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Top Wedding Trends that Never Go Out of Style

Of course, all brides and grooms planning their wedding love looking at the most recent wedding trends and drawing inspiration from them. However, if you are a traditional couple and if you want to achieve a really elegant event, you will surely want to focus on those wedding trends that never go out of style.

What are the most beautiful ones, though? We have gathered some ideas right below – so read on and find out more.

  • – The long wedding veil. There’s something almost magical about a long, white wedding veil – no matter how unconventional you may be as a bride, you will always love the idea of wearing a veil that makes you feel like the Queen of your own Big Day!-
  • – Adding fabric to the back of the chairs. Sure, this trend has shifted to more modern versions – but the essentials remain the same. From satin to organza and heavier fabrics, we’ve seen them all – all that remains is that you choose your favorite color and fabric and use it to beautify the simplicity of your wedding chairs.
  • – Tossing flower petals instead of rice. For those of you who want to step outside the boundaries of tradition (but still keep it classy and elegant), the flower petal toss is the best replacement for the more old-school rice toss. It will definitely make you feel as if you have just stepped out of your own fairy tale!



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How to Make Your Mother Part of the Wedding?

No other woman is more important to you, other than your mom – so it is more than normal to want to include her in the beauty of your wedding day. How to make your mother part of the wedding? We have some tips – read on and find out more.

  • – Make her part of your entourage. Bridal shows, shopping for the wedding dress – these activities are both fun and stressful. If you want to make your mom feel really special, include her in the close entourage that helps you with a variety of wedding tasks. She will be so happy to be of help!
  • – Give a toast in her honor at the bridal shower. You don’t have to create a long speech – just keep it short and sweet. You can say an anecdote or two, but do make sure it is not offensive for anyone (bride, groom, or other guests).
  • – Shoot some unique pictures with your mom and your grandma. Three generations of women in your family will create one of the most beautiful photos at your wedding – so do not hesitate to ask the photographer to do this for you.
  • – Serve her favorite recipe. Is your mom the Queen of a special kind of pie? Or maybe she makes the best mac’n’cheese in a tri-state area? Regardless of what her specialty may be, serving it at your wedding day is a really nice way of showing your mom how much she really means for you.


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4 Wedding Ceremony Backdrops You Will Definitely Want

Few life events are as emotional and happy as your wedding – so it is only normal to want everything to be absolutely flawless around you. Of course, your wedding ceremony backdrop makes no exception from this rule – but what are some of the most inspiring backdrops of the moment? We have some ideas for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • – A marble wall. Want a wedding inspired by the most amazing fairy tales of your childhood? A marble wall will not only look magnificent, but it will also add a dash of elegance and uniqueness your guests will definitely love.
  • – Greenery wreaths. Looking for a fresh, cute, and non-expensive way of decorating a simple ceremony backdrop? Wreaths made from greenery are a true fashion statement these days – not to mention they are cute, chic, feminine, and they go amazingly well with spring and summer weddings!
  • – String lights and heart-shaped balloons. Want something playful, full of light, fun and cuteness? String lights and heart-shaped balloons are a superb choice indeed. They will light up the altar, add magic and beauty to it, as well as personalize the entire space and make it more…you.
  • – Circular backdrop with flowers and greenery. Want something truly special your guests don’t see every day? Have your wedding florist create a circular backdrop filled with pretty florals and greenery. Not only will this be a hugely beautiful complement for the romance of your big day, but it will be quite unique too!



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Top Tips to Follow If Your Bridesmaids Don’t Like Each Other

Of course, you want to choose as bridesmaids those people who are closest to you and your heart. Does this mean they are bound to get along together, though?

Most likely not – and here’s what you should do if your bridesmaids don’t like each other:

  • – Make sure you listen. The key to resolving any conflict is knowing how to listen to both sides and see which are the main issues lying behind them. Be their counselor, as you are the one who knows both of the “parties” really well, and you are the one who can find a solution to this conflict.
  • – Have an honest discussion face to face. If things go completely crazy and you start to be overwhelmed by the fight between your bridesmaids, it is definitely time to have a heartfelt discussion with each of the “quarreled” parties.
  • – Be sure you don’t take it personally. Of course, you want everything to be really happy on your wedding day (and before it!). And sure, it can be quite easy to take this personally. However, your bridesmaids don’t want to make you feel miserable on your wedding day – they just have their own opinions and these opinions have nothing to do with you or your personality.
  • – Last, but definitely not least, avoid taking sides – and do this at all costs. The minute you took a side is the minute you will “lose” the other’s side’s heart. Don’t ruin friendships over trifles – instead of defending the one or the other, try to bring peace between the two!


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These Wedding Dress Trends Are Fantastic

How many times have you dreamed of the Big Day and the dress you will wear when walking down the aisle? We bet you’ve done it a million times before – but now that the big moment’s closing in, it becomes harder and harder to make a decision when it comes to the perfect wedding gown.
What are some of the most stunning wedding dress trends to inspire you? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – High neck wedding gowns may seem like something pertaining to the 20th century – but the truth is that these dresses are growing in popularity. Elegant, timeless and really vintage-looking, a high-neck dress will flatter your femininity in a graceful, non-intrusive way. Plus, they are amazingly unique and they look really pretty with garden, rustic-chic, and shabby-chic wedding themes.
  • – Blue-tinted wedding dresses are also growing in popularity. Although not necessarily full-blue, these dresses incorporate blue veil, blue embroidery, and other blue-tinted details that make the design look ethereal and royal. Absolutely breathtaking, really!
  • – Roaring-twenties flapper wedding gowns are absolutely perfect for someone who wants a wedding inspired by the luxury and glamor of those years – but they can work just as well for a contemporary wedding that’s edgy and chic. Very popular on the runways this year, flapper wedding dresses make a real statement – especially since most of them aren’t very long (and definitely not very traditional either).


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