Beauty and the Beast Inspired Wedding

Haunting, beautiful and truly deep, the love story between Belle and the Beast has moved across generations – and it continues to fascinate us all with its amazing teachings and its true power of making people believe in real love.

If you are one of the brides in love with the gorgeous fairytale, you will definitely like having a wedding inspired by it as well. But how to do it? How to have a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – Steal some fashion ideas from Belle. Not only was she a very smart girl, passionate about reading – but she was also absolutely gorgeous in her yellow gown as well. Steal some design ideas for your wedding gown and it will look as if it was torn from the fairytale itself!
  • – Fill the room with red roses. Obviously, the red rose is a very powerful symbol in the story – so you should have it at your wedding too. We suggest a large, beautiful, and classy bouquet made with deep-red roses, and we also suggest that you bring this flower into the wedding décor too. And, if you want to take it even further, consider having a red rose in a glass dome as a centerpiece – it will look breathtakingly beautiful!
  • – Antique pieces. Add a flair of timeless, fairytale-like elegance to your wedding by decorating it with antique pieces – such as antique tableware or antique candle-holders. These small details will make all the difference in the world!


The Mackey House is a wedding venue filled with the history of Savannah itself, with stylish timelessness and a versatility that enables us to welcome and accommodate a wide range of wedding ideas. So if, you want your magical wedding to take place in Savannah, make sure to contact us and come see what we offer!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos