May Tuesday, 2017 at 6:17 pm

4 Wedding Ceremony Backdrops You Will Definitely Want

Few life events are as emotional and happy as your wedding – so it is only normal to want everything to be absolutely flawless around you. Of course, your wedding ceremony backdrop makes no exception from this rule – but what are some of the most inspiring backdrops of the moment? We have some ideas for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • – A marble wall. Want a wedding inspired by the most amazing fairy tales of your childhood? A marble wall will not only look magnificent, but it will also add a dash of elegance and uniqueness your guests will definitely love.
  • – Greenery wreaths. Looking for a fresh, cute, and non-expensive way of decorating a simple ceremony backdrop? Wreaths made from greenery are a true fashion statement these days – not to mention they are cute, chic, feminine, and they go amazingly well with spring and summer weddings!
  • – String lights and heart-shaped balloons. Want something playful, full of light, fun and cuteness? String lights and heart-shaped balloons are a superb choice indeed. They will light up the altar, add magic and beauty to it, as well as personalize the entire space and make it more…you.
  • – Circular backdrop with flowers and greenery. Want something truly special your guests don’t see every day? Have your wedding florist create a circular backdrop filled with pretty florals and greenery. Not only will this be a hugely beautiful complement for the romance of your big day, but it will be quite unique too!



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Photo source: Maggie Hoffman



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