History of Mackey House
About Mackey House

Tucked away beneath the shade of Savannah, Georgia’s famed oak trees, The Mackey House stands on Red Gate Farms, a family-owned business since 1931. With its roots running deep in Savannah’s history, The Mackey House hosts weddings, corporate events, and social events that show off Southern tradition and modern elegance.

The Mackey House is a Colonial mansion, with antique decor, a deck that overlooks the entire venue, and timeless beauty that unfolds before every guest. Its 150 acres of diverse property, including an open-air pavilion, a lush garden, and lakeside views, create a dream-like venue for any occasion. At The Mackey House, you have private and exclusive use of the venue, so you can transform the entire property into your own one-of-a-kind event.

Although hidden in the countryside, The Mackey House is less than ten minutes from downtown Savannah. With hundreds of restaurants, hotels, boutiques, historical sites, and art museums flooding its cobblestone streets, Savannah is a charming city to entertain guests that will leave them with unique memories.

Our History

Land that later becomes Red Gate Farms serves as an encampment for Confederate soldiers and is later occupied by Union Army troops led by General William T. Sherman after their March to the Sea during the American Civil War.

A powder magazine, used to house ammunition, is built near the land, and the magazine keeper’s home is built on the land that eventually becomes Red Gate Farms. Today, you can still see remnants of the powder magazine off Ogeechee Road and the keeper’s home is still standing on Red Gate Farms.

Harry E. Martin Jr. purchases the land and starts a dairy farm. Harry and his wife, Mamie, named “Red Gate Farms” after a cousin who passed in WWI, but always wanted to own a farm named “Red Gate”. Harry was considered a folk hero when he led fights to lower milk prices that eventually resulted in fair milk prices for everyone.

The Martins’ granddaughter, Laura, and her husband, Fred Mackey, build their dream home at Red Gate Farms. Once the house is complete, their daughter, Tonya, gets married at the home. Afterwards, the Mackeys begin receiving dozens of inquiries from friends wanting to hold their own events at the home, and the Mackey House event venue is born.