5 Elegant Table Setting Ideas

We all know that weddings are really difficult to plan – but if you want this day to be perfect, you will also want to look into every tiny detail that makes for really beautiful weddings. For example, your table setting can add elegance and grace to your tables and you might want to give it a thought too. If you need some inspiration for your elegant table setting, make sure to read on and find out more!


  • Glittery table runners in your wedding theme color. Regardless of what theme you have chosen for your elegant wedding, there’s nobody to stop you from using a bit of glitter here and there – just enough to add dimension and style to your reception. Glittery table runners are a great idea especially when combined with really delicate flowers such as roses and peonies in pastel colors.
  • Roses and candles as table runners. Roses are the universal symbol of love and passion – bring them on your wedding tables and you’ll send the right “message”. Combine rose petals with small candles and decorate the length of your table with them instead of using a traditional table runner.
  • Napkins and flowers. Add grace to your wedding tables  by choosing a really interesting fold for the napkins and by placing  a small flower in each of them. This will be a much-appreciated touch everyone will love – especially the ladies!
  • Big candles. Your table centerpieces do not necessarily have to be comprised of flowers only. If you want to, you can add some really beautiful big candles as well. Use a cake stand instead of a vase and place the big candles in the middle. Surround them with flowers or greenery, but make sure the flame won’t touch them!
  • Black elegance. Black is without any kind of doubt the “ultimate” elegant color – and you can truly blend it into your wedding as well, even if you don’t want to go for an all-black-and-white wedding theme. For instance, black napkins or plate placements will look stylish and elegant, especially if you combine them with delicate pastels, deep reds or various shades of white.

The Mackey House can host your elegant wedding in a way that will truly feel like your dreams have finally come true! Come visit our gorgeous venue and its surroundings and you’ll definitely be love-struck by the option of hosting your wedding with us!

Photo credits: Dream Weaver Photos