7 Signs You’re at a Millennial Wedding

If there’s one thing millennials are great at, it’s shaking up traditions, and it especially shows in the way they throw weddings. As a generation known for creating new trends, millennial couples have been changing the wedding industry as we know it, from using more technology before and during the big day to adding more customization to every aspect of their wedding. To keep up with the way millennials are throwing weddings, here are 7 signs you’re at a millennial wedding.

Every detail is personalized

When you find yourself at a millennial wedding, the first thing you might notice is that just about everything is customized and personalized. While weddings in previous decades were all quite similar, millennial couples are more focused on making sure their wedding stands out from the crowd and is unique to them as a couple. This customization can come from serving the style of food that the couple shared on their first date, incorporating a theme into the wedding, pouring personalized drinks that the couple created, and more. Millennials are also customizing their wedding invitations and wedding favors to better show the personality of the couple.

Social media is a huge part of the day

One of the biggest differences you might notice at a millennial wedding is the huge part that social media plays on the wedding day. We’re not sure who started this trend, but the use of wedding hashtags has become huge. Usually a play off the last names of the bride and groom, these hashtags are encouraged to be used when people post photos from the wedding, so the couple can later search their hashtag and relive the night from their guests’ perspective. You might also find photo booths and other picture-perfect displays set up around the venue that draw guests to take photos that are perfect for social media. Some couples may even set up a Snapchat geofilter for their wedding day.

After-party planning is essential

While some people may be used to attending a wedding and heading home after the reception ends, millennial newlyweds are keeping the celebrations going by organizing after parties. At The Mackey House, we are located only ten minutes from Historic Downtown Savannah, so we are an ideal location for any couple looking to join this growing trend. One of our favorite elements of this trend is keeping more traditional elements, like a sendoff of the couple, but with a twist. More often, we help our millennial couples plan a sendoff but instead of heading off to prepare for their honeymoon, their cars bring them to the new location where they will meet their wedding guests and celebrate with family and friends for even longer.

Wedding planning happens online

If you are invited to a wedding with an email invitation, buying gifts from an online registry, or looking up the wedding details on a personalized website made by the couple, you are probably attending a millennial wedding. Since millennials are more connected than most generations, they are opting to use technology to plan their wedding from start to finish. Nowadays, there are plenty of websites and apps that include a comprehensive set of wedding planning tools, so couples can find a venue, read vendor reviews, create a budget, set up a registry, and more without having to leave the comforts of their couch.

Wedding parties may look different

Millennials are also changing the way we look at wedding ceremony. Traditionally, we may picture a ceremony with the couple in the middle, a line of women standing next to the bride, and a line of men standing next to the groom. However, if you attend a millennial wedding, you may be more likely to find a mix of genders standing next to the bride and groom or no one at all. Millennial couples aren’t as concerned with upholding previous beliefs around bridesmaids and groomsmen, so if a millennial bride has a best male friend, he will proudly be standing next to her or if the millennial groom has too many friends, the couple may opt to not have a wedding party at all to keep from choosing between friends.

The venue is unique

Weddings used to typically be held in churches or other traditional venues, but millennials are straying from this type of venue to find venues that better match the personality of themselves as a couple. Whether this means heading out of the country to get married in the same spot the couple got engaged at or just choosing a venue that is unique and appeals to both the bride and groom, choosing a venue has become one of the most important decisions in the planning process. At The Mackey House, you have access to our mansion, garden, lake, oak grove, and more, making it a venue that definitely stands out from the rest.

There are a bunch of fun activities for guests

Millennials are all about having fun, so at a millennial wedding, you will likely never be bored. When the venue has enough space, couples are starting to think more about their guests by providing games, activities, and more that will keep people out of their seats and more entertained. One of the biggest trends we are seeing from millennials is including games like cornhole or giant yard games like checkers and Jenga. You may also find photo booths, food stations, karaoke and more at a millennial wedding as a way to ensure guests have plenty of ways to entertain themselves.

At The Mackey House, we have thrown all kinds of weddings, and the new trends that millennials are bringing to our venue truly excite us.  This list of 7 signs you’re at a millennial wedding showcases some of our favorite trends that excite us. With five different venue spaces, large outdoor spaces perfect for activities, and plenty of Insta-worthy photo locations, our Savannah wedding venue is perfect for millennial couples looking to throw a unique wedding. To come see our venue for yourself, schedule a walk-through with us by contacting us here!