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Summer Wedding “Rules” to Ignore


What are some Summer wedding “rules” to ignore this year? What are those tips you should actually not stress over too much? We have gathered some of the most important things to know about this – so make sure to read on if you want...

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Is a Traditional Wedding Cake Right for You?


Just because it is almost mandatory to serve your guests with dessert, it doesn’t mean that you have to serve them with a  traditional wedding cake too. Is a traditional wedding cake right for you? How to decide what type of dessert you should serve...

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Plan An Outdoor Bridal Shower on a Budget


Planning an outdoor bridal shower on a budget may seem like an impossible mission – but the truth is that it is more than doable. If you pay attention to details and if you use your creativity, you will definitely plan a bridal shower your...

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How to Safely Store Wedding Gifts at Your Venue


A wedding is obviously not about how many gifts you receive – but even so, you will definitely want to learn how to safely store wedding gifts at your venue. After all, your guests have put in a lot of effort to offer you something...

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Wedding Favors For Kids


Kids are a wonderful joy in life – and this is precisely why a lot of couples choose to have kids invited at their weddings too. Why would you offer wedding favors for kids, though? Even more, what are some of the things they would...

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Mistakes Newlyweds Make About Money


There are many types of mistakes newlyweds make about money – but what are some of the most common and most important ones? We have gathered some of them in the following list so make sure to check it out if you want to avoid...

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Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator


The issue of hiring a wedding planner vs. wedding coordinator is something many brides are thinking of. Truly, with all the services available out there, it can be quite difficult to choose the one that suits your needs 100%. How to do it? How to hire...

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5 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding


No matter how great a friend you are with the bride and/or groom, there are things you should never do at a wedding. What are these things and, even more, why is it that they are considered to be “faux pas”? Read on and find...

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