5 Things Every Bride Should Know About The Mackey House

Selecting your venue is one of the most important decisions you will have to make during the wedding planning process, which is why you want to get it right! While you research all the different venue options, you should not only look at the photos and learn about the amenities, but you should also get to know the background of the venue. This way, you will know what makes one venue really stand out from the dozens of other wedding venues in Savannah you could have chosen from. To show you just how unique our venue is, here are 5 things every bride should know about The Mackey House.

1. It’s deeply rooted in Savannah’s history

When you rent a house for a wedding in Georgia, it becomes a more special place when it has a unique history in the city where it is located. The Mackey House’s history is tracked all the way back to 1861 during the American Civil War where its land was occupied by Union Army troops led by General William T. Sherman after their March to the Sea. A powder magazine used to store ammunition was built on the land during this time, which can still be found off Ogeechee Road.

Jumping forward to 1931, Harry E. Martin Jr. started his own dairy farm on the land. He later became a folk hero when he led fights to lower milk prices that eventually resulted in fair milk prices for everyone. In 1997, Martin’s granddaughter, Laura, and her husband, Fred Mackey, built their dream home on the land. After hosting their daughter’s wedding at the house, people began reaching out asking to hold their own events at the antebellum mansion, thus creating the successful wedding venue it is today.

2. There’s plenty of Beautiful Wedding photo locations

One of the many things our venue prides itself on is the number of locations at our venue that are so different from each other that make for incredible photo opportunities. When you book a wedding at The Mackey House, you will enjoy exclusive access to our mansion, garden, lake, pavilion, and oak grove during your wedding day, so you can pick and choose where you want to take photos. You can host your first look photoshoot on our mansion’s patio, take group photos with family in the garden, or any other combination to create a stunning portfolio of wedding photos to look back on for a lifetime. One of the most special places to take some photos is at our oak grove, where 300-year-old oak trees tower above, giving your photos a true Savannah look.

3. Our staff is made up of wedding experts

When you book a wedding at The Mackey House, our staff welcomes each bride with open arms and makes them feel like a VIP throughout the entire experience. Our team of wedding professionals is made up of experienced event planners, business leaders, and members of the Mackey family who have grown up with the business. From guiding you on your first walkthrough of the property to answering all the questions you may have up until the day of your wedding, our team will be on your side to make sure you are confident that all your planning will result in a perfect wedding day. Since we love being a part of each wedding, we will even set up and break down two event spaces of your choosing with tables, chairs, twinkle lights, and more to take some of the weight off your shoulders. You can trust that you’re in good hands with our team when you throw a wedding at The Mackey House.

4. Outside vendors and caterers are welcome

The Mackey House allows weddings to be even more customizable by welcoming outside vendors and caterers. Maybe you have a friend who owns their own wedding decor business, or you have dined at a Savannah restaurant and just have to serve that food at your wedding – no matter what the case, we are happy to let couples bring whichever vendors and caterers they choose into The Mackey House on their big day. However, if you aren’t too set on which companies to hire, our staff has created a master list of our favorite vendors and caterers who we know have impressed guests time and time again at previous weddings at our venue. We also offer our own bar, decor, and catering packages for a more all-inclusive style. No matter which route you choose, we make sure to cater to our brides’ wants and needs during her wedding day.

5. You have 8 full hours of venue time

Included in your Mackey House booking is 8 hours of event time, giving you plenty of time to prepare for and throw a memorable wedding. One of these hours is set aside for your ceremony rehearsal time. You then have three hours to get ready prior to the event, giving you enough time to set up your venue space, decorate, and get ready in our bride and groom suites. The moment you start to make your way down the aisle, you will have four hours to say, “I do,” and host your reception with your loved ones. For those who wish to continue the celebration even further, our venue is just 10 minutes from Historic Downtown Savannah where they can find an abundance of exciting bars, restaurants, and other activities.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Savannah that is unique and perfectly encompasses the beauty of the South, The Mackey House has you covered. We love to celebrate love, so we give our couples the best options to make their weddings a truly magical day. Click here for more information on weddings at The Mackey House or contact us today to schedule a walkthrough to see our venue for yourself.