2020 Wedding Trends Brides-To-Be Need To Know About

Each year, we see new and exciting wedding trends pop up, from decor and food ideas to bride and bridesmaid dress styles. Some of these wedding trends tend to fade out over the year, while others catch on and become the focal point of so many future weddings. To make sure your wedding is Instagram and Pinterest-ready as we move into the new year, here are some 2020 wedding trends brides-to-be need to know about.


Chances are, you worked on your wedding. You spent hours nailing down the fine details, so it is only normal that you are going to want to have something that lets you relive the day for years to come. A videographer will be able to tell the story of your big day from start to finish. From the way your veil blows in the breeze to the reactions of loved ones as you say your vows, video captures details that you can’t find in still photos, which is why hiring videographers for weddings is becoming more popular. By capturing stunning drone shots of your venue, your maid of honor’s toast, and more, your wedding video will be a keepsake that takes you right back to those moments.

Statement Veils

For our next 2020 wedding trend, you have none other than Hailey Bieber to thank. Hailey’s show-stopping, “Till Death Do Us Part” embroidered veil she wore at her wedding just last month is sure to spark a statement veil frenzy for future brides. While veils are commonly seen as a traditional accessory, we are expecting to see more personalization in the headpiece whether it be floral embroidery, interesting cuts, cathedral styles, and more. While fairytale wedding dresses are also making a comeback, we are excited to see all the dramatic dress and veil combinations for the upcoming year.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

While people continue to become more and more environmentally conscious, we are seeing couples come up with smart ways to host responsibly during their wedding day. Some couples are opting to be completely waste and/or plastic-free during their wedding day, but there are also smaller steps to take to throw a sustainable wedding. Using recyclable stationery, sourcing only local produce for your reception meal, decorating with seasonal flowers before recycling them, and switching out plastic straws with paper straws are just a few easy ways you can throw an eco-friendly wedding.

Extravagant Lighting

Although we’ve held on to candles making the ultimate lighting statement at weddings for years, it’s time to say our goodbyes to that trend. In 2020, we are expecting to see bigger and better lighting fixtures that serve as the main décor and add to the overall atmosphere of the wedding. If you find yourself at a wedding next year, take a look around, and you will likely see immaculate displays of Edison and naked bulbs, rattan and glass lanterns, twinkle lights, chandeliers, or more. Using lighting as main décor versus flowers or other artwork adds a fairytale vibe to any style wedding.

Grazing Tables

While buffets have become a popular alternative to sit-down meals for receptions, they often have a not-so-appealing stereotype that goes along with them. In comes our favorite 2020 food trend, grazing tables. Grazing tables give you the same set up as buffets where people can choose what they like to eat and mingle with other guests, but they also have an art aspect to them. With a mixture of bright and colorful produce and both sweet and savory options, they are both Pinterest-worthy creations and practical ways to serve your guests at your upcoming wedding.The Mackey House is a Savannah, Georgia wedding venue staffed with wedding experts who love to experience all the new and exciting trends that come through our doors each year. We work closely with every couple to ensure their big day goes off without a hitch, and we can give you recommendations on photographers and videographers, set you up with local caterers and florists, hang fairy lights in two spaces of your choosing, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how you can throw your dream wedding at The Mackey House.