Don't Forget to Do These Things on Your Big Day

THESE Are the Truly Amazing Moments of a Wedding!

You think you have everything planned. You know where each flower stem will be positioned, and you might even know how many inches of frosting will go into your wedding cake.

What you don’t know is that the most unforgettable moments of the Big Day are not the ones you plan for, but the ones that simply happen to you. For example, here are some of the most amazing moments of a wedding:

Amazing Moments of a Wedding Day

You’ll Probably Get Emotional

The moment you get ready to walk down the aisle. Beware, you will be totally overwhelmed with such a wide range of emotions and memories that it will be hard to keep it together. Chances are you will cry – but that’s totally fine because this is a genuine, authentic moment most brides and grooms go through before their big “I Do”.

Your Wedding Won’t Be Perfect

The moment you realize something is going wrong – but you quickly learn to accept it. There’s really no point in ruining your wedding day over trifles like cupcake flavors, flower colors, or even stains on your wedding gown. This should be one of the happiest memories of your entire life – keep it like that and gracefully navigate the small accidents that might happen on your Big Day.

Everything After you Say I Do

The moment you realize you are married and everything is different. Even if you and your SO have been living together for a lot of time now, you will still see everything differently. From now on, this person is your spouse – and it feels absolutely beautiful!

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