Bridesmaids, Here Are 4 Ways to Offer the Bride Help After She Gets Engaged

When your best friend gets engaged, you are almost as excited as she is about the upcoming wedding. And if you have been selected to be a bridesmaid, you definitely want to offer your friend all the support she needs.


How to help the bride after she gets engaged, though? Here are 4 ways to offer the bride help after she gets engaged:

– Put your skills at her disposal. If you can sew, knit or bake, you will most likely be a true help for your friend – and especially if she plans to include DIY elements in her wedding. Provide her your skills and she will be more than appreciative of your gesture.

– Have a planning party. Planning a wedding can be a tremendous affair – so your friend will most likely need all the eyes, ears and creativity possible. Help her find the perfect wedding dress suggestions and Google the best vendors in her area of choice by organizing a “planning party”. Some snacks, some jokes and a good Internet connection will turn into good, quality fun and it will help the bride plan her Big Day too.

– Take her out. With all the stress and anxiety surrounding the wedding planning process, sometimes everything a bride-to-be needs is to simply take off and relax. Take your friend out for a couple of drinks or “kidnap” her to a spa for a couple of days and she will be more than grateful.

– Be a friend. Sometimes, you simply need to be a friend and listen. Listen to the bride’s complaints about not finding the one, about not finding a quality baker and about not being able to decide on which napkins work best with her color theme. Listen, offer your honest advice and simply be there for your friend.


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos