talent search – you will also learn something about your employees that you may not have already known, by taking them out of your normal work roles and seeing what they can do with a ropes course, leadership test, or role playing scenario

Although cumbersome, these types of retreats, even if only performed once per year, give you the opportunity for teachable moments, professional development, and comrade.  These priceless interactions give your company chances for growth you couldn’t experience inside your everyday four walls.

Team building can be an invaluable tool – helping your team come together and understand one another in a new way can congeal co-workers in a way unimagined before.

Even taking a half-day afternoon can be just the refreshing jaunt from the everyday can be just the revitalization your team needs to be energized for that new project, finishing an overdue project, or taking the company to the next level.

Don’t know what kind of events to do with your team?  Let The Mackey House help you plan your day with us.  We’ll not only help with ideas, team building exercises, and leaders if you need them, but we can assist with on-site catering as well.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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