modern geode-inspired wedding

5 Modern Geode-Inspired Wedding Details

Setting a wedding theme is very important for the success of your Big Day!  So how about creating a stunning, modern geode-inspired wedding?  How to do this?  We have gathered 5 wonderful ideas to inspire you.

5 Modern Geode-Inspired Wedding Details

  1. The invitations. Show your guests what an awesomely beautiful wedding theme you have chosen for your Big Day, right from the very beginning! There are a ton of ways to incorporate geode motifs into your wedding invitations – so don’t be afraid to be creative.
  2. Table numbers. Create pretty table numbers with designs that mimic stunning geodes – it will definitely wow your guests and it will surely add a unique touch to your wedding tables.
  3. The centerpieces. Big readers? Big fans of beautiful geodes? Why not bring these elements together in your wedding centerpieces? For example, you could simply stash some of your favorite books and prompt them with geodes. It will look so original and beautiful!
  4. The wall accents. If you want to make a real statement and speak about your passion for geodes, create a wall painting, and hang it in your wedding venue. Even the dullest wall will be instantly styled up this way!
  5. The treats. Believe it or not, there are plenty of geode-inspired sweets out there – and they make great wedding favors too. If you want to pamper your guests with pretty geode-looking candy, you can definitely do this!

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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos