corporate holiday party ideas

5 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas That Will Impress Employees

The holiday season will be here before you know it, which means the time to start planning your company’s holiday party is now. Holiday parties give companies the chance to create a stronger company culture and celebrate everything the company has achieved over the past year. For a fun and unique event, here are 5 corporate holiday party ideas that will impress employees.

Get out of the office

The first step in planning a holiday party is renting out a corporate event venue in Savannah. Working a holiday party around the same desks and computers that employees see every day can make for an event that is a bit underwhelming. Holiday parties outside the office allow for more open space for activities and decorations, and employees are likely to be more excited to gather in a new place.

Plan games & activities

Planning games and activities throughout the holiday party will not only keep guests busy and entertained, but they also double as bonding exercises between coworkers. The classic white elephant gift exchange is a must-do at any holiday party that gets the whole group involved. For smaller activities that will keep the fun going for hours, set up a cookie decorating station, a selfie station with holiday themed props, or a “guess how many ornaments are on the tree” challenge with a fun prize.

Give back to the community

Make your corporate holiday party a little more meaningful this year by incorporating ways that guests can give back to the local community. One way to do so is by asking guests to each bring in gently used items that they can drop into donation boxes as they enter the party. For a more hands-on way to give back, set up a card writing station for the local children’s hospital or a baking station to make homemade dog treats for the local humane society.

Serve a wide variety of food

Serving a wide variety of food can be the key to a successful holiday party. Whether you hire a caterer or ask your employees to bring in their favorite holiday dishes, make sure there is enough food to go around. To mix it up, you can ask your employees to bring in popular holiday dishes from different countries and turn your holiday party into an international food sampling party. Food and drink bars such as hot chocolate bars, popcorn stations, and apple cider carts are charming ways to serve snacks and beverages during the party.

Hold it close to office hours

The holiday season is a tricky time of the year to make plans with large groups of people with everyone visiting family, planning their own parties, and more. Because of this, holding a company holiday party on a Saturday night may not be the most practical time. Instead, hold the party on a weekday, close to office hours. This way, employees can have their work day, attend the party, and still make it home at a decent hour if necessary.

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