The Mackey House

Should You Have a Rehearsal Lunch?


Every lady who was once a bride knows just how much effort goes into making sure every miniscule detail is taken into consideration when it comes to a wedding. Who sits by whom, how will the invitations look, what shoes should you wear, what flowers...

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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2014


For some of the brides out there, fashion matters and since the trends change with every season, they will want to be up to date so that their wedding really falls into the “rules” of these trends. If you are one of these brides, you...

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Embracing the idea of Elopement


Everything comes full circle sooner or later and the idea of elopement did it too – even if it came back to us in a different way than it used to be for our grandmothers and grandfathers. You most likely heard them tell you the...

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Brides let your ink show


According to recent research, almost a quarter (23%) of Americans now have tattoos, and the number is growing. Dealing with your ink on your big day is now becoming a real issue for brides – do you hide them under layers of lace or make...

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How to Pick the Right Wedding Package

Preparing for a wedding can be very tasking because it requires a lot of time and resources. There are many things that a couple needs to think about especially if they are not using a wedding planner. Budget is an important factor that is always...

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Should you Have an Evening or Daytime Wedding?

photo credit: flickr/LeLand Francisco

As a Savannah Georgia wedding venue you can imagine how many weddings we host a year.  The same question comes up during our consults..should we have an evening or daytime wedding?  Of course, Savannah weddings are beautiful anytime of the day so it comes down...

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Mackey House Wedding: Lyndsey and Rob

For college sweethearts, Lyndsey and Rob, the start to their romance was a fairytale of love at first sight. After a few years of courtship and moving to Charleston, Rob popped the question and the wedding planning began. We were so honored to have been...

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Planning the Menu 101


When preparing your wedding, there a lot of things you need to take care of, the most important of which is perhaps the menu. It is your job to keep your gets satisfied and one of the best ways to do is with delightful food....

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How to Master a Party-Perfect Playlist

dance floor

Weddings are celebrations so break out your dancing shoes! We’ve compiled a list of songs that guests of all ages will find themselves dancing whether they are three years old or eighty-three! The important thing to remember when creating a playlist is to pick songs...

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