5 Ideas for a Memorable Office Holiday Party

Before we know it, the leaves will begin to change colors, Halloween will come and go, and it’ll be time for the holidays. The holiday season calls for many celebrations, so when it comes to throwing a corporate holiday party in Savannah, it can be difficult for your event to stand out from the rest. From tacky sweater themes to potluck meals to cookie exchanges, it’s likely that your employees have experienced one (or many) of these kinds of events. To throw a unique event that will raise the bar for years to come, here are 5 ideas for a memorable office holiday party.

1. Get creative with your theme

It’s likely that just about every one of your employees has been to a tacky sweater party at some point in their life, so if you are throwing a themed holiday office party, try to think of themes that you do not often hear about. If you are still wanting to complement the season with your theme, consider throwing a ski lodge party where guests don their best snow attire and the venue turns into a winter wonderland. Bringing fake snow to Savannah and serving s’mores, hot chocolate and more would be a fun twist on traditional holiday themes. Or, completely stray from seasonal themes and throw a Hawaiian-themed party or masquerade.

2. Amp up the competition

Since corporate holiday parties are all about bonding with coworkers outside of the office, throw some healthy competition into the event to really get people engaged. For a more laid-back party, divide your guests into teams for some rounds of holiday-related trivia, including guessing which holiday movie characters said which famous lines. For a more active game, play a gift wrap relay race, where guests are divided into teams and have to wrap gifts and tag the next team member as quickly as possible. When you throw your holiday party at The Mackey House, we have ample amounts of both indoor and outdoor space, allowing you and your guests enough room to play all sorts of games.

3. Embrace the spirit of giving

As it is the season of giving, incorporating a charitable aspect to your office holiday party will inspire your employees to make a difference in the community. When guests arrive, set up some boxes at the entrance of your venue and give guests the chance to drop off some winter clothes to then donate to a local charity after the event. For activities you can do together, set up a card writing station where guests can write letters to troops overseas or contact your local family-oriented nonprofit and offer to wrap presents for children. If you are not sure which activity to include, contact your favorite local charities, and they may give you some ideas that are specific to their needs.

4. Rent or DIY a photo booth

When a holiday office party really gets into full swing, there’s often no bigger hit than a photo station. Traditional photo booths will bring some nostalgia to your party, and the photo cards will be a fun souvenir that your guests can take home. If you do not have the budget to rent a photo booth, create a photo station that can serve the same purpose and capture bigger group photos. Depending on the theme of your event, set up a simple backdrop inside your venue and toss in some fun props that guests can pose with. These photos from the party will capture some great moments between coworkers and add some extra fun to your event.

5. Serve food in fun ways

Instead of serving traditional holiday food that your guests are sure to get enough of during family and friend events, do something a little different and hire a food truck to serve your guests. In Savannah, there are a variety of food trucks for hire, and whether you include one for the main meal, for dessert, or both, the truck will be a fun alternative to traditional meals. Other than food trucks, setting up food stations rather than planning a served meal will allow your guests to create their own festive dishes. Hot chocolate bars, popcorn stands, mashed potato stations, and more are sure to be crowd-pleasers at your corporate holiday party.

Our staff at The Mackey House loves all kinds of holiday parties, from brunch events to late-night extravaganzas. No matter what kinds of holiday office party ideas you have in mind, our staff is always excited to work with you to bring your ideas to life at our venue. Our corporate holiday party venue in Savannah is located just ten minutes from downtown but is tucked away in the countryside, giving you the chance to throw a unique event. Our outdoor spaces can be set up with heaters to keep guests warm, while our indoor space offers a cozy environment for your event. If you are interested in throwing a holiday party in Savannah, contact us today!