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Bridal Footwear 101: Why Wear Flats on Your Big Day


As a bride, you want every single element of your wedding day and bridal look to be absolutely flawless. Does that mean you have to wear high heels, though? What type of footwear is more appropriate for your wedding? Why wear flats on your Big...

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The Pros and Cons of Having A Thanksgiving Wedding


Setting the right wedding date is crucial if you want your Big Day to be a huge success. But is Thanksgiving a good idea for a wedding? What are the pros and cons of having a Thanksgiving wedding? We have some of the essential things...

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5 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Bar


Everything about your wedding should be fun and unique – after all, this is a really big day in your lives and you deserve to have a wedding that fully represents who you are as a couple, from A to Z. What are the best...

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How a Venue Can Impact the Food and Drinks


Choosing the venue is one of the first and foremost important parts of planning the perfect wedding – and it can have a huge influence on virtually everything wedding-related. Of course, the food and drinks make no exception from this rule – but do you...

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Top Fundamental Rules to Creating Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invitations are crucially important for the success of your Big Day – they are among the very first wedding elements your guests will come in contact with and they have the huge “task” of setting the mood of your wedding long before it...

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Things That Should NOT Be Said in a Wedding Toast


If you have been selected to give a toast at your friend’s wedding, you definitely want to make this a very special moment of this huge event. And while there are surely a lot of things you want to say about the bride, groom, their...

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3 Adorable Table Ideas You’ll Love


Your sweethearts’ table is such an important part of the entire wedding décor! Of course, you will want this table to stand out from the other ones – but you will want to do this in a very personal and beautiful way too. How do...

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5 True Wedding Disasters That Happened

Planning the Big Day is, most definitely, one of the most stressful things you have ever done. And yet, sometimes, no matter how careful you are with all the details, small things can slip out of your reach – and they can grow into full-fledged...

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What’s All Involved With a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?


The greatest thing about today’s weddings is that they allow you to be really you. Regardless of what your beliefs may be and regardless of what your family history may be, modern weddings allow you to blend in the traditions that define you and your...

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