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Adorable Hairstyles for a Flower Girl

Flower girls are such innocent, beautiful additions to any kind of wedding! Of course, it is not mandatory to include a flower girl or a ring bearer into your Big Day – but trust us when we say that there’s little chance you will ever regret such a wonderful decision.

If you want to have a flower girl, you definitely want her to feel royally pretty too – and choosing a nice hairstyle is essential here. What are the most adorable hairstyles for a flower girl? Read on and find your inspiration!

  • – A glorious side-swept cascading braid. Is your flower girl old enough to stand still while your stylist braids her hair? If yes, then this hairstyle is a truly amazing choice: it’s natural, sophisticated, elegant, and versatile at the same time. Plus, it looks absolutely incredible with a flower incorporated in the style!
  • – Just some curly locks. Natural beauty is your flower girl’s most amazing trait – so why not leave her hair as natural as possible? Curl it with a large wand to create an angelic look and she will feel like a real life princess! If you want to, accessorize this style with a pretty tiara or flower crown too!
  • – An elegant up-do. Thought buns look good on adults only? Think again! Your flower girl will be so pretty with a messy bun accessorized with a bow-knot, or with a ballerina bun accessorized with a precious hair accessory! Now, that’s a hairstyle that will definitely make her feel ultra-special as she walks down the aisle!


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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos