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10 Bridal Shower Favors That Are Easy to Make

Throwing a bridal shower is surely a great honor and a huge responsibility for you. After all, you want this to be a really special day for the bride-to-be, and you want her to be 100% happy with everything at her bridal shower.

What are some bridal shower favors that are easy to make? We have 10 sweet ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  1. – Marbled Oreos. Everyone loves Oreos, so why not make them your bridal shower favors? Dip them in marbled topping to add an extra dash of style.
  2. – Marbled macaroons. Delicious and sophisticated, this classic French dessert will look even better in the marbled-colored version!
  3. – Hot chocolate mixes. Bring some hot chocolate mix and some marshmallows together in mason jars, decorate them with unique bows and cute labels and people will be more than happy with these favors!
  4. – Sriracha caramel corn. Are you in for a unique sweet and spicy treat? Sriracha caramel corn works marvelously as a special bridal shower favor – and it will be even more attractive if offered in personalized envelopes!
  5. – Ice cream popsicles. If you want to cool the guests off with a really delicious sweet treat, offer them ice cream popsicles in the party’s color scheme. They will love the idea!
  6. – Pumpkin seed brittle. Perfect for a fall bridal shower, the spiced pumpkin seed brittle will be a more than appreciated surprise for the bridal shower guests!
  7. – Sea glass. Another summer-y sweet treat, sea glass is incredibly easy to make. You will only need food coloring and sugar to pull this off – and it will look fantastic!
  8. – Jarred cupcakes. Tired of the good old-fashioned cupcakes, but still love their amazing taste? Offer them in jars! Layers of cupcakes and filling will make this an irresistible dessert for everyone at the bridal shower!
  9. – Pumpkin butter. Served in mini-jars, pumpkin butter is the perfect fall dessert if you want to bring a smile on everyone’s faces. Lovely idea everyone will appreciate!
  10. – Flowery lollipops. Imagine beautiful, transparent lollipops filled with pretty little flowers! Believe it or not, this can be easily done at home with some infused sugar and edible flowers. What a wonderful bridal shower idea!


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