Help the Bride as Her Bridesmaid

Amazing Tips for the Maid of Honor Speech

Being a Maid of Honor is a really beautiful thing – but it can be quite scary as well, especially when thinking of all the responsibilities you have. Aside from offering the bride the memories of a lifetime at her bachelorette party, you will also have to make sure you deliver a wedding speech that’s really flawless.  How to do that? Here are some amazing tips for the Maid of Honor speech:

Remember To Smile

Start with a smile on your face – not only it makes people warm up to you more, but it also helps you alleviate any trace of anxiety you may have.

Present Yourself

Say a couple of words about how you met the bride, and how you knew she would be your best friend forever. You really don’t have to start your speech with a funny story if you don’t have one – and even more so if the only funny stories you have might make the bride or groom feel embarrassed.

Address the Bride

Tell her how stunning she is and how happy you are she has found THE ONE. Talk to her about the moment you knew this man was THE ONE for her.

Address the Groom

Tell him he’s amazing for your best friend and that you are thankful for him having entered her life. DO NOT make jokes about wanting to date him because he’s the perfect man!

Keep your Speech Short

People don’t like long wedding toasts, and the last thing you want is an audience that starts fumbling and mumbling during your speech.

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