4 Perfectly Adorable Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

When you tie the knot, it’s natural to want all your friends and loved ones to be a part of the celebration, and this oftentimes means your four-legged family members as well! Over the years, more and more brides are finding ways to include their dogs during their big day, whether they want to feature them on their save-the-dates, or they want to look into the crowd at the ceremony and see them sitting front row. If you can’t imagine one of the biggest days of your life without your beloved pup, here are 4 perfectly adorable ways to include your dog in your wedding.

#1 Give them a role at the ceremony

If your wedding venue is dog-friendly, giving your dog a role at the wedding ceremony is one of the most special ways to incorporate them into the big day. If your dog is well-trained, he/she could carry a basket of flowers or the rings down the aisle around their neck as a flower pup or ring bearer. Or, you could opt to have your dog sit front-row as an honorable guest, both options making for some adorable ceremony photos. Keeping the comfort of both your guests and dog in mind, we suggest hiring a pet sitter, who can bring your dog just in time for the ceremony and photos, and then bring him home afterward while the wedding continues on at the reception.

#2 Invite them to your photoshoots

Photoshoots are one of the easiest ways to incorporate your dog into your big day. From engagement photos, save-the-dates, website designs, and thank you notes, there are a ton of photoshoots that typically happen during the wedding planning process where your dog could be included to help make the photos truly stand out. Around the wedding venue, you could also place stand-alone frames as decor that have a few photos of your pup, so your guests can see that there is a third member of the new family.

#3 Incorporate them into your wedding stationery

Some of the most tasteful ways we’ve seen couples include their dogs in their wedding days have been through the stationary. Whether it’s a hand-drawn portrait of the dog on the welcome sign or dog silhouettes printed on napkins, table names, and menus, we love the subtle touches of making your dog a part of the celebration. Another way to include them at the reception is to have them inspire a cocktail! You can have one (or however many furry friends you have) cocktail that is named after your pet and includes a sign that features a portrait of your dog beside the list of ingredients.

#4 Give dog-themed party favors

When the party is coming to a close, sending your guests off with dog-themed wedding favors is another way to include your pup in your wedding without him or her actually being in attendance. For human gifts, you can customize pins, koozie cups, tote bags, and the like with a sketch of your beloved dog to provide as wedding favors. Or, you can set up a booth with a “thank you for coming” sign “signed” by your dog. Adding a bowl below the sign with wrapped-up dog treats will ensure that all other dogs who had to stay at home also receive a wedding gift.

At The Mackey House, we understand that your dog has been with you through thick and thin, so we make it possible for them to be there on your wedding day as well! If you are throwing a ceremony in one of our outdoor locations, we invite dogs to be a part of the day, as long as they have a designated guest to escort them to and from the ceremony.  We hope that these 4 perfectly adorable ways to include your dog in your wedding help with planning your big day.  We also allow you to bring in your own vendors, so they can incorporate your dog-themed decor throughout the venue. To learn more about our pet policies at our venue or to start planning your wedding with us, contact us today!